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Sunday, January 11, 2015

HATe On My Style

I know this post is a little different than what I normally post, but sometimes I have to remind myself this is a beauty AND fashion blog. I feel like I don't post about fashion enough because I'm so wrapped up in the makeup world. But I have recently stumbled upon a company called Fanatics, which is a sports apparel website. Let me tell you, their website has a ton of things for women from jewelry to under garments, scarves, you name it! To get to the sportswear for women, click on the link mentioned above, click on your favorite team, then on the left hand side it will have the category "Shop For" and a list that says "Mens, Ladies, Kids", click on "Ladies" and you will find so many feminine clothes and accessories for that specific team.

This post is going to be about finding a way to fashionably wear their sports hats in a way that can be incorporated in your everyday style. Find your personal fashionable way to wear one of these MLB Hats, NFL Hats or NBA Hats on Fanatics!

I am a sports fanatic myself and a fashionista so this was the perfect combo for me. I couldn't just pick one look because my inner "wanna-be" stylist came out to play so I hope you enjoy the looks I've created! If you're wondering, my personal favorite teams are the New York Yankees, Boston Celtics, and dare I say the New York Giants after the season they've had this year *wahhhhh*.

There are so many different ways to wear a hat and make it look stylish, but it's very rare that we think about throwing a hat on to complete our look as a woman. Well, at least I don't normally think about grabbing a hat to complete my look. But I see so many amazing looks that other females pull off that include a hat and it makes me want to try rockin' the look myself. Here are a few of my favorite looks that include a sports team hat that I will most definitely be incorporating in my every day looks.

**Please note these are original outfits designed by me. Photos owned by Blog Obsessed XO**
This look was inspired by their Women's line of sports wear. I paired Fanatics' NY Giants shirt with their sparkly NY Giants hat, and a matching iPhone 5 case from their New York Giants Ladies section. Throw on a pair of jeans and royal blue heels and this look is complete! This is the perfect outfit for game day.
These two looks were also inspired by their New York Yankees Women's Apparel. The outfit on the left is a sporty look for running or working out. For this look, I used a NY Yankees hat from their MLB Hats.
The outfit on the right is great for a cold day: New York Yankees mesh sweater, a Yankees scarf, jeans, combat boots, and I would definitely wear both of these outfits. I got the shirt, hat,  and scarf from Fanatics' NY Yankees Women's Apparel.

These two looks are pretty simple, every day looks. The outfit on the left is just jeans, chucks, and a varsity jacket accessorized with glasses and a watch. The hat that I chose for this look is a Brooklyn Nets fitted that is black and white to match the color scheme. You can find this in their NBA Hats.
The outfit on the right is just a pair of sweat pants, a crop top, with some Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers. I chose to stay simple with this one as well so I accessorized it with a simple necklace and some earrings. I thought this look would be really cute with a beanie, so the one I chose was a grey and black Oakland Raiders throwback beanie. You can find this hat in their NFL Hats.
These two are still pretty casual looks. The outfit on the left is definitely a summer outfit. A plain white tee with some dark washed denim shorts, brown Tory & Burch sandals accessorized with a gold watch, a Michael Kors cross body bag, a blue scarf and some earrings. I chose this hat because it fits perfectly with this look. I'm loving it :) You can find this hat in their MLB Hats
The outfit on the right is casual, but more on the daring side. A plain white tee with black jeans, white chucks, and an army green jacket accessorized with a gold chain and a camo NY Giants Hat. You can find this hat on their website in their NFL Hats.
These looks are more on the feminine side. The outfit on the left is of course of my favorites because it's the Giants, but this is just a white crop top with a blue scarf, jeans, a red handbag, red stilettos, and of course some red lipstick! Matching the scarf is a blue New York Giants fitted that can be worn with either long straight hair or big, loose curls. You can find this hat in their NFL Hats.

The outfit on the right is so adorable and one of my favorites as well. It is a white cross crop top, jeans, a flannel to tie around the waist, red heels, and a gold chain. I paired this outfit with the Arizona Cardinals fitted. I think this would look nice with some big, loose curls! You can also find this one in their NFL Hats.
The outfit on the left is slouchy black pants paired with a purple crop top, hoop earrings and a necklace to accessorize the look and some purple heels. I chose the LA Lakers fitted because it has just enough purple to go with the outfit. You can find this hat in their NBA Hats
The look on the right is another one of my personal favs. Army green pants, a black bralette (this is the closest I could find to a bralette) a white, flowy shirt to go on top of the black bralette, and a gold chain. I chose a black and gold clutch and black strappy shoes to go with this look. The hat I chose is an Oakland Raiders fitted with a camo brim to match the outfit. You can find this hat in their NFL Hats
These two outfits are two of my absolute favorites. The outfit on the left is a fur lined leather jacket, skinny jeans, and fold over boots. I accessorized this look with a black Michael Kors bag and gold drop earrings. I chose the Classic NY Yankees fitted to go with this look because I think it would look nice with either long straight hair or long loose curls. You can find this hat in their MLB Hats.
The outfit on the right is a low cut, flowy white shirt paired with jeans, Timberland boots, and gold accessories. I thought this look would be nice with a black and white Miami Heat fitted which is easily worn to the front or to the back and looks cute either way. You can find this hat in their NBA Hats.
The outfit on the left was inspired by the Charlotte Hornets. This look is very classy with grey wash jeans, a white blouse, white heels, and is accessorized with a purple and blue scarf and some bangles to match. The best hat to match this outfit was the Charlotte Hornets fitted. If you bend the brim, it can transform your look from a fitted to a baseball cap. You can find this in their NBA Hats
The outfit on the right is very classy with a white under shirt, a navy blazer, and jeans. I accessorized this look with a navy Marc Jacobs watch, navy heels, a leopard scarf, and a brown Michael Kors bag. I chose to go with the New York Yankees Baseball hat that has a brown, adjustable strap in the back. You can find this hat in their MLB Hats
This look was created based off of the Boston Celtics colors green, black, and white. It includes a green crop top sweater, a black skater skirt, black booties, and it is accessorized with a statement necklace and a green Givenchy handbag. I chose to pair this outfit with a Boston Celtics beanie. You can find this hat in their NBA Hats

Thank you, Fanatics, for having such awesome hats and apparel!


Blog Obsessed
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