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Saturday, February 28, 2015

A New Highlighter On The Rise?

Becca Cosmetics is well known for their amazing highlighters (mainly Opal - but they're all amazeballs). They posted a sneak peek of a new product they're coming out with and the packaging is absolutely gorgeous. I'm literally dying! They hashtagged #blushedcopper so one can only assume that is the name lf the highlighter. There is beautiful rose gold packaging and there is even a brush to match (sold separately). They haven't posted details as to when it will be released but they said "their fans will be the first to know"! That's exciting. I will be rushing to Sephora to snatch this baby up. What about you?! 

Too Faced Melted Metal Lipsticks

I love the original Melted lipsticks from Too Faced so I'm interested to see what these Too Faced Melted Metal lipsticks look like! I can't wait for them to release. I will post more information and hopefully swatches soon! 

What are your thoughts on this?! 

And The Winner Is...

Congratulations to Vicki Bolen. Please email me your mailing address to I will be sending out your package on Monday! I can't wait for you to recieve it. I hope you enjoy :) 

Thank you to everyone who participated and a huge thank you to e.l.f cosmetics for making this giveaway possible. 
I will continue having more special giveaways for my wonderful followers in the future so stay tuned !

Friday, February 27, 2015

Burberry Camo Eyeshadow Palette

Is anyone else obsessed with camo print? This is an eyeshadow "palette" from Burberry that is coming soon! This palette would be perfect for a smokey eye!I will keep you updated on the details as far as release date and price.

Last Day for the Giveaway!

Hi everyone! T.G.I.F for all you working beauties out there! I hope to make your weekend even better with this giveaway. Today is the last day to enter. I will be closing the giveaway at 11:59 PM EST so get your entries in before it's too late! To find out how to enter, please visit my previous post explaining the rules by clicking here. If interested in a review on these products, I have a full review on all 10 of them. In case you missed it, click here!
I will be announcing the winner sometime Saturday, so be sure to check back!
Also, don't forget to subscribe to my blog by clicking the "g+1" under my "About Me" on the right hand side!
Thank you all for being such loyal followers!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

e.l.f. Brushes Coming Soon

3 new beautiful brushes coming in March; one for contour, blending, and brows! These drugstore companies are really stepping their game up! No other details yet but I'll keep you updated! Their brushes normally go for around $3 so lets hope they kept that price point for these beauts. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

e.l.f. Giveaway Review

As many of you already know, I am hosting a giveaway. I am so thankful towards e.l.f. for being so generous for giving me one of these bundles to test out and review, as well as a bundle to give away to one of my wonderful followers because you deserve it! This wouldn't be possible without them! This giveaway is US ONLY. To find out how to enter, click here! The giveaway ends on February 27th at 11:59pm EST and I will be announcing the winner February 28th. I will be sending the lucky winner their prize on March 2nd. If you have any other questions, feel free to e-mail me at: As promised, I will be reviewing all 10 products that I am giving away. I've had about a good week and a half to play with the products, so lets get started!

The first thing I noticed off the bat is e.l.f. packaging is super similar to that of NARS packaging, except the texture. And many of you know NARS is my favorite high end brand. The only reason the e.l.f. packaging is larger is because it is a duo whereas the NARS is just a single blush.

This blush and bronzer duo is called Fiji. In the picture the blush looks a little more coral than what it is, but they are both extremely pigmented and blendable. I was seriously blown away by this! Good start.

Next up is their blush brush which I fell in love with. I've heard a lot of YouTube gurus talking about this, like Kathleen Lights and now I can see why. It's so soft and tapered just enough to apply blush or to highlight. I've been using this brush non-stop!

 I've actually used this product prior to receiving this bundle, and I was actually running out so I'm glad they included this because this is my favorite lip exfoliator ever! My favorite part about it is the fact that it is in a tube and in a lipstick form rather than a loose sugar scrub. I do want to let you know that it works best when you apply water to your lips first and then exfoliate with this. It also has a very sweet taste to it.


I thought I was going to really love this lipstick because I'm in love with the color. It is called "Cranberry", but it's a little on the sheer side so if you want full opacity you really have to build up the color. Another thing I wasn't entirely pleased with is the fact that it settles into all of my lines in my lips.  

Luckily if you pair the lipstick and this gloss in "Luke" it gives you the full pigmentation that most people look for. This has like a flat top applicator and it is super pigmented. When I put this on top of the lipstick I was extremely surprised at how opaque it is. I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of it out of the packaging!

 This mascara definitely makes your lashes darker, but I didn't notice too much volume which is usually what I aim for. It did make my lashes a little longer, but nothing drastic. I would say this is more for natural makeup days.

I'm not usually "wowed" by drugstore eyeshadows (other than the L'Oreal Infallible ones) because I usually tend to buy high end eyeshadow palettes and steer away from drugstore shadows, but this palette is just WOW. You can see how pigmented they are in the swatches below and the colors are just to die for. I wish they would come out with matte ones because these are just beautiful. They are creamy, pigmented, blendable and affordable. What more could you ask for? It does come with a sponge applicator, but the little divot where it sits is large enough to put your own brush in there.
I don't change my nail polish too often just because I find it to be a hassle, but I did do my nails before going on vacation with the pale pink color on the bottom left. My first thought was that they were going to be sheer and not long lasting, but boy was I wrong. This is the first pale pink where I didn't have to apply a million layers to get my desired color and it's lasted me 10 days with only one nail chipping. That's a keeper! And the color selection is just gorgeous. They included colors for every season. Love this!

The texture of this is very different than that of anything I've tried before so I was a little weary on using it at first, but it's actually a wonderful product. I get oily in my T-zone and it really took the shine away 

I actually do have frequent breakouts unfortunately so this baby came in handy. I pretty much used it as a spot concealer before I applied my foundation and my blemishes looked like they didn't even exist. I was pleasantly surprised with this product and it even comes with its own brush!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

New From NYX

Turn your lip colors from their regular colors into a deep, vampy color with just the application of this new top coat from NYX. Available no on their website for $6.00 USD. WIsh your red lipstick was a little darker, glide this on top of your lipstick and viola, there you have it. Want a deeper pink? Use this over top and you've got a dark, vampy pinkish purple. it's like you have a whole new lipstick without purchasing another one. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Red Carpet Beauty Blender Review

I have had my eye on this beauty since it came out. I absolutely love red and this is just so pretty! BUT I already have the pink Beauty Blender, the black one, and the micro-mini so I couldn't really justify getting another one. So while traveling, I accidentally forgot my Beauty Blenders on my vanity and voilĂ , I now had an excuse to pick this baby up! I was a little hesitant because I heard the dye bleeds out, but I grabbed it at Sephora anyway.

*Note: I only used this and cleaned this once because I have other Beauty Blenders to compare it to, but normally when I review something I use it for about 2-3 weeks to get a good feel for it*
So here are my thoughts: I love that it is red, point blank, period.  It comes in the same packaging as all of the other Beauty Blenders, except it has a special sticker to indicate it's the "Red Carpet" one. While dampening it for the first time, it did bleed a tiny bit, but nothing drastic - I actually think my pink one bled also the first time I used it, so no big deal. It applies makeup the same way, it cleans the same way, it's just a little bit harder than the original Beauty Blender, not as soft. When I cleaned it after using it once, it bled a little more the first few times I rinsed it, but after that it stopped. Overall, I love this Beauty Blender, I just wish it didn't bleed because I want it to keep it's color. Otherwise, it's great.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

What's On My Phone?

This one is going to be lengthy because I have quite a few apps on my phone so if you want to click the "x" now, I understand!

I saw a YouTube video like this and at first before I watched it I thought to myself, "Why would anyone care what's on your phone?" but once I finished it, there were some cool apps that I downloaded because of it. So I did this post in hopes that you all would get some ideas for new apps to try out! I do have a lot of apps on my phone that I rarely use, but here's what's on my phone!

I have a gold iPhone 6 and I loveeee it #TeamiPhone all the way!
The background on my phone is gold and very chic. It is an image from @PamHornDesigns on Instagram that I fell in love with. And at the bottom are my most used apps; just your basic Phone, Messages, Google, and Safari

My key board is also gold. Are you starting to see a theme here? Lol. And of course my battery was about to die, as usual.

Pictures & Utilities:
These both are pretty boring groups since all of these apps come with the iPhone: Camera, Photos, Videos, and FaceTime. Utilities:Clock, Notes, Calendar, Mail, Calculator, App Store, Settings, Weather, and Maps.

Entertain Me:
Here's where things get funny. These are all my games I have on my phone.

Dragonvale: My boyfriend actually got me into this game and it sounds like such a nerdy game to play (because it kind of is) and I used to make fun of him for playing it until I played it myself and now I'm addicted. The object of the game is to breed different dragons to try to get all of the dragons, but it's hard because they're always coming out with new ones. If you have this game and want to find me, my Dragonvale name is: shelbylynne_xo. I'm on level 60 (the last level) on this game and I have almost all of the dragons, except 9!
Dragonvale Breed: This is just a guide that goes along with the game.
Bubble Mania: The object of this game is to pop the bubbles with the same color and "free" the little baby cats at the top. I'm on level 143 on this game #nerd.
Candy Mania: This is like a spin off of Candy Crush and from what I've heard, Candy Mania was actually the first of it's kind before Candy Crush ever came out. I'm on level 122 on this game.
Candy Crush: The game everyone and their mom knows about lol. I'm on level 168 on this one.
Game Center: Came with the phone.
Diamond Dig: This is a game made by the creators of Candy Crush. This game you have a set amount of moves to either get to the bottom with a certain amount of points or to collect enough "toys". I'm on level 43.
Scramble: This is another one my boyfriend introduced to me. It's a game where you have to make as many words as possible in two minutes.
Guess Logos: This is game is exactly what the title says - guessing logos. I'm on level 29.
Deal Or No Deal: This is just like the TV show where you have to open certain cases and hope for low numbers in order to win a lot of money. I don't play this one too often.
Feud 2: This game is just like Family Feud on TV.
Trivia Crack: A lot of people have been hooked to this game lately but I don't really see the hype in it.
Spider: This is Spider Solitaire just like you would have on your computer.

This is where I have all of my social media

Twitter: @beautyandablog
Instagram: @beautyandablog
Makeup Social: @beautyandablog - Not a lot of you may know what this app is, but it is an app for MUAs and makeup enthusiasts to talk makeup. Love this app! I haven't been on it as often as I used to be, though.
Pinterest: @beautyandablogx
YouTube: I honestly don't even know my YouTube channel name! I have to figure that out soon once I start putting up videos lol.
Vine: @Shelby Lynne. Some of my favorite people from Vine are King Bach, Alx James, Jessica Vanessa, and TasiaAlexis
Shazam: I have no idea why that's under this category lol, but yeah.
Facebook: @Shelby Lynne (Beauty and a Blog)
Messenger: Facebook messenger since Facebook wanted to be annoying and make you get an extra app just to message people.
Between: This is a couples app where you and your honey can communicate through this app with cute little emojis. I mean, texting works, too, but this is just a cute app to have together.

I don't normally edit any of my pictures, but when I do, these are the ones I use. And I don't usually do any editing to my own pictures.

Whitagram: This shrinks your picture to fit in the square that Instagram has. So if you have a long or wide image, put it on this app and it will size it to fit the Instagram square.
A+ Signature: This is used for putting text on an image which I usually use for my blog images
Sparkle Booth: I don't use this too often, but it's to put sparkles on your images
Touch Blur: I use this to blur out backgrounds if there's a mess or just an ugly background lol
Pic Stitch: This is just used to make a collage of images
iWatermark: This is used to put a watermark on your image
Blemish HD: I use this when I have an obnoxious blemish

This is kind of just random stuff. Note: The blurred out image is my bank which is why it's blurred out lol.

Pink Pad: This keeps track of my monthly visit, if ya know what I mean. Ugh. The struggle is real ladies
TV Guide: This one is pretty obvious.

These are all the apps I use for my blog.

Blogger: This is where I post my images onto blogger when I'm not near my laptop.
Bloglovin': I haven't quite figured this out yet, but if you're on there, find me :)
Reminders: I haven't really started using this yet because I just got a super cute planner, but this is usually for things I need to post or ideas of topics to post about.
Latergramme: I use this to schedule posts to Instagram
Everypost: And this app is used to schedule posts to Facebook and Twitter
iMovie: I haven't used this one yet, but I plan to once I start making YouTube videos.

I hope you enjoyed these apps. If there are any apps that you think are must haves and I don't have it yet, please leave it in the comment below, I would love to check them out!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Mini Beauty & Fashion Haul

Here are some new beauty and fashion pick ups!

Rosebud strawberry lip balm and the new red Beauty Blender because I forgot mine while I'm traveling (wahhhh!) 

I have been lusting after these babies for MONTHS and I finally caught them on sale 50% off! Needless to say, I'm obsessed. Black quilted ankle combat boots with gold accents. Yes please! 

What are some of your recent pick ups ?

What's In My Purse?

Hi lovely viewers! Today I have a "What's In My Purse" post for you all. I haven't done one of these in like 5 months which is insane, so I hope you enjoy :) If you're interested in seeing my previous "What's In My Purse", click here! Keep in mind, my old one was from when I pretty much first started blogging so the images are awful!

My purse is a Black Cherry Rebecca Minkoff Amorous Satchel. I'm in love. It's to die for. It is the perfect color and I'm obsessed with it. It's like a black cherry, almost burgundy color with gold accents - and if you know me, you know gold is my ish. It retails for $325 and you can find it on the Rebecca Minkoff Website but they no longer have it in this color because they're transitioning from their Fall/Winter colors to more Spring/Summer colors. But there are a ton of other gorgeous shades you can get this in! I also have hanging off of my handle a black and gold studded hand sanitizer holder with Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer in the scent "Warm Vanilla Sugar" at the moment. The summer months I usually have "Caribbean Escape"


So what do I actually keep in this thing? Well, since I'm traveling, I have a bunch of randoms in here.

My iPod and headphones (which I have no idea why the screen looks like that lol, it's in perfect condition. Maybe just a glare? EOS hand lotion to keep my hands moisturized with this cold weather! A super mini Dolce Perfume, Orbit gum, Salon Perfect eyelash glue, a super cute black and gold bow nail filer from Bath and Body Works, e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator, A mini mouthwash, my favorite NYX lipstick in Thalia, my favorite NYX butter gloss in Fortune Cookie, some random Starbursts, and a Nivea chapstick.

Some more randoms here. Some GNC chewable multi-vitamins, a pair of earrings, a convenient mini spray bottle thanks to Caitlin for sending that to me! I also have my favorite deodorant, my favorite Bath and Body Works scent "Sweet Pea", some hair ties, my contacts, and some fashionable sunglasses,

Normally my purse is packed to capacity but since I'm traveling, I cleaned it out which is why there isn't a ton of junk in it lol.

What's in your purse?!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Rose Gold Beauty

Hi everyone! Just a heads up, starting today until the 25th I will be on vacation so all of my posts will be automated. I will try to answer any questions as quickly as possibly.

I know rose gold has become very popular within the last year or two so I thought I would make a collage with rose gold beauty products for all of you! I hope you enjoy :) For those of you that know me, you know how obsessed with gold I am, but while I love gold, rose gold honestly has my heart. I'll have a list of the product names and where you can find them if you're interested!

1.Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette $54 at Sephora
2.Hide and Sleek Skinny Contour Brush $16 at Sephora
3.Charlotte Tilbury Signature Make Up Bag $35 at Charlotte Tilbury4.Revlon Rose Gold Round Brush $10.99 - 13.99 at Ulta
5.Ardency Inn Modster Pigment in Rose Gold $21 at Sephora
6.Ciate Mini Paint Pot Nail Polish and Effects in Antique Brooch $8 at Sephora
7.Hot Tools Precious Metals 1 1/4 Inch Curling Iron $49.99 at Ulta
8. I'm sorry I included this because this is a limited edition item but it was too pretty not to include it! - Don't hate me for it!
9.Rose Gold Traincase $110 at Sephora
10.Rose Gold Styler Set $225 at Sephora
11.Becca Pressed Shimmering Skin Perfector in Rose Gold $38 at Sephora12.Kate Spade New York Glitter Bug $79.99 at
13.L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Amber Rush $7.99 at Ulta
14.T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand $230 at Sephora
15.Rose Gold Natural Eyeshadow Palette $20 at Ulta
16. I think this was another limited edition item, but again was just too pretty!
17.Essie Mirror Metallics Nail Polish in Penny Talks $8.50 at Ulta
18.Tweezerman ProCurl Eyelash Curler $20 at Sephora
19.Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G Lipstick in Nude Kate $32 at Charlotte Tilbury

If you enjoyed this collage, let me know in the comments so I can make more for you lovelies :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bite Beauty Liquid Lipsticks

Okay I promise this is the last one from Trendmood but I just had to because these pastels and pink liquid lipsticks from Bite Beauty look amazing! Bite Beauty is one of my top 5 companies for lip products so I'm excited to see how incredible these are! This Watercolor Lipgloss Library will be coming out in May. Do you like the color selection for Spring? 

MAC is Beauty

According to Trendmood, MAC's new collection is launching March 26th and it is beautiful for Spring and Summertime that is just around the corner!

Fails and Holy Grails

Thankfully this time around I have more holy grails than fails. So let's get to it, shall we?!


(Forgot to picture High Beam)


Revlon Color Stay Liquid Foundation $12.99
This was recommended to me and I tried it quite a few times but it  broke me out. Not a fan of that.

Urban Decay Potion Primer $20
I know a lot of people love this primer, but it really didn't make my makeup last any longer. I actually feel like it may have even made it last a shorter amount of time that what it normally does.

L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara $7.99
This mascara didn't add any definition to my lashes. It didn't make them darker, fuller, or longer. I absolutely hate the brush, too. Just awful. I will not be repurchasing this.

ELF Blush in Mellow Mauve $3
In the pan it is such a gorgeous color, but it is not pigmented at all. Even when you try to pack on the color, it still just doesn't show up on the skin. I'm not too mad about it because it was only $3, but I was hoping for better color payoff.

Benefit High Beam $26
I'm not really a fan of many Benefit products, but this is a liquid highlighter and was difficult to blend out. It's a beautiful pink champagne color, it's just not blendable.


Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer $18-$72
Although it's expensive, it's well worth it. It has a rich texture, beautiful packaging, and it makes my makeup last longer. Love, love, love this product!

Lorac Pro Palettes (1, 2, and Mega) $42 each (1 & 2) $58 (Mega - Limited Edition)
I will buy Lorac palettes til the death of me. Since I purchased my first Lorac palette, no other palette really compares. They're pigmented with a range of colors. It's the perfect every day palette for anyone. I don't have the Unzipped palettes, but I definitely plan on picking them up in the near future!

ELF Lip Exfoliator $3
I love that it's in a lipstick form instead of loose product and it really works wonders for dry lips. And for the price, it makes it that much better!

Too Faced Shadow Insurance $20
My eye makeup doesn't budge when I put this bad boy on. I even accidentally slept with makeup on once and it was perfectly in tact the next day with the help of this.

Kat Von D Liquid Lipsticks $20
I love the color selection and they last for quite awhile. They don't settle into my lip lines and they don't get flaky either.

The Balm Mary Loumanizer $24
This highlighter is just bomb dot com. A pretty champagne color to hit the tops of your cheekbones. Perfection.

Tom Ford Lips and Boys Lipstick in Flynn (Limited Edition) $32
I know Tom Ford cosmetics are crazy expensive, but I paid $32 for a mini lipstick. They're full sized lipsticks are $50! I don't regret it because this color is the perfect pinkish nude lipstick. If this wasn't limited edition, I would wear this color all day, errrrrryday.

Tarte Blushes $26 each
These blushes are so pigmented you only need to dab the product with your brush and you have all the product you need. Love, love, love these.

Too Faced Chocolate and Milk Chocolate Soleil $30 each
I flip flop between the two of these depending on if I have a tan or not, but they are perfect for contouring or if you just want a nice bronzed face.

Bobbi Brown Pink Glow (Limited Edition) $45
I know everyone raves about the Bronze Glow from the "On The Rocks" collection BB came out with during the holidays. I do have the Bronze Glow as well, but because I'm so fair, the Pink Glow suits my skin tone so much better! It is a gorgeous iridescent pink.

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner $19
I know I've been saying Stila Stay All Day Liquid Liner was my holy grail, but I think this one may have taken it's spot. It is so black and the tip is very fine which makes it so much easier to make a pointed wing. I'm obsessed.