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Friday, January 23, 2015

Bring Em Back!

I did a poll on my Makeup Social account and a Beauty group on Facebook to find out what Limited Edition collections or products makeup addicts wish would come back. Some of these are personal favs that I wish would come back also.

Here's what the ladies came up with:

MAC Whisper of Guilt (personal)
Everyone and their mama is after this gorgeous highlighter and it's easy to see why. It is such a gorgeous color. I'm praying MAC brings this baby back because I missed it the first time around!

Estee Lauder Heat Wave (which is coming back - pleasant surprise)
This is another highlighter everyone wants to get their hands on. Luckily for everyone, this baby is coming back (in new packaging unfortunately). You can find all the details on a previous post of mine.

MAC Alluring Aquatics (personal)
 I missed out on this collection and the packaging is soo cute! I seriously need every single lipstick in this collection. MAC bring em back!
MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show
This collection I was lucky enough to get my hands on the 3 lipsticks I wanted: Sin, Oblivion, and Frank N Furter, but I know a lot of people had trouble ordering this collection. MAC bring em back!
Anastasia Beverly Hills Amrezy Palette
This is like a hidden gem. This is the most raved about ABH palette that is out and everyone wants it now that it's sold out! Ulta brought it back for a little while but it was sold out within a short amount of time. I think it's time ABH brings it back!
Riri Hearts MAC (personal)
This is the one collection I would buy everything just for the packaging. The rose gold is just magnificent! Ugh I can't even. Plus I need Riri Talk That Talk lipstick that everyone raves about. I can definitely see why people want this one back!
MAC Styled in Sepia lipstick
When MAC first came out with their matte lipsticks I was actually really interested in this lipstick but once I saw some swatches I thought it was a little too brown for my liking, but everyone is crazy about this one! It looks gorgeous on other people, I just don't pull off brown lipsticks too well.
MAC Heatherette
I honestly never even heard of this collection before until now, so there must have been something awesome about this collection that people want it to come back around.
MAC Divine Nights lipsticks (personal)
I absolutely love the gold and black. I think MAC should consider making this their packaging for everything.

Tarte Off The Cuff Blush Palette (personal)
I have the Pin Up Girl Blush Palette from this year, but I missed out on this one and I like the shades of these blushes. This is another one people are after on eBay.

What collections or products would you bring back?
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