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Saturday, January 3, 2015

Too Faced Galore!

Too Faced outdid themselves this year with their holiday collection "What Pretty Girls Are Made Of". They came out with tons of amazing products but the ones that caught my eye were the Sugar & Spice palette, the Everything Nice palette, the La Belle Carousel, Melted Kisses, and the Under the Mistletoe lipsticks. I also picked up their most talked about Chocolate Bar Palette.

Sugar & Spice
This palette is so beautiful I couldn't pass it up. There are 12 shadows in the palette with a mix of both matte shadows and shimmer. Can we just talk about how amazingly pigmented and gorgeous the colors are? I'm in awe. This is definitely a palette I can see myself reaching for quite often. They are so pigmented and feel like velvet. If you had a chance to get your hands on it, you're a lucky duck. If you still have the chance to get it, I highly recommend it!

Top Row L-R: Cocnut Cream, Nutmeg, Biscotti, Sugared Violet
Middle Row L-R: Champagne Truffle, Pink Frosting, Cinnamon Sugar, Chocolate Cake
Bottom Row L-R: Meringue, Clove, Bon-Bon, Black Licorice

La Belle Carousel

Okay, I'll be honest, the only reason I really wanted this is because of the packaging. Seriously, who else has a package in the shape of something so creative? This carousel is just the cutest!  These shadows are also very pigmented and this also comes with 2 blushes and 2 bronzers. Not pictured is the mini Better Than Sex mascara that also comes with the package. Even though I bought it just for the packaging, I'm not disappointed This was also limited edition, so if you see it lingering, don't hesitate to pick it up!

Top to Bottom: Tufted Suede, Angel Hair, Haute Chocolate, Yule Log

Top to Bottom: Nutcracker, Nude Beach, Boxes & Bows, Sugar Plum Fairy

Top to Bottom: Frost, Tin Soldier, Christmas Tree, Santa's Boots

Top to Bottom: Who's Your Poppy?, Chocolate Soleil

Top to Bottom: Luminous Peach, Sun Bunny Dark
L to R: Chocolate Soleil, Who's Your Poppy?, Luminous Peach, Sunny Bunny Dark

Chocolate Bar
 This wasn't part of the holiday collection, but it's a palette I got for Christmas so I figured I'd throw it in here also. This palette legit smells like chocolate! You just want to eat it all up. But the colors, for the most part, fit well with the chocolate theme. The packaging is just adorable and so creative. And they recently just came out with a new Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar that I'm excited to get  my hands on. I think this is a must have in everyone's collection!

Everything Nice 
Too Faced came out with a palette pretty similar to this last year that I missed out on and this one is a great alternative. This one correlates with the Sugar & Spice Palette and I love it. The colors in this one are brighter and bolder, but there are still some every day colors in the palette as well. This also comes with a bronzer, 2 blushes, and a highlighter. I'm not particularly impressed with Chocolate Soleil or the highlighter because it took me a few times for them to actually swatch, but the rest of the palette is gorg! If that wasn't enough, it also comes with a pink sparkly bag and 3 mini brushes. What more could you want?!

1st Row: Turtle Dove, Dream on, After Hours, Fawned of You, Knockout
2nd Row: Paper Roses, Kindness is Free, Mauvelous, Be You, Secret Lovers
3rd Row: Heaven, Shiny Happy, Honey Pot, Don't Settle, Girly
4th Row: Totally Fetch, Live It Up, Too Glam, Head Over Heels, Chocolate Moon

Top Row: Sweet Pink, Papa Don't Preach
Bottom Row: Chocolate Soleil, Inner Light

Row 1 & 2
Row 3 and 4
L to R: Chocolate Soleil, Sweet Pink, Papa Don't Preach, Inner Light

Melted Kisses
I had never tried their Melted Lipsticks before so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to try them out. I actually like these and I didn't think I would. The colors they have are gorgeous.

L to R: Nude, Peony, Fuchsia, Berry

Under the Mistletoe
3 full size lipsticks and a mini lipstick bag. How frikin cute?! The only complaint I have is that the lipsticks are shimmery. Don't get me wrong, they're pigmented, but I wish they weren't shimmery. Otherwise, the gold packaging is perfect and the price was awesome, too.

L to R: Shimmering Naked Dolly, Shimmering Marshmallow Bunny, Spice Spice Baby

Bronzer Wardrobe
This is a good set for someone that wants to try out the bronzers Too Faced has to find their perfect bronzer. These are deluxe sized bronzers and for 4, it was only $20. You can't beat that. I think my favorite would be the Milk Chocolate Soleil for my skin tone 

L-R: Milk Chocolate Soleil, Chocolate Soleil, Endless Summer, Sun Bunny

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