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Sunday, March 1, 2015

New From Makeup Forever

Makeup Forever has a new product on the shelves and it is one I think everyone will love. It is called "Step 1: Skin Equalizer" which is a primer. It retails for $36 each and is available on the Sephora Website as well as the Makeup Forever Website. There are 10 different primers to suit everyone's needs. Here is was Sephora's website has to say about what each of these primers do:
Mattifying Primer reduces shine.
Smoothing Primer evens the skin's texture.
Hydrating Primer restores skin's balance.
Nourishing Primer moisturizes and comforts.
Redness Correcting Primer neutralizes.

Radiant Primer Blue adds radiance to light skin.
Radiant Primer Pink adds radiance to light to medium skin.
Radiant Primer Yellow adds radiance to light to medium skin.
Radiant Primer Peach adds radiance to medium to tan skin.
Radiant Primer Caramel adds radiance to dark skin.

Top L to R: Mattifying, Smoothing, Hydrating, Nourishing, Redness Correcting
Bottom L to R: Blue, Pink, Yellow, Peach, Caramel

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