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Showing posts with label Q&A. Show all posts

Monday, August 18, 2014

Get to Know Me! 50 Q&A

1. Name? Shelby Lynne
2. Height: 5'2"
3. Where are you located: Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
4. How old are you: 21
5. What year did you graduate: Class of 2011 baby!
6. Where did you go to college: I changed my mind and my major quite a few times! Right out of high school I went to Lycoming College, a junior ivy league college in Williamsport, PA and my major was Psychology. That was too far for me so I came home and went to my community college to get my general education finished to eventually go to nursing school. I was accepted into Moravian College for their nursing program, but I worked at a hospital as a nurses aide and realized that wasn't for me. I am now enrolled in Metro Beauty Academy starting in November, finally going for what I'm passionate about. Took me long enough! I know, I know I'm all over the place lol.
7. Do you live with your parents: No, they both live in North Carolina
8. What is your favorite number? 8 :)
9. What kind of food do you like?: Anything Italian
10. Favorite vacation spot: Ocean City, Maryland and Florida
11. Favorite restaurant: Olive Garden and Mama Ninas
12. Favorite color to wear: Black and neutrals
13. Hobbies: My wonderful blog :) promoting my blog, shopping, pampering, makeup!
14. What kind of car do you drive: My baby! Shes a black 2008 Acura TL that I adore
15. Current mood: Content, excited, feeling blessed
16. Turn ons Intelligence, kindness, humor, maturity
17. Turn offs Immaturity, ignorance, arrogance
18. A habit you wish you didn't have: Picking at my face! Worst habit
19. When is your birthday: January 9th
20. What's your zodiac sign and does it fit you: Capricorn, and almost to the T! I love being a Capricorn. #JanuaryBaby
21. Introvert or extrovert: A mixture of both. It really depends on the situation. I can be shy at first but when you get to know me, I can be so outgoing.
22. Do you have a boyfriend? Yes
23. What's your favorite cereal? The peanut butter cinnamon toast crunch!
24. Beach or mountain get away? Beach in the summer, mountains in the winter! I love the best of both worlds
25. Do you wear glasses/contacts? Both, I wear my contacts more often, but my glasses when I'm home relaxing
26. What color are your eyes? Green
27. What color is your hair? Ash brown with natural blonde highlights
28. What is your favorite season? Summer! I love the beaches, the warm weather, vacations, the tans, and the summer clothes :)
29. Do you prefer short or long hair? Long, I will never, ever cut my hair short again. It's taken me almost 4 years to the length it is now and I still consider it short. Ugh
30. Favorite make-up brand? I use a variety of different make-up brands so I can't choose just one! #makeupenthusiast
31. Favorite article of clothing: I  have so many clothes to choose from, but I love a fitted blazer!
32. Do you have any children?: No but I plan to have at least one eventually. The most I would want is two.
33. Acrylic nails or natural? Acrylic. I love the feeling of them and it's always so refreshing going to get them done
34. Do you prefer your hair curly or straight? I think curly hair looks better on me. It makes me look older.
35. Do you have any tattoos? Not yet. I like the way my bare skin looks without them at the moment. I feel it's more professional not having tattoo and I don't know that I personally could pull them off but I love tattoos! I have tons of ideas in mind for meaningful tattoos and I can't decide! Maybe that's why I haven't gotten one yet. But I love seeing other people's tattoos and how awesome they look and hearing the stories behind them.
36. Do you have any piercings? Yes! I love piercings. I have my both of my tragus' pierced, I have both of my cartilages pierced, there are three holes in both my lobes, and my belly button. I previously had my nose pierced that I took out for professional reasons, and my absolute all time favorite piercing that I had was my hips! I had them since 2009 and took those out in 2013 because they were starting to get infected and I miss them so much! Thought about getting them again.
37. What are your pet peeves? People that aren't on time, being cut off when speaking, obnoxiously loud chewing
38. Biggest insecurity: My nose and how big it is! That's really the only absolute issue I have with myself and that's usually the first thing people target when they're criticizing me. But they don't need to tell me something I already know. I've grown to realize it's a part of me and if that's the only flaw they can point out, then I'm fine with that!
39. What kind of phone do you have? iPhone 4s, but I plan on getting the iPhone 6 when it comes out
40. Do you have any social media? Yes, all for business purposes. I don't have any personal social media. Twitter: @blogobsessedxo Instagram: @blogobsessedxo MakeupSocial: @beautyobsessedxo and I'm working on getting a Facebook
41. Favorite fast food restaurant: Wendy's all the way!
42. Favorite pizza place: El Grecos, Pizza Como, or Lehigh Pizza
43. Favorite latte flavor: Caramel
44. Favorite scents from Bath & Body Works: Sweet Pea, Cucumber Melon, and Cashmere Glow
45. Favorite places to shop: Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, Forever 21, Express, New York & Co.
46. Do you have any siblings? Yes, two older sisters. I'm the baby of the family :)
47. Favorite place to get handbags: Michael Kors, Aldo, Coach, and if I could afford it, Louis Vuitton lol #brokebitchproblems (excuse my language)
48. Do you have best friends? Yes, I have a very tight circle. I don't let too many people in so there's only a handful of people I trust enough to call them best friends
49. Who are your fashion icons? Lauren Conrad, Coco Chanel, Kim Kardashian, and Blake Lively. I'm sure there are a ton more, but those are some of my favs.
50. Favorite TV shows: Gossip Girl, Family Guy, Scandal, Pretty Little Liars, Prison Break, Melissa and Joey, Drop Dead Diva

*Bonus: Were you named after anyone? Yes, I am named after the country singer, Shelby Lynne and also the engine of a car, Shelby Mustang*