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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Woman Crush Wednesday

Every girl has to admit that they have a woman crush, especially with so many beautiful women in the world. First off, I'm completely and utterly straight, these are just females that I admire for their style, makeup, and/or personalities. If a girl tells you they don't have a WCW, they're lying!

Adrienne Bailon
I've loved her since way back when she first started her journey in fame in 3LW and the Cheetah Girls. She is a beautiful woman (whose makeup is on pointtttt lately!) and she seems to have a radiant personality with a little feistiness to her.

Ariana Grande
Oh my goodness can we say in love? When she was on Victorious I absolutely loved her red hair but this grown up version of her is a million times better. She is sexy but classy and has an amazing singing voice. Um, can I be her?
Blake Lively
I first found out about this actress when I watched The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants when it first came out years ago. Then I followed her acting career onto Gossip Girl as the character "Serena" and fell in love with her. She's just a gorgeous blonde bombshell with a sense for fashion!
Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester)
You can't have Serena without Blair! I'm aware her real name isn't Balir Waldorf, but since I'm going in alphabetical order I thought I'd use her character name. This woman is beautiful with a wonderful sense of fashion and an attitude that will knock you off your seat.
 Chelsea Houska
I was rooting for her on Teen Mom because of the struggle she goes through with being a single mom. She's such a pretty woman with a silly personality plus she loves makeup and hair like me :)

Draya Michele 
A "FINE A** GIRL" to say the least. She has her own clothing line (Fine A** Girls). She is flawless and her makeup is done beautifully with a sexy fashion style.

Drita Davanzo
The baddest there is out there. She has a killer tongue and a mean right hook. She doesn't play games and she doesn't take sh** from anyone, plus she's gorgeous! She has her own makeup line (Lady Boss) which is so inspiring!

Erica Mena
Although I'm not a fan of her fly-off-the-handle personality and her rude mouth, there is no denying that she is a beautiful woman. The pictures speak for themselves.

Eva Longoria
I can only wish I look that good when I get to be her age. She is flawless and her sense of style fits me well. I loved her character Gabrielle on Desperate Housewives.

Eva Marie (WWE Diva)
Her makeup is always on point (I need to find out who her MUA is and steal them from her, lol). I love her red hair, it's so bold and looks so good on her! She has the body of a goddess and her wedding dress was incredible! 

Who are you WCW?!

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