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Thursday, January 22, 2015

7 Favorite Beauty Gurus

YouTube has blown up within the past few years.  wasn't a huge YouTube video person until recently, but these are the beauty gurus I have grown to love for all different reasons. Maybe you'll be fans of theirs too :) Here are some of my favorite YouTube beauty gurus (they're in no particular order).

1. Nicole Guerriero
She is just gorgeous beyond words and from her personality through her videos, she is just the sweetest person! If I ever met her, we would instantly become BFFs, no doubt about it! Her taste is much like my own.
2. Jaclyn Hill
Her personality just jumps right through the screen. She is animated and funny and her makeup is always on point. She is another one I would definitely want to become best friends with.
3. Kathleen Lights
Some of the things she says just makes me laugh to no extent. I just recently started watching her so I don't have too much to say, but from what I've seen so far I love her personality. Okay, can I just say I want to become BFFs with all of them to make this easy? Lol
4. Rosita Applebum
That contour thoughhhhh! She just seems so nice and her videos are very helpful. She's another YouTuber I recently subscribed to so I don't have much to say about her except that she's beautiful! She also reminds me of a lot of people I know so I feel like I would connect with her pretty well. She has great taste in makeup too.
5. Carli Bybel
Dear lawwwwwwdd girl! This is probably my favorite picture of her. Not only is she a beauty guru but she is a fashionista as well. Her outfits are always on point. Like can I have your face...and your closet? Lol. Flawless girl, flawless.

6. SMLx0
She is actually the first beauty guru I ever started watching. She's another one that always has the cutest effing clothes #jealous. She has piercing blue-ish grey eyes and is just all around gorgeous. Ugh, can I be you? Teach me your waayyyss. And take me shopping :)
7. Eleventh Gorgeous
"Hey guysssssss" is their opening line and I love it. They're very catchy and clever in their videos and it just makes me laugh the whole time. They're like a dynamic duo I just recently started watching these two, Stefanie and Tracy and I love them already.
 Which beauty gurus are you obsessed with?

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