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Showing posts with label losing weight. Show all posts

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How I Lost 30 Pounds in Less Than 6 Months

I used to hate when I would ask people how they got so small or how they lost weight and they'd say, "I honestly don't know, I wasn't even trying" - BUT, in my case, this is exactly what happened. I was a freshman in college weighing 130 pounds, it was the most I've ever weighed since EVER! Please realize 130 pounds is NOT fat in ANY WAY so please don't think that's what I'm implying, but I was always very small, petite, and involved in sports so this for me was unacceptable.

I'm not one to workout just to workout, I have to be doing something that I don't realize I'm working out, or else you can forget it! I eat everything I want (this includes fast food, candy, and chips) and my job doesn't require much movement. So how in fact did I do it? Now let me start off by saying that I am not in anyway a nutritionist nor a health expert, this is just what I did myself to lose weight.

When I say "I wasn't trying to lose weight", I mean I wasn't planning out meals, I wasn't going to the gym, I wasn't on any sort of diet, I didn't starve myself; I just made healthier choices as far as eating at certain times, not eating when I wasn't actually hungry and stopped drinking sugar filled drinks. I went to college the end of August and by mid-November I had lost a significant amount of weight. So here is what I did:

One. I stopped eating so late at night. This was a hard one for me! But I got myself on a schedule so I wouldn't eat late. The latest I would eat is between 6:30 P.M. and 7:00 P.M. but NO LATER! If you absolutely cannot go without eating something one night, eat something small; grab a piece of fruit or some yogurt. Eating later helps you feel full and satisfied when going to sleep, especially those of you that don't get to sleep until after midnight like myself. This causes fat to build up because the food, especially carbs and sugars, just sit there and get stored as fat. Unless you wake up at 5 A.M. every morning to work out, eating late is a no-no! But you'll never catch me waking up that early to work out. First, I'm NOT a morning person and second, working out just isn't my thing. So, refrain yourself from eating past a certain time and this will help you to get on a regular eating schedule.

Two. I stopped eating when I was bored. When I was bored and my stomach was telling me to eat, I'd ignore it and do something to take my mind off of eating something out of boredom. Too often we eat because there's nothing else to do. It's like smoking a cigarette, people do it out of habit more often than not because of the hand to mouth motion - same goes for eating.

Three. I ate smaller portions and more frequently. So you're telling me you ate more often? Yes! Instead of eating my regular size bowl of cereal, I'd eat half of what I'd normally eat. Instead of having 100 chips (exaggeration) I'd have literally just a handful. I usually tell people to eat half the size of what they would normally eat when it comes to portions. Instead of having three huge meals that fill up the entire plate, I would eat small things throughout the day. I would eat something for breakfast, then maybe two hours later eat a handful of dried fruit or gold fish. I would then eat lunch and have another snack and then I would eat dinner around 5:30 P.M. and have a snack about an hour later. Of course there were nights I would feel hungry going to sleep, but eating breakfast in the morning helped so much! I used to ignore the commercials and lectures about how important breakfast is, but honestly when I eat breakfast, I feel like my day goes by so much smoother and I'm more energized.

Four. I drank water religiously. Water is your absolute best friend in this case. Drinking water throughout the day makes you feel full so that you're not constantly munching on things, but be prepared to run to the restroom about a million times a day.

Five. A little excercise doesn't hurt, even if it's for 20 minutes! I was a cheerleader in college, so I guess you could say I had some form of excercise, but like I stated, I didn't realize I was working out. It's not like I was going to the gym to make intentionally to run or lift weights. I was on a team so it was something I enjoyed doing. Personally, I didn't think this had too much of an effect on my weight loss because I really noticed myself losing weight after football season was over, but I just figured I'd mention it just in case.

So let's recap: stop eating late at night, stop letting boredom control your eating habits, eat smaller portions, drink lots of water, exercise if you want.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or email me at