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Showing posts with label Nicole gueirrero. Show all posts

Sunday, January 4, 2015

My Dream Vanity

 Now that my makeup collection is growing, I need more storage for everything which in turn only means one thing - a vanity! I have taken pictures from Pinterest (so I do not own any of the photos) to create my own dream vanity. I hope you enjoy!
I'll start with the furniture first, because that's really where it all starts.
This is Jaclyn Hill's vanity and dear lawd this would probably be my dream vanity all in one picture! She has the Alex drawers from Ikea for her desk, the mirrored dresser is just to dieeee for, the computer desk is perfect because I could work on my blog at the same time, and you can't really see it but on her computer desk she has a cute decorative piece that is like a chandelier candle holder (the only reason I know that is because I saw it in one of her YouTube videos). But seriously, how chic is this room? The only thing I would change is the pictures on the wall and I would get a more comfy chair. I would also add some gold and owls to the mix - because I'm an owl lover :) Otherwise - my dream.
I mentioned above "Alex drawers" - these are what I was referring to. Many, many, many MUA's (makeup artists) and YouTube gurus have these because they're perfect for organizing!
This is Nicole Guerierro's vanity. She is another YouTube guru I watch consistently that I love! Her vanity space is a little different and not completely my style, but hey - to each is own. However, I do love the shelving on the side and the lipstick storage. Great way for organizing!
I believe this is ShaaanXO's vanity. I love the way she has her perfume bottles organized on the shelves. It looks very pretty.
I absolutely love, love, love the chandelier. I would definitely have a chandelier in my dream vanity. And I think I like these floating shelves a little bit more than the ones in the pictures above. It makes it look a little more modern and sleek. Not a fan of the purple accent wall, but I would most likely have an accent wall - not sure what color. Maybe my accent wall would just have a design like chevron or something cute.
Now that you've seen what furniture I'd like in my vanity, lets go onto the organizing part, because that's really what a vanity is for!
First, the beloved acrylic box. There are a ton of different ones out there with a variety of price ranges, but I specifically would love to find this exact model. It is so gorgeous! You can find other beauty boxes at The Container Store, Original Beauty Box, and Zahra Beauty. These are perfect to keep everything in one place where it is organized yet you can still see what you have without digging in a black hole.
I will definitely be needing an acrylic organizer for my nail polishes like shown in the picture and what I want most for my Alex drawers are the clear acrylic organizers like you see in the drawer in the picture.
This photo is actually of ShaanXO's (YouTube guru) collection. I love the slots for each lipgloss/lipstick, I just wish they were clear. The clear acrylic just speaks to me.
If you collect perfumes (like I plan to), a chic mirrored tray would be perfect to keep them all in one spot and arranged beautifully!
If you want something a little taller for your perfumes, this would be perfect. I would personally get this in a different color if I got it, but it's still cute nonetheless.
These are adorable to store q-tips and cotton balls. All these are is just an old candle jar with a knob glued to the top. So creative!
These lipstick towers can get pretty pricey. You can find them at Zahra Beauty, but they hold up to like 80 lipsticks! And I definitely need something that can hold a large amount. I wish they had an all clear one (I know, I'm obsessed with clear acrylic)
If you start running out of space, getting a cute, vintage looking cart like this is adorable and handy! I love everything about this from the flowers to the Eiffel Tower figurine. This is just YAAAASSSS in my book.
Now we'll get into the decorative accents. If you haven't gathered by now, I want my dream vanity to be white with gold accents. I was debating between white and black as well as silver and gold, but I feel like white and gold is just very classic and pretty.
Going along with the vintage theme of the cart above, this old phone with pearls wrapped around it is perfect! It screams CHANEL to me, I don't know why.
Speaking of Chanel, if you have an old perfume bottle that you just don't want to get rid of, repurpose it by making it into a cute vase and stick in on a round mirror. I am loving this!
More Chanel coming your way, along with YSL, Hermes, and Prada. Although I'm sure these aren't authentic, they're still super cute and they look easy to make if you're into DIY projects. These are a must have in my dream vanity. Maybe I'd even add a little bit of gold glitter to them :)
Oh look, gold glitter! Here are more candles that I'm in love with. I think these are just so cute and I'm sure these are easy to make as well! All gold errrrrythang, right?!
I'm just throwing DIYs at you left and right. Sorry ! But here's one where you can make a pearl vase with pearls, modge podge, and a tin can. Um, yes please! I will definitely be making this to put in my dream vanity
I know I've showed you similar candles to these already, but the focus in this picture is more on the Eiffel Tower than the candles. I want a gold Eiffel Tower in my dream vanity, but I want it to be bigger than the gold one that's in the picture.
These are seriously the exact colors I want in my dream vanity. White, gold, and a light pink. Yup, this is perfection in a picture. Plus I do love lists lol.
Anything initialed or monogramed is for me! This cute initialed tea cup and saucer on top of books is lovely! Definitely something I'd want in my dream vanity. I spy some Too Faced action going on ;)
Now for those of you that know me, you'd know my two favorite animals are Owls and Elephants. So I can't forget to incorporate them into my dream vanity because they make me happy! So here are a few ideas of what I would put in my vanity that are elephants or owls.
This throw pillow is adorbs! I need, where can I find it? Sign me up! I would probably put this on my vanity chair or if I decided to put a love seat in my vanity room, I would put this on it for sure!
This elephant ring holder, can we talk about it?! So stinkin' cute!
Oh, but wait, I couldn't let the owls feel left out! Here's an owl ring holder (I'd probably get both the owl and the elephant)
 I've actually really been looking everywhere for an elephant figurine like this. So this is definitely on my "to get" list. Cute idea to place it on top of books :)
In the right hand corner is an owl that I need in my life! It's so flippin cute! Although I would probably spray paint it gold if I couldn't find it in gold. Still frikin cute though!

So we've talked about figurines and such to fill up my vanity, but what about the walls?!

SMLxo (YouTube guru) has a mirror like this in her room and I fell in love with it. I need it NOW. So pretty, so modern. I need! 
I could probably just print pictures like this out and put them in a frame. But Chanel? Come on now, one of my favorite brands ever - not just cosmetics either. These are so appropriate to go in a vanity room.

I love the gold writing in this, but I would probably get a different quote, or different ones with different quotes since I have so many favs. But the gold with this pink flowers - just gorg. 
Here's another gold quote image. This one is sparkly, though. Definitely something that belongs in a vanity.

Here's another DIY project for you that I actually replicated myself (pictures below). If you don't want to go through the trouble of putting lipstick on and taking it off repeatedly I'm sure you could find these online somewhere like Amazon or Etsy. But all you have to do is get a piece of paper, put the lipstick on, kiss the paper (weirdest thing ever) and then frame it. You could also even do it on a canvas so you don't have to frame it. 
Here's my take on it (don't laugh, they're not perfect!) I haven't framed them yet because I haven't found frame I like yet, but I'll post the finished product when they're done.
 Well, those are all the ideas I've had for now. If you have any other ideas for me or know of places where I could purchase these things, I would love it if you would share. Just comment below or send me an email at!


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