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Showing posts with label nails. Show all posts

Monday, April 6, 2015

Mini Haul

I've sadly been on a "no-buy" for quite some time. Unless I run out of something or find a REALLY good sale, I've been passing on A LOT of amazing makeup and it's been killing me inside lol. About a week ago, I was informed that Colourpop had a sale on their Minx Society eyeshadow quad. Instead of it being $20 it was FREE. Yes, free! The only thing I paid for was shipping which was $5. The sale was only up for a very short amount of time and I'm not sure whether it was a glitch in their system or just a flash sale that wasn't announced, but I'm extremely glad I was told about it! I already have 6 of Colourpop eyeshadows and a full review on them here if you're interested. Sadly I don't have any of their lippie stix or blushes yet but I have a whole wish list of them soon to come. 

They always put a cute and witty hand written note in the package which I love because it's so personal. 

This is what the outside packaging of the quad looks like. It has a very faint outline of NYC which is beautiful, yet simple detail. 

This is what the quad box looks like when you open it. It looks like it could be a palette, but when you open the box it is four individual pans. 

From left to right: Girly, On The Rocks, Get Lucky, and Roulette

The cap is sleek and white with a clear center so you are able to see the color. It also has the logo that is almost holographic. 

Girly is described as "a creamy vanilla with a flash of pink and duo chrome finish"

On The Rocks is described as "vibrant, true bronze with gold and violet glitter"
Get Lucky is described as "intense ultra-metallic, liquid-like true gold". I have this shade already, but on New Years Eve it fell off of my vanity and smashed. I was able to smash it back together, though because of the texture of these shadows. But having a new one is great! 

Roulette is described as a "true matte black". This is the first matte shade I own from them so I'm anxious to see how well it applies to the eyes. 

I will be posting swatches a little bit later :)

I also picked up some nail polish because I needed more Spring colors. I typically get mine from Five Below, but only the Fresh Paint nail polish. The formula is so opaque and they always have beautiful colors. On top of that, they are 3 for $5! Can't beat that price. 

From left to right: Glass Slipper, Passion Fruit, In The Flash, and Hakuna Matata

Monday, March 16, 2015

White & Gold Nails of the Day

This is probably the most I've painted my own nails in the last year. I don't typically paint my nails because I hate how quickly they chip. My last nail post was only a few days ago and they already chipped so I decided to paint them again, but I can already feel myself getting annoyed with it. Does anyone else feel my pain? Lol. Anyway, here are my new nails!

Here's what I used: Sally Hansen in Hard To Get, Victoria's Secret PINK in After Party, and Essie's top coat.  

What colors would you like to see next ?!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Neon Nail Polish

Yesterday at 12:30 in the morning I decided to paint my nails. Why? Pure bordeom! I always have trouble picking colors out so last night I debated between probably about a million, but I finally settled on this baby. It is a bright, almost neon pink. I know pastels are all the rage right now for Spring time, but bright colors are usually the trend for Summer and I am dying for Summer right now - warm weather, beaches, vacation, weekend trips. I just love everything that comes along with Summer. I think next time I paint my nails (which will probably be in like 2 days since they chip all the freakin time!) I will probably paint them a mint green or some other pastel color.  Do you have any nail polish color suggestions or any suggestions on making the paint last longer ?! 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday my beautiful people! I'm just going to jump right into today's post, so here you go!

Side note: I do not own any of these photos (they were all obtained through Pinterest)

This look is fabulous! From the contour to the berry lip and the eyeliner. Just FAB! I've been so into the berry colors this Fall and this is just the perfect color lippie. I wish I knew what it was :(

This skirt caught my eye. The pattern is intriguing and the folds off of the top making it somewhat of a peplum skirt just makes it that much cuter! I need this in my closet! NOW.

I've always been weary on pleather leggings in fear it would look like Sandy from Grease (LOL) but this look is so cute and paired well with a comfortable flowy top! I love the black and nude together, too. (Sorry for the grainy/blurry picture)

This dress is cute, but that's not the reason this is in my favorites. I'm more concerned about that gorgeous gold belt! I've been looking everywhere for one and the only one I can find is half gold in the front and the back is black. I want an all around gold belt similar to this one.

SLAYYYYYY. That is literally all I can say about Kim Kardashian West. Dear LAWDDDD why must you be so perf?! Her makeup? Flawless. Outfit? Flawless. Need I say more? She makes this look classy even with no shirt underneath. 

I believe this product has been discontinued from MAC but they need to bring it back! I haven't had a chance to get my hands on it but this is soo pretty. Wouldn't you agree? Perfect highlighter I'd say. 

Ever since I switched to the other side, I've been in loveeee with stiletto/almond shape nails. Definitely my fav and this natural look is adorbs! Never going back to square nails!

Over and out babes!


Blog Obsessed

Friday, August 1, 2014

Stiletto Nails vs. Square Nails

I ALWAYS stuck with the square acrylic nails since the time I was a teenager. Recently I've been seeing all these different trendy nails like the Jersey flare nails, coffin shaped nails, almond shaped nails, and stiletto nails and I thought they looked nice on certain people, but didn't think I'd ever be able to pull any of them off. Having my nails done makes me feel more put together. When my nails aren't done, I feel so plain! Plus they make me feel more girly that what I already am.

Well, I decided to be brave. (Look at me taking all these risks and trying new things lately, *high-five to self*)I've been seeing awesome designs on the stiletto/almond shape nails and I wanted to try it out. I was so nervous to get them done. I knew the guy I go to for my nails would do a great job with whatever I wanted because he's just frikin' amazing! But, I was still nervous I wouldn't be able to pull off the trend. I sucked it up and put my big girl panties on and went for it! Let me tell you, I am never (okay, maybe not never) going back to square nails. I say maybe not never because I still like the square nails, but for right now I absolutely LOVE my stiletto/almond shaped ones! *insert emoji with heart eyes*

I decided to go with a bright coral color for the base coat and every alternating finger has a black triangle at the base of my finger with a rhinestone at the tip of the triangle. On my ring and pointer finger, I have a stripe down the middle of my nail with a little bit of aztec/zig zag detail, also with rhinestones. Below are pictures. I love the design and I feel like there is so much more you can do with stiletto nails that wouldn't necessarily look right on regular square nails.

I thought this nail shape would be very uncomfortable and sharp, but they aren't claw-like at all. They're pointy, but not sharp. I can still type, put my make up on, put my contacts in, and all of my other daily things. I have only had them for about 3 days and I have already received so many compliments on them! I also got my toes done with the same color to match. I get my nails done in another two weeks, so I will update you with my new design when I do!

Below is an example of a design I previously had with the square acrylics. This design had a plain blue base coat. On my pinky, thumb, and middle finger there was ombre glitter. On my pointer there was white painted over top of the base blue in a chevron pattern. On my ring finger there was white stripes going up and down.

Check out my Pinterest under Keep Calm and Get Your Nails Done for more nail design ideas. Feel free to follow my boards and pin my pins :)

Comment your thoughts on this shape nail and designs, let me know any suggestions or requests you may have

Thanks for reading lovelies!


Blog Obsessed

Monday, July 28, 2014

Favorite Nail Polish Colors

Here are some of my favorite nail polishes throughout the seasons!
For Spring and Summer, I usually go with pastels and sometimes when I'm feeling daring, neons. The Fresh Paint nail polish I purchased from 5 Below. They usually have a sale for buy 3 for $5 and I absolutely love their nail polish! It's not thin like most cheap nail polish. The PINK brand I purchased from Victoria's Secret where each bottle is $10, but right now they are having a sale for 2 for $12 or 4 for $20! The brand Pure Ice I purchased from Walmart which was only $1.97!

Pom-Pom comes out in such a baby pink and the picture of the paint does not do it justice! The picture makes it look like a lot darker pink than what it really is.

My absolute favorite polish is the Papaya. This picture makes it look more of an orange color, but it's actually a beautiful coral color. I'm running out of this color because of how much I use it and I can't find it anywhere to get a new one! *sad face*

The Victorias Secret PINK nail polish line has beautiful colors! The one I chose for spring/summer is a mint green which is one of my favorite colors! Personally, I think this comes out a little too light, so you have to use quite a few coats to get the desired look, but it's still a really cute color. 

The bright, neon pink, High Voltage is beautiful when you're feeling bold! This very bright color is perfect to stand out in the summer sunshine.

The Bonna Blue color is such a pretty baby blue. It's actually what I have on my toes right now (until tomorrow when I go get my nails done and a pedicure). It reminds me of Essie's Bikini So Teeny.

The Honeydew color is almost like a lime green, but a lot more toned down so it isn't in-your-face bright! This is perfect if you want a bold color, but not too bright.

From Left to Right: Pom-Pom, Papaya, I Kissed A Surfer, High Voltage, Bonna Blue, Honeydew

These are some of my nail polish picks for the cooler seasons, Fall and Winter. I tend to go with darker colors in the colder months.

Grapevine Goddess is a deep purple that has a bit of sparkle entwined with it. I know it looks almost black in the picture and you may not even be able to see what brand it is, but it is by Fresh Paint. Even though it looks extremely dark, this color comes out in such an iridescent, shimmery purple.

Delicious by Fresh Paint is a gorgeous deep red for when you're feeling sexy. I always thought red was such a sexy, mysterious color :)

Blue My Mind by PINK is a royal blue and oh my goodness this color is perfection! I am obsessed with royal blue ANYTHING!

Coach Ella is a nude color which is such a classic in my opinion. Nude nails are ALWAYS acceptable!

Siren by Pure Ice is more of a bright, fire engine red. This is such a beautiful red and would go with a great red lip!

From Left to Right: Grapevine Goddess, Delicious, Blue My Mind, Coach Ella, Siren

These two colors are awesome for an accent nail, or to go over top of another color. Whether you're more of a gold girl or a silver girl, these would go great on your nails as an accent and they'd go great with your gold/silver jewlery.

Bling It is more of a nail polish to go over top of another color for a little pop of glitter. It doesn't have the consistency to cover an entire nail without leaving white spaces, but with enough coats I assume it's possible.

After Party could definitely be used for a gold accent color. I truly am in awe with this color and how thick and rich it is. There isn't an overload of glitter, so it isn't an overwhelming glitter color, but it has the consistency to cover the entire nail.

From Left to Right: Bling It, After Party

Thank you so much for reading :)


Blog Obsessed