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Saturday, January 10, 2015

This vs. That: Beauty Subscripition Boxes

There has been a ton of talk about which beauty subscription box to go with so I decided to give you all a break down as to how much each costs and what to expect from each subscription.

*Note: I do not own any of these photos*

Ipsy $10/month - You receive 5 beauty products both drug store and high end and you also receive a cute beauty bag

Birchbox $10/month - You receive 5 high end beauty products both full size and sample sizes

Boxycharm $21/month - You receive 4-5 full size and luxury size items both high end and drug store

Walmart Only pay $5 for shipping & handling - Beauty products vary but are all drug store products

Target $7/month - You receive 5 drug store products

Beauty Box 5 $12/month - 5 beauty products every month

As you can see, most of these are decent prices and you receive 4-5 items for each of them. Boxycharm is the most expensive, but if you like full sized products, that's the company to go with. I believe Target beauty boxes are sold out at the moment, but hopefully they will be bringing them back in stock soon.

I've heard a lot of debate between Ipsy and Birchbox, and in each debate, Ipsy seems to win. I am also having a hard time deciding which beauty box to go with so seeing all of them together makes it a little easier. I'm sure there are many other beauty boxes out there that I am missing, but these are the most popular ones that I've seen lately.

I think if I had to choose, I would personally go with both Ipsy and Birchbox. Which one would you or did you go with?! Comment below :)


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