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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Our First Date & First Kiss

Happy Valentine's Day my little love bugs! I hope you all have a wonderful, romantic and relaxing day today! Since today is Valentine's Day, I thought I would share with all of you my first date and my first kiss with my boyfriend. I don't normally talk about my personal life because I like to keep my blog focused towards makeup, fashion, and my opinions on certain products, but since today is technically a "holiday" I figured I'd share :)

Our first date was at a drive-in theater in June of 2011. If I'm not mistaken we went to go see Hangover 2 and Bridesmaids (it's been awhile lol). We went with three of my friends, so it was me him, another couple, and another friend of mine (fifth wheelin' it haha). One of my friends was driving and we got lost so we were a little late getting there. When we got there, he tried to be a gentleman and pay for me and I wouldn't let him, until my friends yelled at me and told me to let him pay. After that craziness, we found a parking space and laid blankets down on the grass. Since we were late, we missed most of the first movie so we just talked the rest of that movie. We had wonderful conversation and sparks were flying as well as butterflies fluttering. 

I was lying on my back looking up at the stars and he was leaning over me looking at me as we talked. I saw a flash go by and I looked at him and said, "oh my god I just saw a shooting star!". He looked at me and said, "Make a wish," and kissed me! It was the most romantic thing ever and I still get butterflies 'til this day thinking about it. He later asked if I was hungry and I said no, but he was hungry so we walked over to the snack bar together.

By the time we got back, the second movie was starting. When it was time to leave, it had gotten really foggy out and my friend is a crazy driver to begin with and I'm not fond of cars due to a previous car accident, so a crazy driver + fog = now I'm scared. It wasn't fun lol. But I will say, he earned extra bonus points by comforting me. He knew I was scared/nervous, whatever you want to call it, so he put his arm around me, grabbed me close, held me and told me it was going to be okay. Sweetest thing EVER! Could he get any cuter?! Jeeze. And since that date, we didn't go a day without talking. It was the perfect first date. Now almost four years later and we're still together :)

I'm curious to know what your first date was with your hubby! Leave it in the comments :) 
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