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Friday, October 10, 2014

Did You Say Sale? WHERE?!

I think we all know I have a shopping addiction so when I see the words SALE, HALF OFF, FREE SHIPPING, or BOGO most likely I'll be buying something.

Right now, Aldo is having a sale, K-Mart is having a BOGO Half Off of shoes ONLY FOR TODAY, and  Charlotte Russe is have a BOGO Free on scarves also ONLY FOR TODAY. I'm not sure when the sale at Aldo ends, so hurry before it does!

I got a cross body bag, ring, and sunglasses from Aldo. I got 2 scarves from Charlotte Russe, and 2 pair of wedge boots from K-Mart all for $100! If there wasn't a sale, I would have spent about an extra $50!

 Take a look :)



Thanks for viewing darlings & happy shopping!

REVEALED: Freeman Mystery Bag

Hi darlings, I purchased the Freeman Beauty Mystery Bag last week and I just received it. It was $30 and the contents were supposed to add up to $100 worth of merchandise. When I received it, I was a little disappointed. I guess I expected more to be in the bag. Here is a picture of everything I received. I got 7 sample sizes, 2 full size clay facial masks, a dry shampoo, something for fine lines, foot lotion, massage lotion, shower cleanser, a primer, and a night booster.

Personally to me, this doesn't look like it's worth $100 so I went on Freeman's website and added everything up to see if it totaled $100.

Each face mask is about $2, muliplied by 7 is $14.
Each clay mask is about $4, multiplied by 2 is $8.
The primer is about $16.
The facial lines is about $15.
The massaging lotion is about $6.
The shower cleanser is about $7.
The dry shampoo is about $7.
The foot lotion is about $7.
And they don't have the night booster on their wesbite but the eclos brand runs up to about $24.99 so I'm thinking it's about $19.99. 

When I add this all up, it does in fact equal $100.
(I got 2 of these)
(This is the product they didn't have on their website)

I'm not saying this wasn't worth it, I'm just disappointed in the products I received but I can't complain because it is actually a good deal. Now, I'm not sure if they send everyone the same things, but I figured I'd share what I received so you darlings would have an idea. If interested, you can find this on the Freeman Wesbite.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Awaiting Cyber Monday

So I know I'm like a month and a half too early with this post, but I'm extremely anxious for all the deals to come for the holidays! I'm not too big on Black Friday shopping, too many crazies out there haha! The only way that I would go out of my way for Black Friday is if there was a great deal on furniture or electronics (TV's, tablets, beats, cameras, etc.) but otherwise, if I'm just looking for clothes, shoes, and makeup (which is almost always) then you can catch me lounging until Cyber Monday.

I've been going purchase happy lately so I think I'm going to hold off until Cyber Monday to see what deals I can get for the things I want. I will be posting any deals and codes I hear of so you darlings are able to get them as well! My question for you is are there any places you are really looking forward to getting deals from? Other than the obvious Ulta and Sephora. If there are, let me know so I can be on the look out. I will be looking for deals from Ulta, Sephora, Forever 21, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, Aldo, and H&M.

If there are any deals that you know of, please let me know. Thanks beauties!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wishlist Wednesday

It's that time of the week my darlings! I know I've been posting sooo much about makeup lately but today I'm going to switch it up and focus more on fashion since there are some shoes and clothes I've been eyeing! I swear I was meant to be rich UGH!

Faux Fur Vest
I think these are so cute for Fall and I've been looking everywhere for one. I like this one, but I'm still in search for one I love! You can find this one at Wet Seal

I'm absolutely obsessed with boots and I've fallen in love with these quilted, burgundy, and rhinestone ones. GIVE ME I NEED! Although a little on the expensive side, I'd say they're well worth it. Black and gold is always in, the burgundy/wine color is a great Fall color, and rhinestones add a girly touch. All three of these can be found at Aldo. Black and Gold Cushion, Burgundy Combats, and Grey Rhinestones

I wasn't a fan of wedges for awhile, but about a year ago I got into the trend and I love them and how comfortable they are. These are the perfect Fall wedge to pair with skinny jeans and a cute sweater! One of my co-workers was wearing them and I had to ask where she got them and I was surprised by her answer. These are actually from K-Mart!

Moccasins (since mine are ridiculously worn out)
 I wear these so much during the fall. They're so comfortable and pretty inexpensive. I usually get mine at Target for $20, but they're having a sale and they're now $15. I need them in every color! The black ones are from Target and the sand colored ones are from L.L Bean which are a little more expensive. I want the L.L Bean ones in the sand color and in red. Target,  L.L. Bean

I've been looking for an all gold belt like this, but this is the closest I could get. I see all these people and celebrities wearing rompers and dresses with gold belts that look ADORABLE. I need to add one to my closet to! Eeeeek! This one I found at H&M and it's only like $18! Not bad for a little fashion statement!

 I saw someone post the black cherry handbag on MakeupSocial last night and I fell in loveeee (sorry for biting, but it's gorgeous!) This is a Rebecca Minkoff handbag that goes for $275. I've never purchased one of their handbags so I'm not sure what the quality is like, but the color is gorgeous. It looks a little dark in the picture, but the image the girl on MakeupSocial posted was amazzzzinngg! The quilted black bag is from Aldo and I think it runs for either $55 or $60 which isn't too bad for a purse. I need a new one soon anyway. My poor Michael Kors one is getting worn out!

Hope you beauties enjoyed my wishlist. What's on yours?! :)