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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Spotlight: Underground Makeup Companies

There are so many makeup companies out there it's not even funny! I hate to admit this, but I was the person that thought there was drugstore makeup and then there was MAC.....and that was it. I thought MAC was the end all, be all makeup brand and there were no others that topped it. Oh how wrong I was! Just this past year (2014) I started dabbling into the makeup world and experimenting with different brands that most of them I've absolutely fallen in love with! I feel like a lot of underground makeup brands don't get the recognition they deserve. So here are cosmetic brands that not too many people know about that I've found that I've either tried, or I'm wanting to try!

1. Trucco Lashes
I know this is a lash company and not a makeup company, but let me just say that I am in loveee with their lashes. The quality, the customer service, just bomb dot com. And I am affiliated with them, I just want to be upfront with all of you, but that is my honest opinion of this company. A social media friend of mine who has a YouTube channel (andrea_honey20) expressed in one of her videos that she had some issues with receiving her lashes from Trucco and she had a hard time getting ahold of them as they were out of the country at the time. So they refunded her money plus sent her 2 free pair of lashes. Like that is bomb customer service in my eyes. So Trucco, you the real MVP. And shout out to Andrea_Honey20! Hey girl!! If you're interested in some new lashes, use coupon code: BLOGOBSESSEDXO for 27% off of your 3D lashes + FREE shipping!

2. Pretty Zombie Cosmetics
The only products they have at the moment are liquid lipsticks (which are all the rage right now) and they look gorgeous! I can't wait to try this brand and they're really affordable, too! They're $12 a piece! They also claim they are vegan & cruelty free for those of you that are only interested in those cosmetic companies.

3. Melt Cosmetics
The only product I have from this company is their "Dark Room" lipstick that was limited edition a few months back, but thankfully they brought it back and is now permanent. It's a company I had never heard of until a few months ago and I think it's wonderful. They just expanded their collection from just lipsticks to eyeshadows, too now.

4. Makeup Monsters
The lipsticks are what really jump out at me from this company. They also have liquid lipsticks, but their regular lipsticks look just as good! The regular lipsticks are $13 and their liquid lipsticks are only $14!
5. Makeup Geek
Everyone and their mother have their eyeshadows and brushes and I can see why. The quality is off the wall and the price is just right. I'm obsessed with their foiled eyeshadows and if it's any consolation, Jaclyn Hill raves about this company.

6. Morphe
This is another company Jaclyn Hill obsesses over, especially their brushes. I am dying to get my hands on the G6 brush! Jaclyn Hill also came out with a limited edition eyeshadow palette with all of her favorite shadows from Morphe that pretty much broke the internet lol. Sorry Kim K, Jaclyn Hill is the real internet killer.

7. Bitch Slap! Cosmetics
The name of the company itself is pretty bold so you can only expect this company to have a very edgy vibe which you'll either love or hate. I personally love it and they have tons of products from cosmetics to tools to jewelry on their website. It's definitely worth checking out.

8. Colour Pop
This company is getting mentioned everywhere lately and it's starting to become a really popular company. I foresee them being displayed in cosmetic stores shortly! I did a Colour Pop Review awhile back before they even came out with their lippie stix and now they just came out with blushes so this company is just taking off in a phenomenal way, I am so impressed! They also teamed up with Kathleen Lights and Shaaanxo for some of their products.

9. Lime Crime
I know there is a tonnnnn of controversy on this company and I won't go into too much detail on it because I have in a previous post. If you're interested you can google the company or see the post here. But aside from all the craziness, they make great products and people want them so hey, why not?! All the YouTubers have Lime Crime lipsticks and velvetines so I think they're at least worth a shot. There must be something good about the company that keeps these people buying more.

10. Sugar Pill
I haven't heard too much on this brand, other than their loose pigment in Goldilux is super popular, but otherwise, I'm in the dark on this brand. If you have any insight on them or opinions, please leave me a comment :)

What are some underground, or "indie", makeup brands that you've heard of or have tried that are worth it?!

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