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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Worst of 2014

I did a Best of 2014 post back in December and I know it's already 2015, but I figured since we're still in January I can get away with it (shhh!) Today I want to share with you what I think were the worst products of 2014 and why. Thankfully I only have a handful and there aren't a ton of products that I was disappointed with.

Here are the ones I wasn't too pleased with:

Benefit Boi-ing Concealer
I like creamy concealer and this was just too thick of a consistency for me. It wasn't very blendable and the coverage is awful.

Benefit Erase Paste Concealer
This concealer is a little bit more creamy than the Boi-ing, but still not one that I'm a fan of. This goes in the regret bucket.

Physicians Formula Youthful Wear
It is a struggle and a half to get any product out of the metal roller balls on each end. There is a yellow side and a light side and both sides are so difficult to get product out. I feel like if this were in another package I might feel differently about it.

Maybelline Dream Bounce Blush
It is so difficult to work with this blush because of the thick, bouncy consistency. you have to tug at your skin to get this on and I just don't feel like it's worth it. It's a good concept, but not very well thought out I guess.

Lush's Santa's Lip Scrub
This was one of my first purchases from Lush. I love the brand itself and the fact that everything is fresh and handmade, but this is one of their products I wasn't too impressed with. This product was limited edition for the holidays and I believe it retails for about $8 USD. For $8 you definitely get a large amount that will last awhile, but that isn't the issue I had with this. My problem with this product is that it is very messy. I literally need to stand over a sink when I use this because it falls everywhere. Otherwise, it tastes good and the product is good, it's just very messy.

Urban Decay Potion Primer
Everyone swears by this eye primer and I can't see why. My shadows don't apply any better and the duration of time they stay on isn't any longer than normal.

L'Oreal Miss Manga Mascara
I absolutely hated the wand for this. It bends at the most awkward spot (you can see the little divot in the picture) and the brush is all wrong too. The brush is tapered and is meant to get your lashes in the inner corner but it's just awful. It doesn't work well and I barely get any product on the brush when I take it out. I will not be repurchasing this one.

Revlon Color Stay Foundation
I don't really have much to say about this foundation other than I don't like it. I only used it a few times and those few times I knew I didn't like it. This was just a fail for me. It claims to be a 24 hour wear foundation and I don't even think it lasted me 8.
What products do you regret buying?


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