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Showing posts with label Gerard cosmetics. Show all posts
Showing posts with label Gerard cosmetics. Show all posts

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dupe Alert!: LimeCrime Cashmere

Gerard Cosmetics is spitting out new lipstick shades like fire! They have come out with the ever so famous "greige" or grey/beige named Underground. For those of you that are no longer supporting LimeCrime, this looks like a very close dupe to LC's velvetine in Cashmere. 

Here is a swatch that @prettylittlemzgrace posted! Left is LC Cashmere, right is GC Underground.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick Sale

Gerard Cosmetics is having a sale on a four pack of their lipsticks! So hurry and grab the four you've been eyeing for awhile! The sale ends 3/26. I used to have all of their lipsticks until they started kicking out new ones like crazy. The ones I don't have are Kimchi Doll, Fairy Godmother, Rodeo Drive, Berry Smoothie, or Grape Soda. What ones are you buying?

Friday, March 13, 2015

Teeth Whitening 101

Some of you may have seen the picture above on my Instagram and you might be wondering what I'm holding and why is it glowing?! No worries, I'll get to that!

But first, as most of you already know, oral hygiene is extremely important. Once you lose your baby teeth and your adult teeth are all grown in - those are the only set you get, so it is important to properly care for them. Unless you want to end up with dentures, and hey, if that's your prerogative, go for it, I'm not stopping you! Do you, boo boo. 

I had clear braces when I was younger and after I got them off, my main goal was to keep a healthy, bright smile. Here's what I do to achieve a natural bright white smile. The first step is flossing. This is super important when it comes to oral hygiene as it reaches all the plaque you can't reach when brushing your teeth. Particles of food get stuck in your teeth all the time, sometimes without you knowing. So flossing is huge! I mean unless you like food just chillin' in your teeth, then you're good. 

After I floss, I use hydrogen peroxide. Yes, I know it sounds odd and gross - which it is, but this is really where the whitening comes from. For those of you that are still a little skeptical on this part, you can visit this website that explains all of this different things hydrogen peroxide can be used for, giving you a list of both benefits and negatives about the product. A fun fact for all of you is that hydrogen peroxide is used in the whitening strips. It is one of the major ingredients in them that whiten your teeth. Instead of spending $50 on whitening strips, grab yourself a $3 bottle of peroxide at the drug store *super save*!

To use the hydrogen peroxide, I typically take a cap or two full and swish it in my mouth for about 30 seconds to a minute. When I don't feel like having that bitter taste on my tongue, I'll take a Q-tip and dip it into the peroxide and almost paint it onto each individual tooth and leave it on for about a minute. Once I'm done with that I'll rinse. *Caution* I only do this part about once a week and sometimes once every other week as the hydrogen peroxide can damage the enamel on your teeth if used too often.

After rinsing out the peroxide with water, I'll use mouth wash to get the bitter taste out of my mouth. Lastly, I brush my teeth really well to get all of the plaque off of the surfaces.

As for the bright blue light in my picture above, that is something I use about twice a month. It is a product from Whitening Lightning called "Dial A Smile". It reatails for $99 but they typically have really great coupon codes. I believe I got mine for $29 during the holidays. You get a kit with the light (as shown in the picture), whitening gel in a syringe, and a whitening color wheel to see the difference in your smile. I use a Q-tip and paint the gel onto my teeth and then hold the light up to my mouth for about 15-20 minutes. I don't usually see a HUGE difference, maybe a shade whiter than my initial color. If you're looking for immediate results, this isn't for you. I would suggest my other method above. This is more of an over-time-results method. But they do also have a whitening pen that I heard works WONDERS, so I'm anxious to get my hands on that.



Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Gerard Cosmetics Lippie

Gerard Cosmetics has been popping out new lip colors left and right! A new one that is coming soon is "Grape Soda". It's one for the more daring beauties out there. I couldn't pull it off, but it is a deep purple color and sooo gorgeous. I think this would look really good on olive and deep skin tones. Gerard Cosmetics describes it as the "perfect POP of color" :) If you're debating on trying any Gerard Cosmetics lipsticks, I have a full review on 7 of their lipsticks here.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Lipstick Junkie: Gerard Cosmetics Review

I didn't know about Gerard Cosmetics/Whitening Lightning until recently when I started watching YouTube videos. I saw their lipsticks and wanted to try them! Originally when I saw them they only had 5 and at the time, they had a deal on their 5 pack. It was $95 for all 5, but with the coupon code I had, it brought it down to just $45! $50 off? I'll take it! Needless to say, I bought the 5 pack. Then about a month later they came out with 2 new shades (Buttercup and Cherry Cordial) and of course I had to have those, too, completing my set. Now I have all 7 of their lipsticks and I don't regret it one bit.

The package is a sleek, gold, bullet shaped tube. The lipsticks themselves are beautiful shades, but they're a bit hard to get on as they tug at the lips. The pigmentation is great in all of them and they're long lasting.

L to R: Nude, Buttercup, 1995, Tequila Sunrise, All Dolled Up, Fire Engine Red, and Cherry Cordial
My absolute favorite from these lipsticks and it is Buttercup! This is literally the perfect pink/nude I've ever seen and it's created by Jaclyn Hill! 1995 is also one of her babies, but I personally don't like it on my skin tone, it's a little too brown for me - still a pretty color though!
I've seen YouTube gurus such as Jaclyn Hill, Nicole Guerriero, SMLXO, and Carli Byble wear Fire Engine Red and it looks fabulous! Overall, these puppies are a YES in my book. Love, love, love! And they look pretty on my vanity in the lipstick holder I have, too :)

Score Card:
Packaging: A-
Coverage: A
Texture: B+
Colors: A
Pigmentation: A
Application: B
Price: A+
Overall: A


Blog Obsessed

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Merry Christmas: Gift Edition

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I hope "Santa" brought you everything on your wish list! I was more than blessed to receive everything that I did and to be able to afford everything on my wish list.

Please keep in mind, most of this stuff I started purchasing back in August so this is all just accumulated, not purchased all at once. The reason these were Christmas gifts is because my boyfriend made me a bet that I couldn't touch them until Christmas, so I had to hide them away for a bit. It was TORTURE, but needless to say I won the bet ;) #I'mCompetitive! and I also received a lot of things from my parents for Christmas.

Anywho, I debated on how to sort this and which to present first, but I've decided to present cosmetics first, then shoes/clothes/handbags, and last home goods/accessories. So here it goes!

Please note: I hope this does not come off in a bragging, show off way because that is not my intention. I am just excited to share these new goodies with all of my followers and it is sort of a preview for you of what reviews are to come. So please know that I am aware of how blessed I am to have been able to receive and buy all of these things.

*PS: I apologize for the awful lighting and images, I didn't know I would be doing this post until now after I had already thrown all the boxes away.*

*PSS: I won't be posting reviews on any of these things at the moment, but I will be soon, so stay tuned!*


 Pictured here is only most of what I received. I know it looks overwhelming because there is so much in one picture, but I will be breaking it down piece by piece.
Sonia Kashuk All That Jazz Holiday Brush Collection
Lorac Royal Lip Lustre Crème Collection: English Rose, Reign, Empress, Tiara, Fairytale, Princess, Your Highness, Majestic, Enchanted, Lady In Waiting, and Crown Jewel
Kat Von D Immortal Lash & Line Kit
Bobbi Brown Pink Glow
NARS Hardwire Blush in Almeria

Tarte Chic to Cheek Blush Set
L to R: Amour, Classic, Prim, and Daydream

Too Faced Bronzer Wardrobe
L to R: Milk Chocolate Soleil, Chocolate Soleil, Sun Bunny (duo), and Endless Summer

Bite Mix N Mingle Set (10 count)
L to R: Honey, Guava, Glace, Maraschino, Gavi, Lingonberry/Tangerine, Violet/Palomino, Tannin/Riesling, Fig/Date, and Poppy/Scarlet

Maybelline Mattes
L to R: Lust for Blush and Divine Wine

Too Faced La Belle Carousel
Mini Lip Injection gloss
Mini Glamour Gloss in Sex Pot (hehe)

L to R: Bite Mix N Mingle in Aubergine, NARS blush in Douceur, Bite Remix in Winterberry, Pomegranate, Rhubarb, and Sable

Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks in Lolita and Outlaw
Kat Von D Foiled Liquid Lipsticks in Adora, Forever & Never, Backstage Bambi, and Hellbent
Kat Von D Foiled Lipsticks in Adora, Beranice, and Valentine
Kat Von D Lipstick in A-Go-Go and Ritual

Bath and Body Works is like a tradition in my family for Christmas. My favorite Scents (as you can tell) are Sweet Pea and Cucumber Melon. I also received a new one I haven't tried Sugar Plum Dream.
Peter Thomas Roth Skinstant Mask Magic Set
Essie Nail Polish
Tarte Pearl Eyelash Curler

24 count acrylic lipstick holder
New for Christmas: 9 Tom Ford Mini Lipsticks from the Lips and Boys Collection: Holden, Ian, Olivier, Beau, Wes, Leonardo, Alexander, Alejandro, and Flynn
NARS Hardwire Lipstick in Adriatic and Deadly Catch
Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick Collection: Nude, Buttercup, All Dolled Up, Fire Engine Red, Cherry Cordial, Tequila Sunrise, and 1995
Tom Ford Lips and Boys Collection
Pictured are (clockwise): Alejandro, Beau, Alexander, Wes, and Flynn
Not pictured are: Leonardo, Holden, Ian, and Olivier


NUME 19MM Curling Wand


Beauty Blender Fantastic Four


Rocky Horror Picture Show Collection by MAC
Oblivion, Sin, and Frank N Furter


Glamglow Gift Sexy, Hourglass Veil Primer, NARS Lipstick in Deadly Catch, NARS Virtual Domination Palette, Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask Set, Boscia Little Black Book Face Mask Set, Bobbi Brown Bronze Glow, and Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner in Black
Boscia Little Black Book includes: Detoxifying Black Cleanser, Luminizing Black Mask, Revitalizing Black Hydration gel, and No Pores No Shine
Peter Thomas Roth 24K Gold Mask Set
24K Gold Mask, Instant Firm Eye, Camu Camu Powder, FirmX Peeling Gel, Anti-Aging Cleansing gel, and Un-Wrinkle Turbo

Lorac Mega Pro Palette


Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick in BauHau5



Charlotte Tilbury Makeup Bag


Vice LTD Palette
Let me just tell you about this palette quick. In September it was released for Sephora VIB Rouge members. At the time, I was not VIB (I am now - eeeeek) Within an hour this palette was sold out - GONE! Urban Decay brought it back only on their website. They released a date stating it would come out that day at 4 AM EST (since I'm on the East Coast) or 1 AM PST for all you West Coast beauties. So I stayed up until 4 AM my time release. I had no clue what was going on! So finally someone updated me and said the date had been pushed back last minute. So I stayed up until 4AM for NOTHING! Then I had the new release date and it was still going to be released 4 AM my time. So 4 AM comes around and it's still showing "out of stock" so I immediately thought it sold out and I freaked out. Come to find out Urban Decay made us find a loop hole just to get the darn thing. so needless to say I love it even more because it took me forever to get!
The Balm Cindy and Mary-Loumanizers
Me Now Liquid to Matte Lipstick in #22
Lorac Vintage Vixen (top) and Sultry Starlight (bottom)
NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams
L to R: Stockholm, Cannes , Istanbul, Tokyo, Milan, Prague, Monte Carlo, Copenhagen, and Trannsylvania
NYX Butter Glosses
L to R: Fortune Cookie, Crème Brulee, Tiramisu, Éclair, Devils Food Cake, and Raspberry Tarte
Too Faced Chocolate Soleil
Too Faced Chocolate Bar
Too Faced Eye Shadow Insurance

Chanel Camelia de Plumes Highlighter
If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with anything Chanel and this is my first beauty purchase by Chanel and I am so pleased with my choice!
Burberry Gold Glow Highlighter

Too Faced Everything Nice Palette and Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipstick Set (9 count)

Too Faced Everything Nice Palette
(Comes with pink glitter bag to put it in and 3 mini brushes)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Palette
(that's my couch in the mirror lol sorry - I warned you the pictures were awful quality)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tammana Palette

Too Faced Chocolate Bar
Lorac Royal Eyeshadow Collection: Queen, Countess, Princess, and Duchess
Smashbox On The Rock Lipstick Set
L to R: Legendary, Fig, and Primrose
Urban Decay Lipstick Stash (mini lipsticks)
L to R: Ladyflower, Crush, Gash, Illicit, Liar, and F-Bom

Too Faced Under The Mistletoe (full size lipsticks)
L to R: Shimmering Naked Dolly, Shimmering Marshmallow Bunny, Shimmering Spice Spice Baby

Stila In The Light

Stila In The Garden

Stila In The Moment


Maya Mia Palette by Anastassia

Urban Decay Shadow Box

Too Faced Melted Kisses Set - L to R: Nude, Peony, Fuchsia, Berry
 Stila One Step Correcting Primer
Tarte Pin Up Girl Blush Palette

Tarte Pin Up Girl Blush Palette
L to R: Breathless, Embraced, Whimsy, Bashful, and Irreplaceable
Too Faced Sugar and Spice Palette and Tarte Rainforest After Dark Palette

NYX Dream Catcher Palettes in Golden Horizons, Dusk til Daw, and Stormy Eyes

Lorac Pro 2
2 pair of suede wedge booties from Kmart
2 scarves from Charlotte Russe
Sunglasses, a cross body bag, and a ring from Aldo
Rebecca Minkoff Amorous Satchel in Black Cherry (it looks purple in the picture but I promise it's not) I have been eyeing this purse for the last few months and finally as a late Christmas/early Birthday gift, I received it! And instead of paying full price at $325, I got it for $163! Such a bargain for a beautiful purse. I was super lucky to have ran across the sale and so excited to have this baby as my new handbag!
2 iPhone6 cases in an owl and elephant (both of my favorite animals)
Purchased both of these beauties on JustFab (style name is Edlin)
Both of these boots were completely sold out in EVERY size for weeks until one day I checked back and they had in stock - JUST MY SIZE. I was ecstatic. AND to top it off, I got $40 boots for $15 each. Such a steal!
JustFab (style is called Lusanya)
2 pair of quilted flats from Old Navy
Home Goods
Shark vacuum cleaner
Kitchenaid Mixer
an Owl for my visor in my car (because I'm obsessed with owls)
Black and gold studded hand sanitizer holder for my purse
I hope you all enjoyed this ridiculously long post! I'm anxious to know what you all received for Christmas! Comment below :)
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