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Thursday, January 8, 2015

How To: Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes

There are so many ways to clean your makeup brushes, but I’ve found the most effective and inexpensive way to do so is to take half olive oil (for conditioning) and half dawn dish soap (for cleaning). I set out all of my dirty brushes and beauty blenders, get a towel to dry them on, I take about 2 drops of dish soap and 2 drops of olive oil on the brushes and swirl them around in my hand, then run them under water until they’re clean. When I’m finished cleaning them, I set them in a line on a towel to dry overnight.

I was just recently made aware that they have “brush trees” where you can hang your brushes upside down, so I absolutely plan on getting that. I feel like it would be more practical drying my brushes that way rather than laying them down on a towel. I think they're at Walmart for about $15.


I know there are tons of cleansers out there, but they’re so expensive for such little product. By using this method, the soap and oil last extremely long and you can clean your brushes a lot more than you could by purchasing a cleanser. Before I found out about this method, I purchased a small 5 oz bottle of brush cleanser and it was about $8 and only lasted me like 3 times compared to paying $8 for both olive oil and dawn dish soap and lasting approximately 20 times. It's worth a try if you're looking for a new way to clean your brushes.
I also have seen many people are after the silicone glove that helps you clean your brushes that can cost upwards to like $40 from Sigma but there are cheaper "knockoffs" I guess you can say at CVS!
If you've found another method that works better for you, I'd love to know about it! Just leave it in the comments :)
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