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Showing posts with label mob wives. Show all posts

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The "Kylie Jenner Lip"

She's the talk of the town and I know everyone is so tired of hearing about this girl, Kylie Jenner. It's getting really old, really fast. Don't judge me for bringing this topic up lol but a lot of people are still curious to know what she uses on her lips because they want to get it, too. She has a signature lip that is like a 1990's brownish color but it's also a nude, and sometimes mauve. It's a gorgeous color on her so I can see why everyone wants to know what it is so they can get their hands on it. So what lipstick and liner does Kylie Jenner use? Well, we know it's definitely from MAC cosmetics, but there are speculations about which products because MAC has so many! These are the top prospects for what she uses: Whirl lip liner, Soar lip liner, Spice lip liner. I know Whirl has been sold out forever since this information has come about because everyone wants to have her lip color but all of them are similar in color so they will all give you the same effect. Apparently she just uses the lip liner all over the lips. There are a few lipsticks from MAC that will give you the same look which are: Velvet Teddy and Faux.
 There's a ton of talk about her lips also being injected which is completely obvious! She has little to NO lips and now all of a sudden, even without makeup, she has puckered lips! I know she's only 17, but what ever it is, she looks 10 times better. I absolutely love her new look so I can't knock her. She claims it's over lining with makeup, but there are images where she isn't wearing any makeup that it is clear she's had enhancements. I'm sure some of it is over lining when she is wearing makeup, but there's no excuse when she's not. I definitely don't think she should go any bigger, though, or else she'll start looking like Big Ang from Mob Wives (sorry Big Ang, I still love ya lol). What are your thoughts on her "possible" lip injections?