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Saturday, February 21, 2015

What's On My Phone?

This one is going to be lengthy because I have quite a few apps on my phone so if you want to click the "x" now, I understand!

I saw a YouTube video like this and at first before I watched it I thought to myself, "Why would anyone care what's on your phone?" but once I finished it, there were some cool apps that I downloaded because of it. So I did this post in hopes that you all would get some ideas for new apps to try out! I do have a lot of apps on my phone that I rarely use, but here's what's on my phone!

I have a gold iPhone 6 and I loveeee it #TeamiPhone all the way!
The background on my phone is gold and very chic. It is an image from @PamHornDesigns on Instagram that I fell in love with. And at the bottom are my most used apps; just your basic Phone, Messages, Google, and Safari

My key board is also gold. Are you starting to see a theme here? Lol. And of course my battery was about to die, as usual.

Pictures & Utilities:
These both are pretty boring groups since all of these apps come with the iPhone: Camera, Photos, Videos, and FaceTime. Utilities:Clock, Notes, Calendar, Mail, Calculator, App Store, Settings, Weather, and Maps.

Entertain Me:
Here's where things get funny. These are all my games I have on my phone.

Dragonvale: My boyfriend actually got me into this game and it sounds like such a nerdy game to play (because it kind of is) and I used to make fun of him for playing it until I played it myself and now I'm addicted. The object of the game is to breed different dragons to try to get all of the dragons, but it's hard because they're always coming out with new ones. If you have this game and want to find me, my Dragonvale name is: shelbylynne_xo. I'm on level 60 (the last level) on this game and I have almost all of the dragons, except 9!
Dragonvale Breed: This is just a guide that goes along with the game.
Bubble Mania: The object of this game is to pop the bubbles with the same color and "free" the little baby cats at the top. I'm on level 143 on this game #nerd.
Candy Mania: This is like a spin off of Candy Crush and from what I've heard, Candy Mania was actually the first of it's kind before Candy Crush ever came out. I'm on level 122 on this game.
Candy Crush: The game everyone and their mom knows about lol. I'm on level 168 on this one.
Game Center: Came with the phone.
Diamond Dig: This is a game made by the creators of Candy Crush. This game you have a set amount of moves to either get to the bottom with a certain amount of points or to collect enough "toys". I'm on level 43.
Scramble: This is another one my boyfriend introduced to me. It's a game where you have to make as many words as possible in two minutes.
Guess Logos: This is game is exactly what the title says - guessing logos. I'm on level 29.
Deal Or No Deal: This is just like the TV show where you have to open certain cases and hope for low numbers in order to win a lot of money. I don't play this one too often.
Feud 2: This game is just like Family Feud on TV.
Trivia Crack: A lot of people have been hooked to this game lately but I don't really see the hype in it.
Spider: This is Spider Solitaire just like you would have on your computer.

This is where I have all of my social media

Twitter: @beautyandablog
Instagram: @beautyandablog
Makeup Social: @beautyandablog - Not a lot of you may know what this app is, but it is an app for MUAs and makeup enthusiasts to talk makeup. Love this app! I haven't been on it as often as I used to be, though.
Pinterest: @beautyandablogx
YouTube: I honestly don't even know my YouTube channel name! I have to figure that out soon once I start putting up videos lol.
Vine: @Shelby Lynne. Some of my favorite people from Vine are King Bach, Alx James, Jessica Vanessa, and TasiaAlexis
Shazam: I have no idea why that's under this category lol, but yeah.
Facebook: @Shelby Lynne (Beauty and a Blog)
Messenger: Facebook messenger since Facebook wanted to be annoying and make you get an extra app just to message people.
Between: This is a couples app where you and your honey can communicate through this app with cute little emojis. I mean, texting works, too, but this is just a cute app to have together.

I don't normally edit any of my pictures, but when I do, these are the ones I use. And I don't usually do any editing to my own pictures.

Whitagram: This shrinks your picture to fit in the square that Instagram has. So if you have a long or wide image, put it on this app and it will size it to fit the Instagram square.
A+ Signature: This is used for putting text on an image which I usually use for my blog images
Sparkle Booth: I don't use this too often, but it's to put sparkles on your images
Touch Blur: I use this to blur out backgrounds if there's a mess or just an ugly background lol
Pic Stitch: This is just used to make a collage of images
iWatermark: This is used to put a watermark on your image
Blemish HD: I use this when I have an obnoxious blemish

This is kind of just random stuff. Note: The blurred out image is my bank which is why it's blurred out lol.

Pink Pad: This keeps track of my monthly visit, if ya know what I mean. Ugh. The struggle is real ladies
TV Guide: This one is pretty obvious.

These are all the apps I use for my blog.

Blogger: This is where I post my images onto blogger when I'm not near my laptop.
Bloglovin': I haven't quite figured this out yet, but if you're on there, find me :)
Reminders: I haven't really started using this yet because I just got a super cute planner, but this is usually for things I need to post or ideas of topics to post about.
Latergramme: I use this to schedule posts to Instagram
Everypost: And this app is used to schedule posts to Facebook and Twitter
iMovie: I haven't used this one yet, but I plan to once I start making YouTube videos.

I hope you enjoyed these apps. If there are any apps that you think are must haves and I don't have it yet, please leave it in the comment below, I would love to check them out!
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