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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Unboxing: Swap

I met a wonderful person on Makeup Social and we became extremely good friends. Her name is Caitlin and we text every day, but the only downside is she lives in Texas whereas I'm in North Carolina. So that part sucks. But we agreed to do a birthday makeup swap since her birthday was in December and mine was this month.

I sent her package out which she received earlier this week and I just received mine today. I sent her a mini Glamglow mask, a travel sized Better Than Sex Mascara, a mini lipstick bag, a few samples, and the Tartelette palette :) She loved the Tartelette palette which I'm sooo happy about. I was nervous she wouldn't like what I sent! But thank goodness she did.

Both of our boyfriends seem to think it's a good idea for us to fly to each other. They're always asking us if we're talking to our girlfriend which I find hilarious (I think they're just jealous haha). But in all honesty like this girl gets me, especially when it comes to makeup. We honestly just need to start picking up two of everything and send each other the other item because I love everything she gets and vice versa. Anyway! Now that you have some background on that, I'll get to the good stuff.

When I opened the box, my initial reaction was "OMG NO WAY, AHHH NO WAY!" I was seriously so excited. After I opened everything, I ran upstairs to my boyfriend saying "Babe, babe! Look what my girlfriend got me! It's like Christmas all over again!"

Here is what she sent me:

(By the way, the budget was $50 and she went waaaay over!)

The first Lorac Pro palette which I was so excited about because I have the 2nd and the Mega Pro, but not the first...until now! So now my little Lorac Pro family is complete :)
A microfiber hair wrap which I thought was pretty cool. I've never seen one of these before so this should be interesting!

I posted on Makeup Social that I didn't know which shade to get for the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation: Ecru or Fresco and this darling of a person went out and got me samples! She also got me a Becca blush in Damselfly which is such a pretty color, I can't wait to use it! The little tube in the left hand corner is the Lorac primer that came with the palette. There is also a pink mini spray bottle (she finds the coolest things!), the metal rainbow thing is a depotting tool, a mini mascara, and a Makeup Geek fluffy brush. And my favorite item from her is the YSL Lipstick in #10. I told her I wanted this lipstick so bad and she told me she picked up a few of the YSL lipsticks but left this one out so this was a total surprise!
Thank you so, so much, Caitlin! This was such a great package to come home to :) It definitely made my day! I have a feeling we will definitely be doing this again in the near future ;)
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