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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

There's Going to be a Heat Wave!

Update from TrendMood! It's been confirmed that Estee Lauder is re-releasing their most wanted highlighter: Heat Wave; however, the packaging is all wrong this time around. The packaging they had before was amazing, all they needed to do was get rid of the brush/sponge that came with it. It was gold, sleek, and beautiful. Now they've changed it to something that looks very cheap and plastic and it also looks like the product is smaller. Regardless, the price will stay the same. I believe retail for this is $40 and will be release in March 2015. I'm pretty disappointed because I didn't get my hands on Heat Wave the first time so I was looking forward to getting the pretty gold packaging with it. Unfortunately that won't happen. Regardless, I'm excited to try the product that everyone has been raving about.

What are your thoughts on the new packaging? Success or Fail?

Old Packaging
New Packaging
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