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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Past Hair Trends

Most of the time, when trends change, you don't really notice it's happening. One day something's really popular and an hour later it's on to the next big thing. It's really interesting to take a look back in time and see what used to be popular then as opposed to what's popular now. Sometimes you have to think to yourself, "What were they thinking?!" and other times you wish the trends would make their way back around, like they always do.

Flappers were popular back in the 1920's with their short bobs.

Finger waves became popular in the 30's which I think is such a classic, pretty way to do hair. 

When you think 1940's and 50's, pin up girls with beautiful victory rolls come to mind. Marilyn Monroe is an icon that comes to mind when 1950's are mentioned.

In the 60's, they must have believed the quote, "The higher the hair, the closer you are to heaven" because beehive hair was super popular. Thankfully that faded.

A middle part with either pin straight or wavy hair was popular in the 70's and sometimes the "hippies" would throw on a headband.

In the 80's it was all about teased hair with tons and tons of hair spray, think Madonna. I am so glad I missed that era. 

The 90's was Jennifer Aniston's year to shine with her famous "Rachel" hair cut that everyone wish they could get. 

I personally think of Kim Kardashian when I think of the 2000's with the big, loose curls and a middle part.

My favorite hairstyles are from the 40's, 50's, and 2000's.

Which were your favorite years?

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