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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Addressing the Elephant

aztec elephant | SamyRoad
Okay let me address the big elephant in the room. You've all probably been noticing some differences in my blog and the reason that is, is because I finally took the step to getting my own domain name which I am ecstatic about! I am no longer Blog Obsessed XO, but I am now Beauty and a Blog - for good! What do you all think of the new name? Do you love it, hate it, wish I would have stuck to the old one, glad I made the switch? Let me know your thoughts in the comments, I'm eager to read them! I am personally really happy with the change but I've had some technical difficulties along the way, so bear with me during this new journey as I'm still learning every day.

I do want to let all of you know that if you do accidentally use my old URL, do not panic! It will still direct you to my new domain So either way, you're safe :) I hope you all love the new change because I certainly do!
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