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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Karuna Melting Boost Collection

Karuna is a prestige skin care brand sold at Sephora. They recently came out with a line called the Melting Skin Boost Collection. As shown above, they have the Clarifying, Brightening and Reviving masks; each one for different concerns. They retail for $12 a piece. 

Sheet masks have been a huge hit lately. They've been all over social media and all the YouTube beauty gurus have been loving them. I personally love them myself because they make me feel so luxurious and relaxed. 

These masks work a little differently than your normal sheet masks because there's an extra step to it. Before you put the sheet mask on, there is the spot melting boost. Basically you put this on the areas you're targeting and they do exactly what the name says, melts into the skin. After you apply the melting boost to the targeted area you can then put the sheet mask on and leave it on until the Boost dissolves. It's actually a genius idea. 

The clarifying mask is by far my favorite for obvious reasons if you know about my skin problems. I have an issue with acne and this mask is a spot treatment for acne. 
The brightening one is to even out your skin tone, brighten any dullness in your skin, and target sun spots if you have any. This mask is good for normal, oily and combo skin.
The Reviving duo is an anti aging mask and the spot treatment targets the eye area. According to Sephora's website, this one is good for all skin types. I love this one because putting the eye patches under my eyes makes me feel like I'm at a spa doing the ultimate pampering. Plus, who likes crows feet? Not me. So the more I can prevent it, the better.