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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

MAC is Beauty

According to Trendmood, MAC's new collection is launching March 26th and it is beautiful for Spring and Summertime that is just around the corner!

Highlights - pale peach (Lustre)
Real Redhead - mauve nude (Lustre)
French Twist - light pinky nude (Lustre)
Notice Me - pale lilac (Lustre)
Call the Hairdresser! - rosey mauve (Lustre)
Diva-ish - intense fuchsia (Amplified)
Reel Sexy - bright coral (Amplified)
Beauty Shoppe - bright white pink (Matte)
Make Me Gorgeous - intense coral pink (Lustre)
Real Doll - pale peach nude (Lustre)
Catty - light creamy pink (Lustre)
Ivy - fresh leaf green
Looking Good - sparkly burgundy
Deliciously Rich - shimmering dirty taupe
Lowlights - deep brown
Midnight Snack - deep metal grey
Our Secret - metallic brown with red pearl
Blacktrack - blackest black
Blitz & Glitz
Brassy - brassy gold
Silverstroke - silver
Shade - deep green
Blue Peep
Beauty Powder:
Alpha Girl
Pearl Blossom

Yogurt (Matte)
Preening - pale mint green shimmer (Shimmer)
Wow Factor - lilac (Shimmer
Bouffant - pale peach shimmer (Pearl)

Fashion Scoop
On The Scene
Japanese Spring * Star Quality

Chromographic Pencil:

Eye Kohl:
Fascinating (Matte)
I Get No Kick (Metallic)

Pen Ultimate Eyeliner:
Rapid Black

Nail Laquer
To Die For - pale peach (Cream)
French Tipped - pale pink (Cream)
Doll Me Up - pale mint green (Cream)

267 Curved Angle Brush
221 Mini Tapered Blending Brush
137 Long Blending Brush

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