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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Affordable Fresh Face

Happy Spring everyone! Since today is the first actual day of Spring I decided to give you all options for a fresh face look. This one is the drugstore edition and I have posted a high end edition as well. When I think of a fresh face, I think of a very glowy, natural look so here are the products I would personally use for a fresh face. Beware there are tons of illuminating products! I put them in the order I would personally apply them, but if you apply your makeup in a different order, I'm all for it girl!

The first step is priming and this primer claims to blur and illuminate. So just in one product you're killing two birds with one stone; blurring out imperfections and giving your face that natural glow. 
Next I would apply foundation. This is the L'Oreal True Match Lumi, which again, gives you that dewy, luminous look. If you prefer a more matte foundation, but not completely matte, I would suggest the normal L'Oreal True Match. 
Then I would usually apply concealer to highlight the under eye area, giving you the appearance that you're more awake. I'd also highlight the bridge of my nose, forehead and chin.
To give yourself some warmth and definition to your face, bronze your temples and cheeks where you would normally contour. 
Add a little blush to your cheeks to add some color to your face. 
To give you that wet, dewy look, highlight with this NYX highlighter in Ritualistic right on the tops of the cheek bone, cupids bow, and brow bone. 

To brighten your eyes and make them look bigger and more awake. 
Put on some mascara to define your eyes.  

Fill in your brows, because you can't forget those! You can either fill them in with a pencil or just run a brow gel through them for a more natural look. 

Set your makeup with a dewy finish setting spray
Last, apply your lipstick to add some color to them.

What are your makeup must haves for a fresh face? 

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