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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Anastasia Beverly Hills Takeover

We all know Anastasia Beverly Hills is the Queen Bee of brows, but what about eyeshadows? I bought myself 3 of Anastasia Beverly Hills' palettes: Amrezy, Maya Mia, and Tamanna. To give a quick review on them: the shadows are extremely pigmented, the color selection is bomb dot com, and the price for each is $29 which I personally think is a lot more affordable than most palettes out. I know these palettes have been out for quite some time, but they were Christmas gifts from me to me lol. 

The Amrezy palette is the one that everyone is after, and of course it's sold out everywhere so I had to get mine through eBay and surprisingly I didn't have to pay an outrageous price for it, although some eBay sellers are jacking up their prices. But my lawwwwd this palette is gorgeous. The colors are just perfection. I'm pretty sure I watched a Jaclyn Hill or Nicole Gueirrero video and whichever one it was said if you can't get your hands on the palette, Anastasia sells the shadows individually ! So you can kind of make your own Amrezy palette and put the single shadows into a Z palette. But seriously, you need this palette, or these shadows in your life! My favorite shadow from this paletre for everyday is Glisten but I love Emerald, Iridescent Purple, and Deep Plum.

Top L to R: Legend, Glisten, Topaz, Iridescent Purple, Emerald
Bottom L to R: Vanilla, Caramel, Morocco, Deep Plum, and LBO

Maya Mia came out I believe in the Fall this year and I was a little confused because the colors are more Spring-like. Don't get me wrong, they're still beauriful, I just feel like it should've released in the Spring. I haven't had a chance to play around with it yet, but I love the Aqua and Fresh Peach colors! And Glisten is also in this palette so that's a win!

Top L-R: Nude, Deep Brown, Sienna, Warm Taupe, and Vanilla
Bottom L-R: Aqua, Fresh Peach, Glisten, Caramel, Gold Bar

The Tamanna palette I was a little weary on getting because some of the colors looked really similar to the Maya Mia palette. There were a lot of posts on Makeup Social about that, but when I got it in the mail, I compare the two and although they're similar, they're completely different at the same time. So needless to say I'm glad I got it. The main reason I bought this palette is for Sangria because it is such a beautiful color.

Top L-R: Fresh, Blush, Venezia, Gilded, Custom
Bottom L-R: Sangria, Bengal, Chocolate, China Rose, Noir

Do you have any of these palettes? What are your thoughts on them? Love/hate?


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