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Monday, July 4, 2016

Jane Carter Solutions Revive & Repair Hair Mask Review

After going blonde, I didn't really take care of my hair like I should have so it's slightly damaged and I'm trying to get it back to being healthy again. Recently I've tried the Jane Carter Solutions Revive & Repair Hair Mask which is a deep conditioner.
Doing a deep conditioner once a week is super important to me because it just makes my hair feel luxurious. It makes my hair feel so soft, smooth and revived again. This mask costs $11 and you can find it on her website here. You leave this on your hair for about 10-20 minutes and then when you rinse it out it leaves your hair silky soft! 

This is what the product looks like inside. It's white and has a normal conditioner smell. Scents are always really hard to describe! But it's just slightly thicker than a normal conditioner. I would suggest this product to angone who's in the market for a new deep conditioner to try. I've personally nevwr heard of this brand before but I always like falling in love with new brands. They also have an entire line for all different hair types so definitely check out their website to see if your hair type is on there or if they have something to help with any hair issues you may have (i.e. Curly, frizzy, etc) .

Have you tried this brand before? What are your thoughts?

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