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Showing posts with label travel. Show all posts

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Top 10 Things To Do In St. Lucia

1. Four wheel on the black sand beach
It's hard to tell in the photos but it really was black sand. This was seriously such a cool experience, I believe there's only 2 beaches like it in the world - a once in a lifetime experience. The tour guide took us on 2 different beaches, through rivers, into the jungle with steep hills, stopped to show us fruit trees and gave us a little history lesson too. My husband even stopped and climbed up a tree to get fruit on our way back! I drove to the beach and then hopped on my husband's with him and rode on the back on our way back.

2. Hot springs mud bath
This was really different from anything I've ever done. At first I was iffy on it, not sure I wanted to participate but I figured YOLO (do people still say that anymore? Jeeze I feel old) lol! But its all natural and makes your skin SUPER soft. I would highly recommend wearing a bathing suit you don't really care about because it will definitely stain - that's why we're all wearing crazy things! Haha. These were all cheap swimsuits we picked up from a local shop on our way there.

3. Sunset Catamaran Cruise
I will say off the bat, the boat was a lot smaller than I expected but it was very initiate. The back of the boat has a netted bottom to lay on and in the front of the boat there is a seating area and indoor with food and drinks. It was very relaxing and a beautiful sight.

4. Get a massage with a view
This was picture perfect, literally. It was a cabana ocean front with a view of a small islet. The quality of the massage was great, the sound of the ocean and the breeze was perfect. It made me not want to get an indoor massage ever again lol.

5. Relax in the lazy river 
What better way to enjoy a vacation than float down a lazy river with a drink in your hand? Sign me up! This was super relaxing, we actually did this a few times we were there. If you like to relax on vacation instead of go-go-go, then this is for you!

6. Waterfalls
After the hot springs mud bath, our tour guide took us to this beautiful waterfall to rinse off. It's even pretty to just look at. The water was super cold but because it was so hot and sweaty, it was really refreshing. I actually wanted to stay here longer than we actually did. But definitely a sight to see!

7. See the Pitons
Talk about a sight to see! I took this photo on our four wheeling adventure right before my phone died! It's probably my favorite photo. There's actually 2 Pitons, a big one and a small one and many places you can see them from the island - or if you're adventurous enough and want a work out, you can climb up it. I'm more of an "I'll-look-at-it" type of girl. Haha.

8. Have fun on the water slides or at the swim up bar
Having fun is what vacation is all about! Don't want to float in a pool? Rip down the water slides! There is a 2nd level that is not pictured of larger slides. The top of the green slide is actually a pool you land in from the other slides. We had a blast on these with both my parents and his siblings. Then of course there is the swim up bar which had great drinks.

9. Try a local bar & the local alcohol
Their local beer is "Piton" named after the 2 famous Pitons. They also had a wine cooler which was actually really good. Definitely my favorite. The Admiral Rodney is distilled in St. Lucia and was a recommendation from one of the bar tenders. My husband liked it! The other photos are from a local bar that our four wheeling tour guide took us to. It was pretty dark and didn't look like there was any electricity, just the light from the windows and there were animals (chickens, ducks, dogs) running around which was pretty cool.

10. Paintball
This last one unfortunately I don't have photos of as we didn't have time to unfortunately but this is definitely on our list to do next time!

The resort offered so many other excursions, activities and tours but being there for 8 days was just not enough! If you're looking for zip lining and tours, scuba diving and fishing, they've seriously got it all available! Tell 'em Shelby sent you ;) haha.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Clothing Travel Haul

Hey loves! As you know I will be traveling next week and I wanted to start incorporating fashion into my blog since my header does state "Beauty & Fashion". I have a passion for both but I figured most of you would only  be interested in the beauty aspect but recently I've gotten a lot of questions regarding fashion! First and foremost, I have been entirely obsessed with nude, blush and olive tones so please just be prepared to see pretty much only those colors lol.

The first outfit is an asymmetrical knotted skirt in blush pink paired with a white crop top. Both pieces are from Charlotte Russe. Top was $8 and the skirt was $15. 

The next piece is a velvet light brown/nude zip up bodysuit. I loveeeee the gold hardware on this body suit! I will be pairing this with high waisted distressed jeans (I just haven't found a pair yet! So if you have suggestions please let me know). This bodysuit was $18

I purchased these nude caged, cut out heels that can go with a lot of these outfits. There were another pair that I wanted that were lace up heels but I decided to go with these bad boys. These heels were $39

I got 2 casual outfits, both from Forever 21. The first one is olive green shorts with lace detailing on the side paired with a sheer crop top that has flowers on it. The second one is black shorts with lace detailing all over paired with a pink knot crop top. The floral top was $20 the olive shorts were $13. The pink top was $10 and the black shorts were $15. 

Sephora & Ulta Travel Haul

If you've seen my previous post, you know I'll be traveling and I've picked up a few necessities I'll need to take with me on the trip! My previous post was the clothing I hauled for the trip and this post is for the cosmetic products I hauled. 

Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation & Concealer
After seeing Nicole Guerriero and Casey Holmes rave about this foundation, I HAD to get it. They both love full coverage foundations like myself so if it worked for them I'm praying it works for me too! I'm super excited to test this baby out. I wanted something that was full coverage but would last all day through heat with a natural finish (not matte and not completely dewy either). I will definitely have a full review of this after our vaca! I unfortunately had to order this product because they didnt have my shade in stock anywhere near me so I just got it in today. Here's an update with the pictures!



My birthday gift (6 months late lol)
Soooo my birthday is in January and I JUST got my birthday gift now. A little late, don't you think? But that's the great thing about Sephora, if you haven't had a chance to pick up your birthday gift til months later, they'll still honor it! They usually give two options each year. This year was this Marc Jacobs mini set and there was another choice of a Fresh beauty skin care mini set. I really want that one too, though!

100 Point Perk Hourglass Primer
I love the Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer so I figured I'd give this one a go for a little freebie!

Soap and Glory
I've been hearing non-stop about this company so I figured the best way was to try the travel sizes since I'll be traveling and can't take the full sizes with me on a plane. I always love mini sizes to test out because if I don't like it then I don't feel so bad about wasting a ton of product and if I end up loving it then I can purchase the full size eventually when I run out of the travel size. I picked up the scrub and body butter. 

Sun Bum
This is another brand I've heard nothing but good things about. Someone recommended the SunBum chapsticks to me so I had to pick those up. I actually went to Target the one day and they had not one, not two, but THREE trays of them that were completely empty. I was so sad! Then a few days later I went to Ulta and they were stocked! I also wanted to get sunscreen because we'll be outside a lot of the time and have to protect our skin! I used to be the girl with the tanning oil with no SPF what-so-ever but now that I've been into skincare lately I know that SPF is necessary.

NYX Liquid Lipsticks in Satin Ribbon, Baby Doll, and Lace Detail
I've had my eyes on these since they came out and I finally just got around to getting them. They all look SUPER similar in the tube, but I promise they each have different undertones, some slightly darker than others. I know these are pretty popular so I'll have a full review on these after the vaca also to let you all know how the formula is and how they wear.

Mario Badescu Drying Lotion
I have a bad habit of picking at my face so I'm hoping this helps if I just put it on as a spot treatment at night. 

Hydrating sheet masks
I knew I wanted sheet masks for hydration but I didn't know which ones were good so I kind of just grabbed the first two I saw that said "hydrating" lol. My skin is super sensitive and dry so it needs hydration. I figured I would wear one on the plane there and one on the way back.

What are your must have products when traveling?

Friday, May 15, 2015

What's New? | NYX and Makeup Geek

I just got an email from NYX with information on a new "to-go" palette! There are 6 eyeshadows, a bronzer, a blush, and a highlight! How incredibly awesome is this for traveling and better yet, a drugstore purchase ?! The downside is they are $17 a piece which if you think about it, isn't too awful because you're getting 9 different products in one palette so that's roughly $1.89 a piece. The neutral one is called Wanderlust and the more colorful one is Bon Voyage. This is now available on the NYX website. 

Also, something amazing has come about. @MakeupGeekTV on Instagram posted these sneak peek pictures. It appears they are branching out from just shadows and brushes. They are now working on what they're calling Cashmere Lip Creams! Sounds to me like liquid lipsticks. And my goodness these colors look beautiful!