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Showing posts with label help. Show all posts

Monday, August 18, 2014

Opportunities Arise!

Okay my lovely viewers, I'm excited to be sharing some big news with you that is taking me one step closer in the direction I want to head towards! I just received the confirmation today and I am honored to announce that I have been asked to be a part of Seshn Beauty. Seshn Beauty is a web magazine for fabulous writers, entrepreneurs, make-up artists, fashionistas, etc.! This is such a blessing and I am beyond ecstatic they reached out to me and want me, of all people, to write for them. Now, I promise I'm not going to forget about this blog and all of you! I'll still continue posting almost daily, as I do now.

So, here's my question for all of you - will you be so kind as to help me choose the topic for my first post with them? I was thinking Fall Fashion & Make-Up, but I would absolutely love all of your input. So please comment or email me with your suggestions, I would appreciate it.

Don't be shy to comment or email! I don't bite, I promise. Haha.