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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

New From NYX!

Thanks to @laurag_123 on Instagram, this wonderful surprise came to light! NYX is coming out with 12 new butter glosses! Say whaatt?! This photo is from her IG, so I take absolutely no credit for it. But look how pigmented these colors look and there's such variation in color! I'm not sure they've released them yet so if you've seen these out already at your Ulta or where ever it is you find your NYX products, please comment below where you've seen them! :) Thanks!
L to R: Napoleon, Funnel Delight, Chocolate Crepe, Apple Crisp, Berry Strudel, Banana Split, Toasted Marshmallow, Black Cherry, Spice Cake, Sorbet, Trece Leches, Orangesicle
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