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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Game Changer!

Can we all agree that Anastasia Beverly Hills changed the contour game with her contour kit? Okay, but THIS is really the game changer. Like I can't even contain my excitement! How many of you have seen your MUAs or YouTube gurus with this contour book? It will be available to the public on February 10th for a super limited time! Please lawwdddd don't let this sell out before I get my hands on it. Like what?! Is this real life? How many of you are also excited about this? It retails for $100 which isn't a bad price for this and from what I've seen it's pretty big! But OMG!

EDIT: ABH changed the price from $100 to $150. I don't know how a company can just change the price after already releasing the announcement but okayyyy. I mean I feel like $100 was reasonable and $150 is a little pricey but is anyone still interested after the price increase?


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