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Showing posts with label 2014. Show all posts
Showing posts with label 2014. Show all posts

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Best of 2014

As a request from one of my amazing followers, I will be posting the best products of 2014! I'm so thankful to have such amazing people following my journey with my blog and help with their suggestions! I will also be doing a personal favorites of 2014 so stay tuned :)

Most of these products are the most talked about, most popular, and the ones everyone tried/is trying to get their hands on. If you have any other suggestions, I'd love to know!

Cosmetics & Skincare:

NARS Audacious Lipsticks - $32
I need EVERY. SINGLE. ONE! The colors, the packaging, the formula - EVERYTHING about these lipsticks (other than the price) is AMAZING. You need them. All of them.

Beauty Blender
Because everyone swears by them

The Balm Mary-Loumanizer vs. Becca Opal
The most talked about highlighters!

Sonia Kashuk 15 Year Anniversary Brushes
These brushes were sold out at every Target. I had to literally call around just to find them. So many people were after these babies

Kat Von D Liquid Lipstick - Lolita
Every single person I know is after Lolita whether it's the old formula or the new one. This baby is always sold out. Get it while you can! I personally like the old formula better.

Amrezy Palette
Anastasia did it with this one! Sold out everywhere and everyone wants it! Bring it back for 2015!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade & Brow Wiz
Who doesn't use these? Or who hasn't tried them yet? I was just introduced to them this year. Although the technique is difficult to grasp at first, with practice, your brows will be "on fleek" in no time. *I just died a little saying that lol*

Too Faced Better Than Sex vs. Urban Decay Perversion
I personally lean more towards UD's mascara, but soooo many people are raving about Better Than Sex.

I've seen more people talk about this than I have anything else. They wanted to know how to use it, if it was worth it, etc. And everyone's response is always - you need it. I personally do not have it, YET, but I do plan to get it in the near future. Many people say that there isn't another cleanser that does what the Clarisonic does.

Estee Lauder Double Wear vs. Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk
I need both of these in my life and I'm almost positive these two are the most posted on Makeup Social!

YSL #10 - Beige Tribute
Another one I need in my life. The absolute perfect pink/nude!

Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner
A best seller at Sephora right now and the same brand I use. This stuff does. not. budge!

Colourpop Cosmetics
Everything is $5 and everything is amazing. From the pigmentation, the range of colors, and the price. Yeah, you need it. I'd also say this is probably the company that's had the most progress in 2014. Before a few months ago I had never heard of the company and now it's everywhere and everyone knows about it! Great job Colourpop! Kudos to you :)

Urban Decay Vice 3
The question of whether to get it or not to seemed to have been a theme with this palette. Many weren't sure, but ultimately everyone that did get it, ended up loving it!

Glamglow Masks
$70 for a 1 oz jar face mask?! You can't be serious....the reaction most people have....until they tried it. All four of them are great masks depending on your skin type.
Maybelline Matte Lipsticks
If you were one of the ones searching for that frosted purple cap at the drugstore, this is for you! Divine Wine, Touch of Spice, and Lust For Blush were and usually are ALWAYS sold out! These were a big hit! Kudos Maybelline. Stepping your game up, I see.

Fragrance & Smell Goods:

Giorgio Armani - Si
Hands. Frikin. Down.

Lush Bath Bombs
When ever I ask people on Makeup Social what to get from Lush, bath bombs are usually at the top of the list. You need them in your life.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Holiday Lookout: NARS & Lorac Royalty

Most of you may not know, but I'm new-er to the makeup world. I've always dabbled in makeup, but it was always mostly drugstore because I didn't have an Ulta or Sephora around me until a few years ago which is what really started my interest in high end makeup. This year is my first holiday where I'm aware of holiday collections and such so I'm super excited (and spending too much! Haha). I was just recently made aware (from the awesome blog Musings of a Muse) of NARS coming out with a holiday collection and I've seen sneak peaks of Lorac's Royalty collection. Here are some of the products I'm most looking forward to from these collections!

NARS Lipstick $26 each
Colors from Left to Right: Adriatic, Deadly Catch, Femme Fleur

These are seriously AHHH-MAZING colors for the holidays. I need these in my life!

NARS Virtual Domination Bronzer/Blush palette $65

I'm not positive of these colors yet, but I'm almost positive the bronzer is Laguna (which I've heard great reviews on!)

Lorac Royalty $38

So although these colors are very similar to each other, I need this set simply because I am royalty! Hellloooo Princess Shelby over here *insert crown emoji*. I'm a Queen in training ;) Regardless, I think this is such a cute idea! I think instead of the yellow it should have been deep purple, considering that's considered a royal color. But it's still adorable! 

Lorac Lip Lustre $25 each set

Apparently there are 3 sets; 1 will be sold exclusively at Ulta, another will be sold at Ulta, Kohl's, and Lorac, and the third one will be sold at HSN. My goal? Collect them ALL!  Below are the colors  for each set. The names of them are genius!
Set 1                                                                           Set 2
Tiara (Nude)                                                               Tiara (Nude)
Crown Jewel (Cherry Red)                                         Crown Jewel (Cherry Red)

Your Highness (Hot Pink)                                           Enchanted (Peach Nude)
Debutante (Exclusive to this Set, Warm Pink)               Reign (Berry)
English Rose (exclusive shade to this set, pale pink)      Princess (Pink)
Majestic (exclusive shade to this set, mauve)                 Empress (Pink Mauve)

Set 3:
Tiara (Nude)
Reign (Berry)
Your Highness (Hot Pink)
Lady in Waiting (Exclusive to this Set, Light Peach)
Royal Red (Exclusive to this Set, Red)
Fairytale (Exclusive to this Set, Coral)

Courtesy of Musings of a Muse (a great blog that always has up to date information about new cosmetic products and reviews!)

Thanks for viewing xoxo

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Holiday Collection and Lorac Review

Happy Saturday beauties! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend! Unfortunately I'm sicky and stuck at home trying to get better. BUT, on a good note, I received some goodies this week that I'm dying to review :)

I ordered the Lorac Pro 2 Palette from HauteLook. Retail price is $42 and I got it half off with a coupon code! The coupon code was NEW20SUMMER but I'm not sure if it's still able to be used. Wit HauteLook, you have to be patient because shipping takes awhile. And by awhile, I mean 3-4 weeks! Yikes. But I was willing to wait because I got it half off. Anywho, I was extra excited when I got it in the mail and I literally just tried the shadows out yesterday and they are extremely pigmented! This palette did not disappoint and it's worth the hype. I don't have the first Lorac Pro palette yet, but I think I like the colors in that one more than the second one because they're more neutral, but the second one is still amazing and I think it's a good Fall palette because of the deeper colors like the plum, navy blue, army green, and the rust color. It also came with a primer and a huge tube of mascara which I also tried yesterday and really liked!

I also purchased the Tarte Pin Up Girl blush palette, the Stila One Step Correcting Primer, and Too Faced's Melted Kisses set. I seriously have nothing bad to say about any of them! The Tarte blush palette is absolutely gorgeous and the clutch packaging is the cutest! It also comes with two bobby pins; one has pearls and the other has rhinestones. How frikin cute?! The colors I believe are limited edition, but they come in Breathless, Embraced, Whimsy, Bashful, and Irreplaceable. Seriously, go. get. this. NOW before it's gone. The picture below does absolutely no justice for how great these colors are!

The Stila One Step Correcting Primer is so lightweight! I got this for $20 for Ulta's 21 Days of Beauty when retail price is $36. Stila Steal! I love it so much, I think this is going to become my daily primer.

Too Faced's Melted Kisses holiday set I bought because I've heard a million things about them. Now, I know there is an L.A. Girl Lip Glaze that is super similar to these and a lot cheaper. Too Faced's Melted lippies run $21 for one! This set of four was $25 but they are miniature. A regular sized Melted lipstick is 0.4 oz and these are 0.16 oz each, so there's a big difference, but it's great if you're a first time buyer and just want to try a few out. And it's also great for a gift. I'm happy with this purchase and when I swatched them, the colors are to die for! My favorites are the nude and berry :) See the picture below for the swatches. Left is without the flash, right is with flash.

Thanks for viewing babes! 

Monday, August 25, 2014

Hot or Not: 2014 VMAS

So as most of America knows, last night was the MTV VMA's or the (Music Television Video Music Awards for those of you out of the country). I wanted to share with you the top 3 looks that I thought were the best and those that were well...not so great.


Queen Bey herself never disappoints and she was rockin' the all black look along with the fabulous maroon! Perfect fall colors since the season is approaching. The cut out and lace was icing on the cake! *round of applause for the baddest chick in the game*

Jennifer Lopez, DEAR GOD! I want to know what you sold to the devil to look THAT good at your age. This dress was giving me lifeeee! I absolutely adore sparkle, glitter, and diamonds and this dress was ON POINT! *Claps hands in syllables* Yess girl!

Demi Lovato was on FIRE in this red dress. Absolutely stunning! She always pulls off the classy look with a little bit of edge.


Taylor Swift, sweetie, what were you thinking? This just looks like a romper gone wrong. It kind of reminds me of a swimsuit from back in the day, only with long sleeves. Better luck next time T.Swizzy.

Amber Rose, did you not get the memo that this was a red carpet event and not an on stage, pole event? You should've saved that outfit for the strip club, or better yet, the bedroom for your man, Wiz! It's 2014 - classy honey, not trashy!

Katy Perry, I'm all for you being a risk taker but this Britney Spears look-alike all denim dress needed to stay back in the 90's. Not a good look.

Hope you all enjoyed viewing my favorite looks and the looks I wasn't too fond of. Let me know what you thought of these looks, or if you have other favorites you want to share, feel free!