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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Let's Talk LimeCrime

The majority of you already know what's going on with LimeCrime and may have even seen the image above all over social media, but for those of you that don't, I wanted to make you aware. I know I have posted about LimeCrime in some of my previous posts, but I just want to clarify that I will not be supporting the brand or mentioning them after this post.

Doe Deere, the creator of LimeCrime, has had some very negative publicity. She's said some very racist remarks in the past (which she has later apologized for if I'm not mistaken) but that doesn't justify what she's said. And as of recently the company had a HUGE "security breach" where many people's credit card and personal information was stolen as well as hundreds and thousands of dollars out of their bank accounts. 

Now, I don't stay too up to date with all of the details, but I've seen bits and pieces here and there of how LimeCrime is handling the situation and I just feel like they didn't and aren't really handling it like they should. I don't think they're handling it in a professional manner at all. They pretty much swept it under the rug until it blew up in their faces and now a lot of people are furious and realizing money is missing from their account. There's even an Instagram account dedicated to boycotting LimeCrime. This company has just had a bunch of shady things going on for awhile now. LimeCrime and Doe Deere have been blocking people on Instagram and have since made their accounts private which I don't think is a smart business move. 
Kathleen Lights has also said their products aren't what they used to be, like the formulas don't have consistency. One time you can order a velvetine and it will be beautiful and you might order it again down the road and it will be a completely different color or maybe more watery than the other. Whether this security breach was their fault or not, it's just not a company I really want to spend my money on. Jaclyn Hill, Kathleen Lights, and many other YouTube beauty gurus have also written the company off via Snapchat, Twitter, Videos, and Instagram. 

There's also been talk that in the past they've taken other company's products and slapped their logo on it and sold it as it without altering it or making it their own. I've also been hearing the customer service is awful and shipping times are extremely long. I'm just going based off of what others have said their experience has been with the company because I personally do not own any LimeCrime products. 


I'm no LimeCrime expert, so I don't know everything that's going on and I'm not sure what's completely true and what's not because I've read so many articles but I just wanted to state that so you all are aware of what's going on. If you want more information on the company and the security breach, I would suggest googling the company. If you personally have any confirmed information please leave it in the comments for others to see, I'd appreciate it. 

Please note the images on this post are not my own, I researched images on Google. 
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