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Showing posts with label coconut bay beach resort and spa. Show all posts

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

St. Lucia: Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa - Serenity Suite Review

Let me start by saying this is not a sponsored post. These are all 100% my thoughts and opinions. So we booked the Serenity Suite for the week of our wedding in June of 2018. The Serenity Suite is another part of Coconut Bay Beach Resort & Spa within walking distance for adults only. When booking a Serenity Suite, you get 3 personal butlers for the length of your stay and they provide you with a butler cell phone for you to call them from anywhere you are on the resort for your needs - to pick you up, drop you off, bring you food/towels, etc.  

We were picked up from the airport by our wedding coordinator and taken to the resort which is about a 5 minute drive - very, very close! Upon arrival, we were greeted with champagne and the butlers took care of our luggage. We were then given a tour of the room which is stunning. They had the entrance and tub decorated with rose petals, balloons in the plunge pool, bottles of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Our wedding planner was with us during the tour to make sure everything was exactly what we expected - which it actually exceeded our expectations.

We stayed in the Jasmine which is 1,900 square feet with it's own plunge pool, deck, hammock, gazebo with seating, and outside bar. From what we were told, this part of the resort was just built about a year ago so everything is pretty new. 

At the bottom of the bed there is a flat screen TV that comes up. It was literally a dream to stay here. I kept asking my husband "Is this real life?!" Every day we would come back to the room and it would have different shaped towels with decorated with different flowers with cute notes from room service or our butlers. They even had our names on the TV "Mr. & Mrs. Reyes". So cute!

The first photo is the door you walk into to get into your room. When you walk in, to the left is the gazebo and straight ahead is the hammock, outdoor shower, bar and one entrance to the room. To the right is the plunge pool (which is actually a lot deeper than I expected - it went up to my chest, almost my neck if I was standing flat foot to the bottom) and there is another entrance to the room in front of the plunge pool. When you walk in from the pool, you enter the living room area, you walk up the steps to get to the bed and there is a garden tub and stand up shower with dual sinks and mirrors. I didn't get a photo of it, but behind the bed is a hallway that has a sit down vanity mirror.

*Some of these photos were taken with our go-pro so they have a fish eye effect

Pools, Bars & Restaurants
The Serenity Suite has it's own private pool inside of each room, but they also have their own community pool on the Serenity side of the resort which is stunning. It has these pool lounge chairs, the big round chairs in the back and on each side they have first-come-first-serve cabanas (they got cut out of the photo) and surrounded by palm trees. Coconut Bay also has quite a few pools I don't remember how many exactly but I believe around 4 plus they have water slides too! Anyone from Serenity is also welcome to use Coconut Bay's attractions, but not the other way around. 


There are so many things to do there, I'll make a completely different post about that. 

Serenity has it's own community bar and a restaurant on it's property called the Greyhouse I believe? Coconut Bay had a bunch of places to eat like the Jerk House and a pizza spot. A lot of the other restaurants required reservations which was one downfall because every reservation we made we ended up not going either due to being tired or having other plans or the places we wanted to eat at were booked. 

By the way, I judge the bars based on how good their pina coladas are and theirs was BOMB. The 2nd pina coladas I actually like (the other being in FL)

Everyone was so friendly and treated us like royalty. They knew us by name - everytime we would walk by they would smile and say "Hi Mr. & Mrs Reyes!". We were there for our wedding so we had a few wedding coordinators which were all amazing help as well. From the time we landed, I didn't have to lift a finger; they literally handled everything and made sure it was as stress free as possible. The photographer and videographer were also great. They were super interactive and did an excellent job. 

We even met with the manager and had a few conversations with him while we were there and he was so accommodating and personable. The bartenders were entertaining and had such good people skills - also really helpful on places to go and things to see on and off of the resort. We had booked a tour and the tour guide we had went above and beyond. He would stop randomly just to pick fruit off of a tree and tell us about it and stopped in town to get swimsuits for some of the guests that didn't have them. There were also workers who were cutting down fresh coconuts off of the tree and stopped my husband and I to ask if we wanted one. They asked what room we were in and came to our room while we were in the pool and cut the coconuts for us and gave us straws. It was overall such a pleasant experience. 

                                    *one of our butlers, Mervin!

Overall, I would rate our experience a 15 out of 10. Seriously just an amazing time. Everyone that went is still talking about how they had such a good time and it was almost 3 months ago! I would 100% recommend this resort and suite to anyone looking to travel.

**all photos taken by me