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Showing posts with label worst. Show all posts

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Best & Worst of the Grammy's 2015

In honor of the Grammy's, I thought I'd give you all my thoughts on the best and worst outfits of the night (in my opinion). I'd love to hear what you thought of these outfits or if there were others that you thought were better or worse! Leave it in the comments :)
Taylor Swift just looks so classic. Her makeup is beautiful and her dress is unique but not hideous. I'm not a fan of the pinkish/purple shoes I feel like it throws everything off because I'm such a matchy-matchy person, but otherwise she looks fab.
Um did anyone else think Paris Hilton fell off the face of the Earth until now? I think she's making a come back trying to get back in the spotlight to compete with Kim Kardashian and DAMN she's doing a good job. This dress, her makeup, her hair - just SLAY!
Well hellllooooo Lady Gaga, it's good to see you're human and beautiful! This look is just, wow.
Kim Kardashian slaying again, nothing new. She's showing off her newly cut hair. What does everyone think of the short hair? I think it looks really good on her, but I'm still a fan of long hair don't careee.
Beyoncé killing it as usual, too! Goodness. I love the black lace, it's so chic and classy.
The only reason Nicki is up here is because she's normal now. I don't necessarily think she's best dressed here, and her hair is kind of a mess, but I love the fact that she's not all crazy dressed in a rainbow with a pastel colored wig. So I give her props for that.
This one is kind of in the middle for me. It's not best, but it's not worst either. I can't decide whether or not I like this dress. Had that silver been black or if the dress was all white I would definitely say BEST, but that silver is killing it for me. I'm obsessed with Ariana Grande so regardless she still looks beautiful as always. Her makeup is so pretty and soft here. The purple dress on the other hand is so breathtaking. Dear lawddddd girl!
The fact that they already have meme's out is hilarious to me. WHO DID THIS?!? Oh my goodness I can't. This is too funny. If her hair was different, she may just have made it into "Best", but this hairstyle is awful!

But really, Rhianna? This was something totally unexpected and absolutely ugly. It's like a ton of fabric just thrown together with a bandeau sewn at the top. I can't deal. She looks like a Komondor dog.
OH MY GOD! Who ever did this is wrong for that lol. Okay, maybe not. But seriously, was her dress under construction? Like what was she thinking? Just whoa.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hot or Not: 2014 VMAS

So as most of America knows, last night was the MTV VMA's or the (Music Television Video Music Awards for those of you out of the country). I wanted to share with you the top 3 looks that I thought were the best and those that were well...not so great.


Queen Bey herself never disappoints and she was rockin' the all black look along with the fabulous maroon! Perfect fall colors since the season is approaching. The cut out and lace was icing on the cake! *round of applause for the baddest chick in the game*

Jennifer Lopez, DEAR GOD! I want to know what you sold to the devil to look THAT good at your age. This dress was giving me lifeeee! I absolutely adore sparkle, glitter, and diamonds and this dress was ON POINT! *Claps hands in syllables* Yess girl!

Demi Lovato was on FIRE in this red dress. Absolutely stunning! She always pulls off the classy look with a little bit of edge.


Taylor Swift, sweetie, what were you thinking? This just looks like a romper gone wrong. It kind of reminds me of a swimsuit from back in the day, only with long sleeves. Better luck next time T.Swizzy.

Amber Rose, did you not get the memo that this was a red carpet event and not an on stage, pole event? You should've saved that outfit for the strip club, or better yet, the bedroom for your man, Wiz! It's 2014 - classy honey, not trashy!

Katy Perry, I'm all for you being a risk taker but this Britney Spears look-alike all denim dress needed to stay back in the 90's. Not a good look.

Hope you all enjoyed viewing my favorite looks and the looks I wasn't too fond of. Let me know what you thought of these looks, or if you have other favorites you want to share, feel free!