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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

DIY Vanity Decor

This is my second time trying to write this post because I'm an idiot and completely erased it the last time I tried to save it. So let's try this again, shall we?

I went to Michael's craft store a few nights ago looking for a few cute things to decorate my vanity with and low and behold, I found the one thing I have been searching for everywhere for months and could not find - an owl to hold my makeup brushes. Excited is an understatement! I was so happy about finding it that I wanted to buy all of them. I didn't though :(

After I found that I continued searching for neat things to put on my vanity and I stumbled across some seashells and a mini silver Eiffel Tower. I remembered seeing something on Pinterest about spray painting seashells, so the next aisle I went to was the one that had spray paint. If you've stayed up to date with me thus far, you'd know that the colors I want to do my vanity are white, gold, and pink, so I decided on gold spray paint for the seashells and Eiffel Tower. Here is the finished product (I'm still debating on putting a glossy finish on them).

I also purchased 2 glass mason jars that I have yet to do anything with so if you're not interested in what's pictured above, no worries - I'll be posting more DIY's for your vanity soon :)

If you have any suggestions on other DIY projects for a vanity, please comment below! I'd love to hear your suggestions!

P.S.- The Eiffel Tower I got is only about 2 inches and I'm looking for a large one similar to the one pictured above probably about a foot tall so if you know anywhere I can find one, please let me know :) Thank you in advance! 


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