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Monday, February 2, 2015

Sale! Mink Lashes

A few months ago I was on Makeup Social and as I was scrolling down the newsfeed I came across a sale on mink lashes for a company named Trucco Lashes. They are a company that is based out of Atlanta, Georgia and prides themselves on having 100% mink hair lashes and each pair can be worn up to 30 times! I've never heard of the company prior to this and I've never owned mink lashes before and my thought process is always, "It's on sale, why not?!" So of course I bought a pair. Then a couple weeks later Trucco Lashes was having another sale and I bought two more pairs because I loved the first pair so much. At the time, their website only had 4 pair available. Now, they've really expanded their collection and they even have 3D lashes now which are beautiful! I actually have a special coupon code to give to you for the 3D lashes ;)

Right now I own the styles Eso, Isis, and Goddess and I am absolutely obsessed. I like my lashes to look a little more natural so these styles fit me perfectly. Eso lashes are the most natural and then Goddess and Isis are a little bit more dramatic which is perfect for special occasions or night time. They're all super soft, too! The customer service is impeccable and they are so sweet. They offer world shipping which is awesome for all of you international beauties!The website is easy to navigate and the packaging is a beautiful pink box for each pair of lashes with pretty script on the front that says "Trucco Lashes".

They have a sale running at the moment where 5 pair of their lashes are on sale for just $12.00 each! BUT, that's not all! I have a coupon code for 27% off of the 3D lashes with FREE shipping! There is a 2 limit coupon use per person. Use code: BlogObsessedXO when you checkout and you are good to go!

Happy shopping to all my beautiful views and a huge thank you to Trucco Lashes!


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