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Showing posts with label concealer. Show all posts

Monday, August 13, 2018

UD Naked Skin Concealer vs. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer Review

Urban Decay Naked Concealer ($29): This concealer has an okay shade range with 14 shades. The shade I have is Fair Neutral which is my winter shade.

On Sephora's website it claims it is: "An innovative, high-coverage concealer that provides buildable, weightless coverage and leaves an invisible, Naked Skin finish". It also claims it is a "luminous, demi-matte finish" which to me, those are totally contradictory adjectives, lol how is it luminous and matte? 

Personally I think it has more of a luminous finish, but it is a little tacky so I always set it with a setting powder. This concealer has a solid 4 stars on Sephora's wesbite. It is full coverage and is extremely blendable, a little goes a long way with this product. I don't notice it interrupting my foundation underneath when applying it and no tugging at the skin.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer ($30): This concealer has a little more shade range with 22 shades. I have 2 shades - one in Vanilla and one in Custard.  

On Sephora's website it claims it is: "An award-winning concealer that provides medium-to-full, buildable coverage and corrects, contours, highlights, and perfects." 

This concealer in the shade Custard was theeeee concealer to have a few years ago. Every Youtuber I watched used this concealer which has now been replaced by the new hottest concealers on the market Tarte Shape Tape and more recently Too Faced Born This Way. But nonetheless it is still a very popular concealer with a little over 4 star rating on Sephora's website.  I'd agree that it's a medium to buildable coverage. For me, I feel that it dries quickly a little dry for my liking, but I have dry skin so I think it would be a good pick for someone that has oily skin or an oily T-zone.

Out of the two concealers, I would reach for UD over NARS which is crazy because I'm over the moon about their Radiant foundation, although I haven't tried the NARS concealer with the foundation yet! I'll try that next and give you guys an update on what I think. 

Below from L to R is UD Fair Neutral, NARS Vanilla, and NARS Custard

Have you tried either of these concealers? What are your thoughts?

Monday, July 18, 2016

Amazing Cosmetics Hydrate Concealer Review

Hi loves! I'm back with another review for you. This time it's Amazing Cosmetics' Hydrate Concealer. The packaging is soo luxurious on these! They're pretty heavy and have a beautiful metallic pink finish to them. The shades I have are Ivory (left) and Fair (right). These retail for $32 each and you can get them at Sephora. I found Fair to be a little darker than I expected especially for my pale complexion. I like my concealers to be about one to two shades lighter than my skintone so I can highlight with them. 
I'm typically not a fan of concealers in stick form because they tend to be very dry and harder to blend but the formula on these is so creamy and extremely blendable. The formula is also weightless so it doesn't feel like anything is there. 
Below are swatches Ivory (left) and Fair (right). 
When blended out, I would say this formula has light to medium coverage, making this perfect for no makeup-makeup days. These would even be good for just evening out your skintone if you dont want to wear a foundation and you have a little bit of redness or any discoloration.







Sunday, June 12, 2016

Amazing Cosmetics Concealer Illuminate Review

Amazing Concealer Illuminate $30.00

In my opinion, the more glowy, the better! This concealer fits that perfectly. To be completely honest, I really didn't think I was going to like this concealer. I didn't think an illuminating concealer would look right underneath my eyes where I typically highlight, but I was wrong. It is definitely luminous and in my personal opinion I think you have to set this concealer otherwise it will crease, but it is sooo creamy and blendable! I think this is a great concealer for summertime. It's lightweight but so dewy, hydrated and makes you look awake.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer Review

I definitely found my new holy grail concealer. This concealer is completely full coverage and the tiniest bit goes a LONG way. I'm talking you only need a DOT to cover your entire face. It covered any blemishes or redness that I had and it made my skin look flawless. It has a slightly thicker consistency than other concealers I've tried. I usually really like the more liquidy concealers because they blend easily but regardless of the thicker consistency this concealer has, it's still VERY easy to blend. I would recommend this to anyone, but especially those with dark circles, discoloration, blemishes or redness because it covers everything so well! I think the shade selection for fair skin tones it awesome since I'm personally fair it really means a lot when a company has shades that suit my skin tone; however, the only thing I think could be improved is the shade selection for deeper skin tones as there aren't many options. Otherwise, A+ in my book.

When I was blending this out I actually had to remove some of it because it was too much. That's definitely a good problem to have because like I mentioned earlier, a little goes a long way which means this concealer is going to last awhile!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

New L.A. Girl Concealers

For those of you that love the L.A. Girl concealers but maybe can't find a lighter shade for your fair skin to highlight, or those of you that have darker skin and can't find a shade to contour with, OR those of you that need color correcting - don't panic. L.A. Girl Cosmetics posted this on their Instagram yesterday:

6 new shades added to their concealers now making 21 shades in their collection! As the caption of the image mentions, there are now 2 fair shades, a dark shade, plus 3 color correctors. Bombski! Have you tried their concealers before? What are your thoughts? 

Friday, February 6, 2015

Color Correcting 101

I know many of you see all the different colored primers and concealers out there and think to yourself, what would I need these for? Why would someone use a green concealer or a purple primer? It just sounds so bizarre to put a color all over your face that isn't a flesh color. And I agree but once its blended in, it really does help correct your skin. 

So if you're one of those people wondering what the heck all these colors mean, I'm here to help you! NYX sent me and email about their new color correcting palette and it also came with a guide to what each color is for. Take a look and I hope this helps 

Side note: Yellow is good for dark circles!


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