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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Step by Step Highlight & Contour

A couple days ago I posted about highlight & contour products. Okay, so you have the tools, but what now what do you do with them? A lot of you may have questions on how to achieve a contoured face. I know you have all seen the crazy looking images out there with the harsh lines of bronzer and highlighter all over the face, but how many of you actually know what it's for? That's why I'm here to help!
Below are two images of Nicole Guerierro with her face highlighted and contoured before blending. These images were screen shot from her video How To Highlight and Contour where she shows you the left half of her face in drug store products and the right half of her face in high end products. Please note that people highlight and contour many different ways, so this is not the only way to highlight and contour, it's just a good reference.
For those of you that don't know, highlighting is a technique to accentuate specific areas of your face and to help bring specific areas forward whereas contouring is the opposite. Contouring is to almost hide certain areas or push them back. It is basically a way of creating the illusion that your face is exactly how you want it to be (i.e. high cheek bones, smaller forehead, smaller nose) So what are all these lines of bronzer and blotches of highlighter all over her face?
First, let's start with the bronzer. The 3 lines on the sides of her forehead, once blended, will make her forehead appear smaller than it is. The lines down the bridge of her nose will make her nose appear slimmer than it is. The slanted line in the middle of her face going from her ear to the middle of her cheek is to make her cheekbones look higher and her face look slimmer. The lines on her jaw and chin, as shown in the image of her side profile, will make her jaw appear more chiseled and if she has a double chin, it will make the illusion that there is no double chin. 
The highlighter on the other hand, as mentioned above, are the things you want to stand out. The spot in the middle of her forehead is to accentuate that part of her forehead. The line of highlight (or concealer) down the middle of the bridge of her nose is to make it look like that is . The triangular shape underneath her eye is to conceal dark circles and make her under eye area appear bright, making her look more awake. The highlight line just under her cheek bone is called a reverse contour, not everyone does this, but this is to make your cheek contour stand out and look more defined. The small spot on her chin is to make everything kind of go together. If her chin was all bronzed out, it would look a little odd. You need to balance your face so highlighting your chin gives you that balance. 
Quick tip: When using bronzer, be sure it's a matte bronzer and not a shimmery one. A matte bronzer is meant for contouring. A shimmery bronzer will make your face just look muddy and your face will appear more full, giving you the opposite effect of contouring.
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