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Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine's Day Makeup Inspiration

Now that you've got your outfit picked out with the help of my Valentine's Day Outfit Guide, now how are you going to do your makeup?! Here are some images to give you some inspiration whether you're feeling daring or want a more soft and simple look.
The Reds:
Be bold with a gold smoked out eye and bold burgundy lips. This look is gorgeous for someone that doesn't mind being the center of attention ;)
Here is a similar look with a bold ombre lip and a softer smokey eye for those that just want their lips to be the center of attention.
Here is a more flirty eye with falsies and a dark ombre red lip. I know these are all really similar, but they're different in their own way!
A neutral smokey eye with a wing and true red lips. This is perfection! Seriously the perfect look. I'm in love.
The Pinks
Now on to the pinks! Here is a gold glitter lid with a smoked out outer V with a bold wing and pretty babydoll pink lips.

A pinkish purple ombre on both the lips and the eyes with a bold wing & falsies! This is beautiful.

Here is a more simple eye. Just a light pink lid with a transition color and highlighted brow bone and a wing with the focus on the Barbie pink lips.

Here is my absolute favorite look and of course it's by Jaclyn Hill! It is a very natural look with gorgeous glowing skin. I love the lip color and the eyes. Everything about this look is perfect. I would wear this everyday if I could! But it's a beautiful look for Valentine's Day.
Note: I do not own any of these images
Which looks are your favorites and which look will you be wearing tomorrow for Valentine's Day?!
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