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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentine's Day Gift Guide For Him

Okay so I already know what your immediate reaction is: it's all black, white, and grey. I know! I didn't mean for it to be that way, it kind of just happened. So just go with me on this one, okay? Lol. So ladies, we all know that guys are hard to get for because they usually don't ask for much or they really don't need much. They don't wear makeup, they don't have to do their hair, so the only thing that really leaves is clothes, electronics, and some jewelry, and smell goods.
If your man is a gym rat or just likes music in general, the wireless Beats by Dre are perfect!  I know they're a little pricey, but there are some other headphones similar to these out there that are wireless such as the brand "Pyle" who has wireless headphones for $35.
A man should always smell good so why not splurge on some cologne? The one pictured is Gucci Guilty Pour Homme which ranges from $55-$113. If you're not in the market for something so expensive, department stores or drug stores have perfume sets that are probably cheaper.
A man that wears a watch tells me that he is not only stylish, but also has important things to do. It's an indication of determination (say that 5 times fast!) I think a nice black watch is perfect for almost every outfit. The one pictured is an Armani Exchange watch. It isn't on the website because it's an old model, but their watches typically range from $180-$240. All watches are pretty pricey so the only other place I could suggest getting a cheaper watch from is probably Walmart.
My boyfriend can go through socks like it's his business. He's always very active so his socks get gross QUICKLY. So ladies, if your significant other is anything like mine, stock up on socks!
With socks, come shoes. My boyfriend is an absolute sneaker head. He would choose sneakers over clothes any day. Some would probably say he's worse than a girl. He loves his Jordans and basketball sneakers like KD's and Kobe's. He'd probably buy like 20 pair a month if I'd let him. (Rant: he scolds me for buying so much makeup but his shoe addiction is like 3x the amount of money that my makeup is! End rant lol) Anyways! New shoes are nice for guys too!
Lastly, it's been a pretty cold winter and I'm sure many of you have got a lot of use out of your hoodies and North Face's so why not grab him a new North Face to stay warm?
If all else fails, just cook him some dinner. I mean, a way to a guy's heart is through his stomach, right?!
I know a lot of this is more practical than romantic, but if you want to get romantic; make him a card or a list of 365 reasons why you love him (one for each day in a year). I actually did this for my lover boy for our one year anniversary. I wrote them all down and then put them into a jar that I decorated. He loved it! Guys  just don't really have use for things like that so that's why I went the more practical route. If you want to see a post on romantic ideas for your loved ones, let me know and I'll definitely post it because I have tons of ideas!
Hopefully your significant other loves what you get him! Leave your gifts in the comments below, I can't wait to hear what you decide on.
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