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Showing posts with label skincare. Show all posts

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Need Crystals Review

As many of you know, skincare is super important to stay looking youthful and also to have a nice base for makeup application. Exfoliating is an important step in the skincare routine, but how many of you have heard of microdermabrasion? Basically it's a slightly harsher way of exfoliating, or polishing, the skin. It basically rejuvenates the skin by removing the outer layer of your skin, getting rid of dead skin cells. This skin care technique is used to treat acne scars, discoloration, sun spots and stretch marks. I'm not a dermatologist by any means so if you have questions regarding this I would definitely recommend you to ask your dermatologist, but I personally would not use this more than once a week maybe even once every two weeks depending on how sensitive your skin is. You can find these crystals at and an 8 oz details for just $12.99! You only need a dime size amount each time you use it so an 8 oz will definitely last you a long time. The price is well justified for the amount you receive. 

As you can see from the picture above, the Need Crystals are so fine they're a lot smaller than a grain of salt which makes them very gentle on the skin. Products like St. Ive's apricot scrub are actually really bad for your skin because of how harsh and large the exfoliants are. They can literally make tiny tears in your skin. Whereas this product is so fine that it makes it super gentle which is actually my favorite part about these crystals. 
To use this, all you have to do is take a dime size amount and mix it with your normal cleanser and gently make circular motions like you would normally cleanse your face and then rinse with warm water. It's a really simple process. After using the crystals I noticed a difference in my skin texture immediately. My skin was softer and I could tell my dry patches were gone. I haven't used it enough to tell if it helps with acne scars but I'm hoping it does because I would love to get rid of mine! 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Best Damn Beauty Skincare Review

If you haven't heard of Nicole Guerriero, where have you been? I'd have to ask if you've been living under a rock because she is such an amazing YouTube beauty guru. She has the sweetest personality and is a cat lover like myself. I absolutely adore following her. She came out with her own beauty line that is geared more towards skincare (assuming just for now) I can only imagine she'll be coming out with more cosmetic goodies in the near future. One can hope, at least :). When she first announced her skincare line I wanted to test the products out but never had the chance to get my hands on them. So finally I have the opportunity to review 3 out of the 9 skincare products from her line! I've been testing out the Facial Spray, Firming Serum, and Eye Serum and I wanted to share my thoughts whether they're worth the hype. You can find these products at !

First let's talk packaging; she hit the nail on the head! Black and gold is so sleek, modern and classy. I love having these displayed in my room because they're just so pretty. They don't feel like cheap plastic either. The Eye Serum is in a glass bottle which I think is really nice. It makes it feel more luxurious. I can see why the Facial Spray is in a plastic bottle for traveling purposes and in case it drops - smart thinking on her end. 

First up is the Facial Spray. I love using this for so many different things. I've been testing these products out for the last 2 and a half weeks so I've tried this every way possible. I love using it to prime my face before applying makeup, setting my makeup after applying it, and also just to refresh my skin when it's feeling dehydrated. I love the rose scent it has because it's a very youthful rose scent (not that old lady floral scent) lol. But we all know Nicole G. loves her rose scented things so she couldn't NOT incorporate that into her products. This facial spray is very hydrating and I'm pretty much obsessed. I've been using it every day. This I highly suggest!

The next one is the Firming Serum. This has a very nice, thin consistency. I hate when it feels like I have a layer of serum on my face and thankfully this one absorbs so nicely. When you push this into your skin you feel it tightening (in a good way). I think this is perfect for people who are concerned about anti-aging or who are trying to reverse their aging.

The Eye Serum is something I put on at night to help keep my under eyes bright and youthful to avoid those crow feet and any dark circles. I don't really have an issue with dark circles. I have SLIGHT blue/purple pigmentation right near my tear ducts but otherwise no other issues. I personally like more of an eye cream than a serum but to each their own. It's still a very good and effective product and I absolutely adore the packaging. I think this would be great for people who struggle with dark circles.

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Skincare Routine

It is no secret that when it comes to makeup your skin is the probably the most important part of the make up application process. Your skin is the canvas that the makeup gets applied to so if the canvas isn't smooth the makeup won't go on smoothly. I never really understood this until about a year or two ago and lately I've been extremely into skin care. I've struggled with acne for a while now and a lot of it has to do with me picking at my face which is, I know, a really bad habit. But my goal for this year was to stop picking out my face and to get my skin clear. In order to do that these are the products that I have been using. They are all travel sizes however I will be purchasing full-sizes of all these products. If you follow me on Instagram you would know that I have already purchased the full size of the Peter Thomas Roth peeling gel. But these products have made my skin so soft and hydrated! I'm always looking for new products to try so leave a comment if you have any suggestions!

1. Origins Ginzing Eye Cream - Having and I cream is so important because the skin underneath your eye is so delicate that you want to make sure that you're keeping it hydrated.
2. Fresh Black Tea Toner - Some people are a fan of toners however I'd like them I feel like they do actually makes my skin feel a little bit more clean and refreshing. 
3. Peter Thomas Roth Peeling Gel - It's important to have an exfoliator because you're getting off all of the dead skin cells that may be causing dry patches or unevenness in your skin and this one you can literally see the dead skin getting wiped away and it's very gentle.
4. Josie Maran Argan Milk - The combination of this and the Argan oil really hydrate my skin I always thought that I had combination skin and recently I've discovered that I have dry skin. I think that may be a reason I break out so much because my skin is so dry it's overproducing oils and in turn, causing acne
5. Josie Maran Argan Oil

Monday, January 18, 2016

Mini Drugstore Haul

So I started to run out of a few of my essential beauty products that I use quite often so I made a quick Walmart run to pick up a few things. 

I restocked on the Loreal Total Repair Damage Erasing Balm, the Hair Skin and Nails gummies and the Simple Micellar Makeup Removing Wipes. The new thing I picked up is the Loreal Lumi Cushion foudation and let me tell you I am sooo excited to test this foundation out. I will be wearing it all this week and updating you with a review on Saturday! So stay tuned for that because I've been seeing this everywhere lately so I'm sure a lot of people want to know whether it's worth the hype. Let me know what questions you have about it so I can answer them in my review :)

Monday, December 7, 2015

Peter Thomas Roth Exfoliating Peel Review

This, my friends, is magical! I'll explain why. I've had this sample sitting in my sample stash for quite some time now. I never reached for it because I had no idea how to use it or what it was for. Until I watched a Nicole Guerriero video and I had my "AHA!" moment. You apply this little guy to clean, dry skin and rub in circular motions. After rubbing for a little bit, you start to see clumps of something mysterious forming. Those clumps are dead skin! You physically see the dead skin being removed. It's amazing and creepy at the same time but it's really incredible to see your product actually working right then and there. This product is not abrasive at all so I would say it would be okay for people with sensitive skin to use it. Once I rinsed it off with warm water, my skin felt SO smooth. Like smoother than I've ever felt my skin before. I will absolutely be purchasing a full size (and no this is not a sponsored post and they did not send me this product). I am a really big believer in PTR skincare. Everything I've tried thus far has been incredible. Highly recommend this product eveb at it's steep $48 price point. 

Sunday, November 1, 2015

MDSolarSciences Review

I've been wanting to really start posting more products for all of you as I know there are a ton of you that are concerned about keeping your skin looking youthful. A good way to do that is to include an SPF in your daily routine because it will protect your skin from the sun's UV rays. I have two products that I'm excited to share with you that are great to implement in your every day routine that have multiple benefits for your skin! You can find these products at Sephora.

The first one is the MDSolarSciences Daily Anti-Aging Moisturizer (right). This contains SPF 30 which will definitely protect your skin from the sun and on top of that it's anti-aging PLUS it's a moisturizer. That's a 3 in one deal! It is white when it comes out of the bottle, but is translucent when blended and the consistency of this is very smooth. I really love the packaging on this because it reminds me of the Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Foundation bottle with the way the pump is set up. These products are a little pricey, but investing in skincare is the best thing you can do to keep your skin looking flawless with and without makeup. I personally never knew how important moisturizers and SPF's were until this year, but it's better to be late than never, right?! Haha.



The second product I have to share is MDSolarSciences MD Creme Mineral Beauty Balm (left and my shade is light/medium). This is a wonderful BB Cream that has an SPF of 50! Yes, 50! That's amazing. For me, the best thing about this product is that it is non-comedogenic, which means it won't clog your pores. I am very acne prone and this makes it so much easier to have some coverage on my face without feeling like having makeup on is going to break me out. This has a very similar consistency to the moisturizer except a little bit thicker, but still blends just as easily. My only complaint about this product, if you can call it a complaint, is that I wish they had a wider shade selection. Everything else about it is A1!


Anyone else think these two products are BOMB? Have you tried any other products from this brand? What are your thoughts?!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Tatcha Skincare Review

I know every one is head over heels obsessed with the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist, but a lot of you may not know that they also have other products geared towards skincare. I have personally been wanting to try the Luminous Dewy Skin Mist myself, but haven't had the chance to pick it up yet. So unfortunately I can't give you my opinion or review on that product specifically; however, I do have two Tatcha products I am excited to let all of you know what I think of them.

If you're wanting to purchase Tatcha products, Sephora carries them as well as the Tatcha website.
(please excuse the images, I've been having difficulty uploading images on here. They look perfectly fine in my library but when I upload them, they become blurry - my apologies).

The first product I want to review for you is the Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder ($15 for 0.35 oz.-$65 for 2.1 oz.). This product is described as "A gentle yet effective exfoliator, cleanser, and toner for daily use". It is a different type of cleanser as it is in powder form. The ingredients are activated when you add water and rub your hands together creating a creamy, milk-like texture. The claims this product has is "to address fine lines, uneven skintone, hyperpigmentation, and breakouts". I do agree with these claims as it kept my breakouts to a minimum and evened out my skintone. I have a  lot of redness and using this product seemed to reduce it. So would I re-purchase? Yes!

The other product I have to share with you is the Tatcha Pure One-Step Camellia Cleansing Oil ($12 for 0.8 oz.-$48 for 5.1 oz.). I'm always looking for a good makeup remover, but this makeup remover is special because it's not just a makeup remover, but a cleanser as well. So for those lazy nights where you don't even want to take your makeup off, let alone cleanse your face too - even though you know you have to - this is the perfect product to grab. You have to apply it dry, directly on top of your makeup and then when you rinse, you'll see all of your makeup just slide right off. This is definitely a good investment so I would definitely re-purchase this bad boy.

The next product I want to try for all of you will be the Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist because I know Jaclyn Hill raves about it so I'm sure you're all wondering whether it's worth the hype or not. So trust me, this isn't the last of Tatcha Beauty on Beauty and a Blog.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Origins Skincare Review

Many of you know skin care has become a huge part of my regimen. I used to never really pay attention to my skin. The most I would do was remove my makeup and wash my face. Little did I know there is much more you can do for your skin to make it more radiant and youthful. From exfoliating to face masks and moisturizing - who knew skin care could go in such depth? I started really taking care of my skin this year and now looking back I really wish I would have started much earlier. But better late than never right?!

I have been wanting to try Origins skin care products for sooo long now. I have heard Kathleen Lights talk about the Night-a-Mins moisturizer so many times and with me being (unfortunately) an acne prone girl, you know I had to try the rest of these products as well. And these bad boys came just in time as I was having a horrific breakout from an allergic reaction from another product I was using. To be completely honest, I really have NOTHING bad to say about Origins as an entire brand. I really fell in love with this brand after using these products and I am anxious to try more.
To shop for Origins products, you can visit Sephora's website or Origins' website.

Origins Clear Improvements Mask $25
I'm a sucker for a good mask and this one looked intriguing to me because of the charcoal. Also "clears pores" caught my attention. This has quickly become my favorite mask. It's very hard to describe the consistency of this mask because it's not a clay but it's not a gel it's kind of somewhere in between but when you leave it on for about 10 minutes it hardens. It sucks out all of the impurities and by the time I took it off my skin looked revitalized and new. I've already put this baby out on my vanity so that I can use it as my weekly mask.

Origins Out Of Trouble 10 Minute Mask to Rescue Problem Skin $25
Well that was a mouth full to say! Haha. This is a white clay mask  and I used this specifically the night I broke out horrifically to see if it would do anything for my skin and when it says "rescue to problem skin", it's not lying. My redness and inflammation of my acne went down dramatically. Nothing happens in an instant so I'm not saying if you have a blemish it's going to take it away instantly, but this is definitely a huge help.

Origins Zero Oil Deep Pore Cleanser $22
I'm a huge fanatic on cleansing my face. I cleanse it every single night after I remove my makeup so I was excited to try this out. The first thing I noticed was the chemical smell, but it personally doesn't bother me so I was able to see past it. As you can see from the picture it's a gel like consistency but after you wash your face with it, your face feels so clean. Like cleaner than it's ever felt before. This is definitely going to become my new cleanser and replace my old one. Sorry, not sorry :)

Origins Super Spot Remover $16
As I mentioned, I had a bad reaction to another product I used (not an Origins product). I'm talking like cystic acne break out all over my entire face AND neck (and I never break out on my neck). I used this only 2 nights in a row and my face and neck were completely clear. What?!? That's what I would call magic. It does have a chemical smell to it but once you see the incredible results you will be able to easily look past the smell. This is a miracle worker and I will definitely be repurchasing.

Origins High-Potency Night-A-Mins $43
As I mentioned before I've heard Kathleen Lights rave about this moisturizer over and over again so I absolutely had to test this out to see if it was worth the hype and whoaaaa baby is it ever! It's a very thick cream and a little goes a LONG way so although it is 1.7 oz, this will definitely last you awhile. This is probably the most hydrating moisturizer I have ever tried and it made my skin feel so plump and refreshed. I think I found my new holy grail, y'all!

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Boscia Exfoliating Peel Gel Review

Hello beauties and welcome back! For those of you that have been following me for quite some time, you know that I've worked with Boscia in the past and I have a new skin care goody to review for all of you! It's one of their newer products on the market. It is available at Sephora for $34 but you get 5 fluid oz which is an amazing deal. You can see in the image how much I've used which isn't even a third of the product and I've been using it for TWO WEEKS!

Let's talk packaging. I absolutely love this packaging. It is the exact same as their Breakup Makeup Cool Cleansing Oil which all of you know is my holy grail. But the packaging is just so sleek and it makes the product extremely accessible. I prefer this over the squeeze tubes that most companies have. The box itself is so detailed with the little droplets that are actually raised so the box has a neat texture to it. I really appreciate when companies take the time to add the small details. 

The product itself is soooo different than any other exfoliator I've tried in the past. The directions tell you to apply to a clean, dry face which was different because normally you apply to a damp face. The consistency of the product is a gel-like substance (as stated in the name of the product) so you think it's not really doing anything to your skin because the gel is so smoot and doesn't have any sugars or beads in it. BUT once you rinse, you start to feel the gel almost form beads of its own which is where you get the exfoliation from. It is the coolest exfoliator I've ever used and it works wonders. It made my skin smoother and more radiant by getting rid of dead skin and flakes. I am a huge fan of Boscia's entire line because their products are amazing so if you've had your eye on this, I definitely suggest picking it up. 

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Freeman Beauty: New Plus Buy 3 Get 3 FREE!

I'm sure many of you have seen me mention this brand before, it is Freeman Beauty which is sold online and at Ulta and I believe also at select drug stores. They have come out with 3 new face masks that are all tropical themed. They are also having a special going when you buy 3 full sized face masks, you get 3 FREE! That is such an amazing deal! This offer ends May 31st so hurry while supplies last! Use coupon code TROPICAL at checkout. I am a big fan of this company not only for their affordability but also because they have amazing products.

The new masks they've come out with are Coconut, Banana-Oat, and Key Lime! Perfect for Summertime.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Dermalogica Skin Care Review

Happy Tuesday, beautiful people! I have another exciting review for you today. Dermalogica was super sweet to send me all of these goodies! I didn't expect full size products because of how pricey their brand is, but they were amazing and sent ALL full sized products. Needless to say, I've had quite a bit of time and more than enough product to test these bad boys out. This brand can be found at your local Ulta, Ulta's website, or Dermalogica's website.
First, I want to let you know that I took a short "quiz", if you will, to find out what products fit my skin type best. These four were what matched my skin type. I have combination skin that is very acne prone, unfortunately. The skin gods are not on my side apparently! Lol. So here's what they sent me:
Clearing Skin Wash          $36
Sebum Clearing Masque   $46
Clearing Mattifier             $46
Daily Microfoliant            $54
Clearing Mattifier
Ulta's website describes this as "a medicated topical treatment that clears breakouts, reduces congestion and controls shine". It comes out of the tube like a clear gel and the consistency of this is that of a silicone based primer; however, it is not greasy on the skin at all. It leaves you matte and reduces the oiliness. I actually really enjoyed this product and would absolutely recommend this to those with skin types similar to my own.

Sebum Clearing Masque
This is a mask to prevent and clear breakouts. This has a consistency like a clay mask, but not as thick. This has a major cooling effect on the skin that feels very refreshing. It doesn't sting, burn, or leave my face red once I rinse it off. I'm huge on face masks so I absolutely loved this baby. I used it as directed about 2-3 times a week and I really saw a difference in my skin.


Daily Microfoliant
Ulta's website describes this product as "a unique, rice-based enzyme powder activates upon contact with water, releasing Papain, Salicylic Acid and Rice Enzymes to smooth the skin and accelerate cell renewal." In order to activate this product, you must first add water and mix it until it makes a paste. I personally wasn't a fan of that because it can get a little messy. Maybe that's just me being a spoiled first-world brat haha. But it comes out as a powder and once you add water to it, you can then apply it on your face. I definitely felt like it helped my skin, I just wasn't a fan of the powder consistency it comes out as.


Clearing Skin Wash
This is a daily face wash that you would typically use in the shower in the morning and at night. The consistency isn't really a gel like consistency because it's a little more watery than a gel, but it is still thick - if that makes any sense. I used this religiously and it did clear my face A LOT! I used this with my Boscia Konjac Sponge. I just squeezed some of this onto the sponge (about the amount you see in the picture on the right) and just washed my face with it.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone because they have a TON of products for ALL different skin types. The customer service is phenomenal and it's just a wonderful skin care brand. The only thing that is a bit of a turn off is the prices, but honestly I believe if it works, then it's worth paying for!
Have any of you tried this brand? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments :)
Thanks again to Dermalogica for being so generous. You are wonderful!



Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Boscia Beauty Bag

Boscia is running a Spring special! If you purchase $50 worth of products, yoh will receive a free beauty bag with FULL sized products that is over $150 worth of product in it! Just use promo code "BEAUTYBAG2015" at checkout! Um, yes please! This offer ends April 6th and there are limited quantities so hurry before they're gone!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sephora Sale!

There's been some talk about the Sephora VIB sale but no dates were released. We all had an idea that it would be in April, which it is, but no solid dates. Thank goodness for TrendMood and their amazing updates, we now have dates! Here they are dolls! Start making your wish list now and if you're more of an online shopper like me, start adding to your cart. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Boscia MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil Demo

Last week I posted a review on some Boscia products and I promised I would post a demo of the MakeUp-BreakUp Cleansing Oil that I loved so much. So here it is!

First, here's a picture of what the packaging looks like. It's in a very sleek white bottle with a pump, thank goodness!

Now let's get started. You'll want to put about 1-2 pumps in your hand - you won't need much more than that because a little bit goes a LONG way. The texture of this product is an oily consistency, but thicker than your typical vegetable oil or cooking oils.
Next, apply the oil on top of the makeup you want to remove. It is important to apply it to dry skin, directly on top of the makeup without water. In the picture I have 5 lip products ranging from lipstick, lip creams, and lip liners of all different colors to show even the darkest colors will be removed.

Then, gently rub the oil into the skin, moving the product all over the area you want to remove the makeup from. You won't need to tug or pull at your skin because this oil is so amazing at breaking down the makeup.

Here is what the result of rubbing the oil on top of the lipstick looks like. Don't worry - it won't stay this way and it won't stain your skin haha!

Lastly, rinse with warm water to rinse away the makeup and any oily residue.
Here is the final result of removing 5 lip products from my arm. Incredible, right?! Go get you some!

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Boscia Skincare

Hopefully by now you all know that I always want to be 100% honest with you so I just want to first give a short disclaimer and let all of you know that Boscia was kind enough to send me these products. They are full size and they are pretty pricey too, so thank you so much Boscia for your generosity! It's been a pleasure working with you and I hope to continue working together.

I have briefly mentioned this brand in previous posts such as my Christmas Gift Haul and a short review on their Little Black Book bundle that I got during the holidays.

So here's what goodies Boscia sent:

Makeup-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil $28 5 fl. oz.
Restorative Day Moisture Cream $48 1 fl. oz.

Konjac Cleansing Sponge $15 (reusable)

Let's talk packaging. It's so fresh looking and just has such pretty detail! I love the colors they chose for their packaging. They have other products that have a pink, blue, green, and then black and white packaging as well. Their packaging is very sleek, clean, and modern looking. Next, I just want to mention that all of these products have amazing ingredients which is probably the main reason their products a little more pricey than most, but I'm all for purchasing for quality rather than for quantity. Some of the ingredients include Natural Konjac Root Fiber, Green Clay, Olive Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Avocado Oil to name a few.

Now to get into the good stuff - the review. On the left is the MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil which actually won an award from what Boscia's website shows. Honestly, I can see why this won an award. This was by far my favorite product they sent. I'm half way finished with it and it's only been 3 weeks. You only need a very small amount which is why I still have so much left but I will absolutely continue purchasing this product once this runs out. So what exactly is this used for? This is a makeup remover and face cleanser. It is an oil, which I thought I was going to hate because I have oily/combo skin, but it doesn't leave your skin feeling oily AT . ALL ! To use this, apply it to a DRY face, directly on top of your makeup and just work your hands in gentle circular motions. This product claims to not "tug or pull" at the skin and it couldn't be more accurate. Love this stuff and I recommend it to people with all skin types! I use this every single day when I get home from work to remove my makeup. I will be doing another post demonstrating how this product works for those of you that are curious.
On the right is the Restorative Day Moisture Cream which oddly doesn't seem to be on their website anymore, but I remember looking at it online when I received it and the price was a steep $48! Unfortunately for me, I have oily/combo skin and this moisturizer was for dry skin so as you can guess I didn't really gravitate towards this. I did try it for awhile, but it ended up breaking me out. I would recommend this for people with dry skin, though. It's a little pricey, but you get your money's worth. It's 1 fl. oz. but a little bit goes a long way, so this will also last quite some time which balances out the price. It's a lotion consistency and it does feel a tad bit greasy when applying but once you let it absorb into the skin, the greasiness goes away.

Their Konjac Cleansing Sponge retails for $15 and when I first felt it, it felt like Styrofoam which is so weird. I thought to myself, "Really, I'm supposed to use this on my face?" Haha BUT, once you run it under warm water it becomes an amazingly soft sponge and I wish I could, but I just can't describe the texture. You can use this in the shower with your daily cleanser. Just rinse the Konjac Sponge under warm water, put your cleanser on it and massage the sponge in circular motions on your skin. This product is for all skin types, but they do have other sponges specified for certain skin types! This one gently exfoliates and really clears out the impurities. It's not rough on the skin at all like I initially thought. The best part is you can use the same sponge for 2-3 months before replacing it! This has also won an award and I can definitely see why.
Overall, I give Boscia an A+ in the quality of their products. Even though one of them didn't work out for my skin type, I know it would be great for others. Their customer service is phenomenal as well, they are quick to respond and so, so sweet!
Again, thank you so much for everything, Boscia, and keep up the amazing work!