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Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day Outfit Guide

Stuck on what to wear for Valentine's Day tomorrow?! Fear no more! Here are some really great outfit ideas for you to get inspired! Whether you're going out on a hot date or staying in home alone, you can find a way to get into the spirit of Valentine's Day!
Spice it up with a red dress. Be vibrant a bold with this outfit! Pair it with some sexy heels and a clutch and you are on your way to a fabulous night while looking fabulous!
When in doubt, a little black dress is always the way to go! It simple, chic, and classy. Put some nude or black heels on and throw on some gold jewelry and your outfit is complete. How easy was that?!
Plan on going out but don't want to be over dressed? A pair of colored jeans, a peplum top, some cute flats, and jewelry will suffice! These looks are so cute and very wearable for anyone wherever you're going.
Still want something a little more casual? If you're going for a more casual look for Valentine's Day but still want to keep the spirit, make it fun by wear a sweater with hearts on it. Also, a t-shirt with hearts on it and a blazer or peacoat on top is adorable too! If you're not really into the hearts, wearing a pink or red top with some jeans will do, too.
Don't have any plans for Valentine's Day? Don't feel bad, not everyone does, and that's okay. But you can still get into the spirit! These slouchy sweaters are perfect for the occasion. Put some black leggings on and some slippers and just lounge around the house all day while looking cute.
I hope you enjoyed these looks! What do you plan on wearing for Valentine's Day?!

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