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Showing posts with label makeup forever. Show all posts

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation Review

I figured I would do a review on the MUFE Ultra HD Foundation. It's the re-formulated version of the MUFE HD Foundation) I've personally never tried the old foundation so I can't compare it for you. But I can tell you my experience with it. I've seen so many raved reviews on this foundation so I was excited to try it because everything thus far that's been raved about that I've picked up have been a thumbs up in my book. But to be honest, for me it's a dud, a pass, a no-go. Hold on before you all gasp at once. I'll explain why I feel like that. 

I love full coverage foundation and this foundation is medium and not buildable at all. It doesn't cover imperfections, it actually emphasizes them. This foundation is more for no-makeup looks on lazy days when you don't want to beat your face but you still want some coverage. The only thing i love about this foundation is the shade selection. There are so many shades to choose from and I found my perfect match! I just wish I loved the formula. I wanted to love this foundation but sadly I didn't. 

If anyone has any other full coverage foundation recommendations that have my shade please let me know! I'm the shade 115=R230 in this foundation. 

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sephora VIB Sale Haul

I didn't go crazy on this sale because I
already purchased quite a bit from the Employee Friends & Family sale but I did get a few things I have been eyeing for awhile. 

Mini NARS concealer in Vanilla and a 100 point perk for Makeup Forever HD Powder

Marc Jacobs The Sofia set. I am so so so glad I was able to get my hands on this because it was sold out for a bit and I'm so glad they brought it back for the sale because lawdddd these are GORGEOUS and the formula is amazing. Great way to try these lipsticks at a discounted price because lets be honest, when do I even go through a full size lip products? Never!  But I am literally dying over So Sofia and Infamous. 

Sephora Favorites Give Me Some Lip. Im not sure that I'm completely sold on this set just yet. If you have it, what do you think of it? It comes with 6 mini lip products and although Lolita is always so raved about, dare I say, I'm really hating this shade. It's said to be a "dusty rose" but it looks straight up brown when I swatch it. And if you know me, I hate brown on my lips because it just doesnt look good with my skintone. 

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Pink. It definitely wouldnt be a haul of mine if it didnt have a highlighter so heres this beauty! Its limited edition so if its sold out on sephora already check Nordstrom or Bloomingdales. 

Makeup Forever HD Foundation in 115. This is another product Im not entirely sold on. If you have it what are your thoughts? I might be exchanging this for another foundation. I love full coverage foundations and this one seems to be a medium coverage to me. I thought everyone was raving about this product so I snagged it but Im still not sure. 

Kat Von D Shade and Light Contour Kit. This is the big mama ! Ive been waiting to get my hands on this since it came out. I was going to wait til she came out with the refillable pans but I decided I couldnt wait any longer and dear goodness shes gorgeous! Ill definitely be getting use out of this. 

For those of you that have followed me for awhile you know all of this haulage will be going away until Christmas. I have a rule with myself that whatever makeup I buy for the holidays goes away until Christmas. I take pictures of them and swatch them for you and then I put them away sadly. Lol but it makes it more exciting for me on Christmas day! Well I hope you enjoyed this little haul. 

What did YOU get for the VIB sale?! 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Dupe Alert!

Every YouTube beauty guru has been raving about the Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Duo #2 highlighter because it is said to be a dupe for Estee Lauder's loved HeatWave and MAC's loved Whisper of Gilt. For those of you that weren't able to get their hands on Heatwave or Whisper of Gilt and don't have the budget for the Pro Sculpting Duo, I found another, affordable dupe for you! Wet N Wild's Fergie collection has a highlighter named Hollywood Boulevard that is only $6 at your local Walgreens and it almost identical to the MUFE #2 highlighter. 
On the finger swatch they look identical to each other! As notes, on the left is Wet N Wild's Fergie Hollywood Boulevard highlighter and on the right is the highlighter from Makeup Forever's Pro Sculpting Duo #2.
In these swatches, you can see there is a slight difference. The Makeup Forever Pro Sculpting Duo is a little more of a bright, yellow-ish gold and the Wet N Wild Hollywood Boulevard is a darker gold. Although they're not absolutely identical in these swatches, I still consider them dupes for each other because of how close they are. Plus $6 compared to $39 is a much more affordable price.
Side note: I've also heard that the Wet N Wild Hollywood Boulevard highlighter is a dupe for Becca's famous Opal Skin Perfector.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What's New At Sephora?

Today's the last day for the Sephora VIB sale and there are some fun, new products out. There's always something new at Sephora. Sometimes I can't keep up! But here are some interesting new products:

Glamglow Powercleanse
Kat Von D Ink Liner
Stila Aqua Glow Watercolor Blush
Makeup Forever Artist Plexi Gloss

I've been wanted to try all these Glamglow cleansers, but haven't picked any up yet. The Kat Von D ink liner has been out for awhile, but she's come out with new, bold shades. The Stila blush is part of their Summer collection so I can only imagine the rest of the Summer collection should be up soon. The MUFE Plexi Gloss is something I've seen sneak peeks of and they look pretty pigmented! 

What are your thoughts on these? 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

March 2015 Wishlist

I feel like I keep forgetting to do a monthly wishlist for all of you! I feel like it's been awhile, so here it is! Forewarning: pretty much of these products were put on my wishlist thanks to YouTube beauty gurus, just a heads up! Also, all of these products can be found at Sephora.
NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation $48
If you're new here and don't know my obsession with NARS, get with the program darling because this brand is everything! This new foundation they came out with looks amazing and I'm in the market for a new foundation. So what do you say, NARS, will you be mine? The price is a little cray, but I'm sure it's well worth it.
Benefit Roller Lash $24
Most of you know I'm typically not a fan of Benefit products, but I have been seeing tons of reviews on this and they're all surprisingly extremely good reviews. I sort of want to see what all the hype is about and give Benefit one more chance. What do you think?!
Too Faced HangoveRx $32
Nicole Guerierro, who is amazing, swears by this primer and I actually meant to pick it up in my last mini haul, but completely forgot to grab it, so this baby is definitely on my wishlist!

Too Faced Selfie Powders $36
Okay, okay, don't judge me or anything lol. I know these seem extremely gimmicky but Rositaapplebum said she loves this product and her and I are like BFFs, she just doesn't know it yet lol. I feel like the concept is there, but is it actually a good product? I just really want to try it for myself to see. Plus Rositaapplebum is bomb dot com.
Becca Skin Perfector in Copper $Gold 38
This packaging is EVERYTHING and the product itself looks beautiful. It might be a little too dark for me now, but I think with my Summer tan it would be beautiful. I think this would look gorgeous on olive to deep skin tones. This product is limited edition so for those of you thinking about getting it, I suggest you grab it while you still can.

Makeup Forever Sculpting Duo $39
This is yet another product that has been raved about by the beauty gurus that I am dying to get my hands on. I actually wasn't that impressed when I first saw it launch, but after I saw swatches I immediately fell in love. This shade would be great on medium to deep skin tones.

Too Faced Cocoa Powders $40
I love that this kit comes with a brush and I feel like these colors would work well with my skin tone. I reaaaalllyy want the Kat Von D Shade & Light contour palette, but I already mentioned that in another wishlist of mine and I really like the Too Faced one as well.

Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Powder $42
Die, die, die. I literally died a million times when I saw this beaut. Dear freaking lawwwddd. No words, just no words. The gorgeous-ness speaks for itself.

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks $22 each (Patina, Bellissima, and Aria)
These three shades are just so beautiful and of course the three that are usually sold out so if you see any of these beauties, grab them, grab them all! Apparently Sephora has a liquid lipstick that is a dupe for Patina in #13.
What's on YOUR wishlist?!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

New From Makeup Forever

Makeup Forever has a new product on the shelves and it is one I think everyone will love. It is called "Step 1: Skin Equalizer" which is a primer. It retails for $36 each and is available on the Sephora Website as well as the Makeup Forever Website. There are 10 different primers to suit everyone's needs. Here is was Sephora's website has to say about what each of these primers do:
Mattifying Primer reduces shine.
Smoothing Primer evens the skin's texture.
Hydrating Primer restores skin's balance.
Nourishing Primer moisturizes and comforts.
Redness Correcting Primer neutralizes.

Radiant Primer Blue adds radiance to light skin.
Radiant Primer Pink adds radiance to light to medium skin.
Radiant Primer Yellow adds radiance to light to medium skin.
Radiant Primer Peach adds radiance to medium to tan skin.
Radiant Primer Caramel adds radiance to dark skin.

Top L to R: Mattifying, Smoothing, Hydrating, Nourishing, Redness Correcting
Bottom L to R: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Peach, Caramel

Monday, February 16, 2015

Contour Attack!

As if there aren't enough options to choose from for contouring, Makeup Forever has now come out with their own contour and highlight compact. I'm not complaining about all these contour products coming out, I just don't know which one to go with now!

There are two different shades: Pink Beige for light to medium skin tones and Golden for medium to deep skin tones. I would be Pink Beige because of how fair I am, but both compacts are such pretty colors for the skin! This is now available on Sephora's website for a retail price of $39 USD. What are your thoughts?


Friday, January 2, 2015

New Products for 2015

Lorac Unzipped Gold Palette
I seriously love any Lorac shadows because they're always so pigmented. I have actually been eyeing the original Unzipped palette for awhile and now I want this one as well! Whyyyyy do they do this to us? Just take all my money, Lorac. I haven't heard about a release date yet, but I'll be sure to update you once I do!

Makeup Forever 50 Shades of Grey
I personally have not read the books or seen the movie, but this collection is said to be based off of the actual makeup they used for the set of the movie. How cool?! Plus MUFE quality is always according to many people! This collection is already out, so go hurry before they're gone. The collection is limited edition!

Real Techniques Metal Brushes
I'll admit, I'm interested in these brushes because they're very sleek and pretty, MUCH better looking than RT's old brushes, but the price? Really? For those prices you can get MAC brushes. Are they worth a try? Ulta is already carrying these so go check them out if you're interested!

Kat Von D Contour Palette Shade & Light
Contouring is becoming more and more popular now and I feel like many people are starting to come out with contour palettes. This one looks interesting and I feel like there are shades that would suit my fair skin tone. But the darkest one I would never touch because it would be too dark on me.

E.L.F Skincare Line
Say whatttt? For as cheap as the products are, I actually think the quality is half decent. So I'm actually excited they came out with a skin care line. I want to do some more research on what ingredients they used, but I'm excited to try it.

Maybelline Pastels
Just in time for Spring to arrive! Pastel lipsticks from Maybelline. I have a feeling these are going to be a huge hit just like their Matte lipsticks. I've heard they're on the shelves right now! Have at em, girls ;)

Blog Obsessed

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sephora's Birthday Perks

For those of you that are Beauty Insiders, VIB, or Rouge at Sephora - you're all aware that you receive a FREE birthday gift the month of your birthday. Those of you that didn't know - go sign up NOW to be a Beauty Insider and work your way up to VIB or Rouge (trust me it's not hard to drop tons of money at this place).

Recently the birthday gift was a Makeup Forever mini lipstick, mini mascara, VIB and Rouge also received an eyeliner. It was a cute set, but nothing that sparked my interest. But free is free, right? No complaints here, I'm thankful for anything! I personally did not shop at Sephora during my birthday month. I didn't start shopping at Sephora until this past summer and my birthday is in January - so I'm just in time for the change ;)

From what I've heard, they ran out of the Makeup Forever mini set and they are now giving out a new birthday gift.

I'm not sure if any of you know but as of recently I have discovered a brand that I absolutely fell in love with and I can't get enough of it. The packaging is always so sleek and products thus far have been phenomenal! And I'm happy to say this brand will be the one Sephora is distributing for birthdays now! It is....*drum roll*....NARS! It is two lip products: Velvet matte in Cruela and a lip stain in Rikugein. I'm sure they're mini but still, NARS anything is amaze! Ugh. I need it now. Thank goodness my birthday is only 19 days away. EEEEEK!

And for those of you that aren't that interested in it, it makes a perfect Christmas gift!

Enjoy birthday beauties!

*Note: I do not own this photo*

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday

It's ONLY Tuesday. As much as I hate to say that, at least it's TOP TEN TUESDAY! Today is going to be a top ten from products I'm purchasing from Sephora with my 20% off coupon code (unfortunately the codes cannot be used more than once or else I'd share with you darlings!) 

1. Tarte Bon Voyage
I've heard so many good things about this set and who could beat all of this for $59? The colors in the palette are mostly neutral which are my go-to's but there are other, darker colors in there if you're more adventurous!

2. Glamglow Gift Sexy
Okay, let's put this into perspective. ONE full size (1.2 oz) container runs you to about $69 at the cashier plus tax. This set contains 1 full size and two 0.05 oz containers for the same price! And if you feel like that isn't saving much, let me just say the 0.05 oz are about $20 each, so you're saving about $40 bucks, getting 3 items instead of 1 and you get to try 3 of their masks. Hallelujah!

3. Too Faced La Belle Carousel
I think the packaging on this is SUPER cute and I can't get enough of it. It comes with a mini mascara, has eye shadows, bronzer, and blush! What more could you ask for?

4. Peter Thomas Roth 21st Birthday Kit
I've heard PTR is great with their skin care products and I've been really into skin care lately so I figured this would be a good set to try. I haven't heard anything about these specific products, but I guess I'll find out!

5. Makeup Forever HD Complexion Starter Kit
I've been really wanting to try some MUFE products so here's the perfect little kit to get started :)

6. Boscia Little Black Book
More skin care stuff... LOL. But I've seen the black Boscia mask used on a lot of people so I figured, why not?

7. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner in Black
Because my travel size one dried out (waahhhh) My absolute FAV eyeliner!

8. NARS Virtual Domination Cheek Palette
When I first saw this palette my eyes we automatically drawn to it. I don't have anything NARS so this will be my first product from them and I'm so excited it'll be this!

9. Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow
Oh. My. Heavens! Can we say gorgeous? This is another product line I don't have anything from and I've heard so much hype about this beauty so I'm excited to say this will be my first Bobbi Brown product. 

10. Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask Magic Kit
Because it's 24K gold, why else?! 

BONUS: I reached VIB!

Hope you lovelies enjoyed. What did YOU get with your 20% off?!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wishlist Wednesday

This is another blog post idea that I found on other blogs, so I won't be taking any credit for the topic! But kudos to whoever thought of this because it's genius! Anywho, my wishlist is a million miles long, but I'll go ahead just and give you my top 20! Please note I do not own any of the photos. Also, these are all high end products, so for those of you that have a price range more towards the drugstore end, I will try to do a Wishlist Wednesday post next week with all drugstore products :)

1. Becca Highlighters in Opal, Champagne Gold,Rose Gold, and Moonstone

I don't have any of Becca's products, but these highlighters are insanely gorgeous and I absolutely NEED to get my hands on them. Added to wishlist? Check!

2. Clarisonic

Lately I've been all about skincare because I tend to pick at my face. I've heard everyone raving about this product and I'm hoping for the price, it's as good as everyone says!

3. Nuface

I've never heard any reviews on this skincare product, but I've seen t on and decided it might just be something for me. It's extremely pricey though, so, add it to the wishlist!

4. Color Me Foundation Applicator

This is a newer product to Ulta. It electronically applies your foundation, no more hurting arms from stippling! And it's only $54! I thought something like this would be a little more expensive, but trust me, I'm glad it's not!

5. BareMinerals Foundation Brush

This brush is so unique to me because of the middle. As you can see it has dense bristles and a round divet in the middle. I'm anxious to try this and see if there's a difference in my foundation application.

6. Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof (both)

This product was referred to me on MakeupSocial and I'm dying to try it! But for $40 for 3.4 oz, I think I'll add it to my wishlist until a later time. I've heard this product lasts long, though because you only need a minimal amount for each use. And the packaging is so gorgeous and eyechatching!

7. Too Faced Everything Nice Palette 
This is a new product for Too Faced and I thik the colors are perfect for Fall. The case is an elegant gold and it comes with a mini mascara and a pink pouch to put the palette in.

8. Boscia Little Black Book from Sephora's Holiday Collection
Believe it or not, I have yet to try any Boascia product, but I have heard good things about this brand. I figured this would be the perfect pick up to try a little bit of everything!

9. Glamglow Gift Sexy from Sephora's Holiday Collection 
Because GlamGlow is all the rave lately, I absolutely NEED this. For the price of one full sized jar, you get 1 full sized jar and two mini ones. The full sized jar runs $69.00 USD and the mini jars run $19.00 USD. This is definitely a steal! Instead of spending $107.00, you save almost $40.00!

10. Best of Hourglass from Sephora's Holiday Collection

This is another brand I have yet to try, but I've heard the primer is great, although expensive. This is another great set to try a little of everything all at once.

11. Makeup Forever Starter Kit from Sephora's Holiday Collection

Again, a great steal getting 4 products for a combined cost of $79. This is great if you're just trying out the products, which is what I'll be doing, eventually when I buy it and cross it off my wishlist.

12. Peter Thomas Roth 21st Birthday Kit from Sephora's Holiday Collection

Skincare is the first step to having flawless makeup, so why not grab 5 products at once to acheive the perfect skin? PTR has done it again with their sets (I love the skinstant trio set) and I think this is a great buy!

13. Kat Von D Monarch and Chrysalis palettes 
I loved Kat Von D when she was on Miami and LA Ink, and her makeup line didn't disappoint! I'm a palette hoarder so these are a necessity to add to the collection.

14. Nume Curling Wand 
Another product I've heard so much about. 5 wands in one? Yes please! Right now I have a Revlon regular curling iron and I need a wand ASAP, so why not get one that has interchangable sizes?!

15. Lorac Pro Palette and the Lorac Pro Mega Palette (because I already have the 2)

I already bought the Lorac Pro 2 because it was half off on, so I'm still waiting for that in the mail, but to complete my collection and feed my obsession with palettes, these two beauties need to be mine. Wishlisted! 

16. MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection Lipsticks and Liners (every single one!)

Let me just say, I aboslutely hate limited edition items because I want them all and they're only out for a certain amount of time. sure, the companies want to make their customers more intrigued with these collections, but they should really either bring them back more often or have more product so they don't run out as quickly. Anywho, these lippies are the perfect colors for Fall. GIVE ME!
17. Urban Decay's LTD palette 
This gorgeous product really made me mad! Yes, mad! First, UD comes out with the Vice 3 at $60 each. Then a week or so later they come out with this beauty that is limited edition (hence the LTD name). Not only is it limited edition, but it was only on Sephora's website (which sold out in less than 3 hours) and it was exclusive to VIB Rouge members at Sephora, which I am not. Talk about jealousy! I'm praying Ulta comes out with this baby and it's available to everyone! 

18. A New Michael Kors Purse

(Don't mind the Polka B. writing, I'm not sure why that's there). Anyway, I've had my MK purse for almost a year and I think it's time for a new one. I really want a red or a royal blue one since I'm boring and always stick with neutrals and blacks. So this beauty needs to be mine. Wishlisted!

19. A Michael Kors Watch

This is the first watch from MK that ever stole my attention and I still have yet to get my lazy butt up and get it. So until we meet, darling MK watch!

20. Every single Essie Nail Polish ever made!

I love Essies color scheme and they have a ton of colors to choose from. I need them all!

Hope you enjoyed! If you have any of these products or were inspired by this post to go out and grab any of them, let me know how you like them :)