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Friday, January 30, 2015

5 Goals For February

Since February is only two days away (um how in the world did that even happen? Wasn't New Years just yesterday?!) I thought I would share my goals with all of you. I'm all about setting goals and accomplishing them and this year is no different than last. I have a few long term goals as well, but these are just my monthly goals I want to accomplish in February!
1. Go through some things and get rid of them either by throwing them away or selling on eBay!
2. Get 7,000 views this month. I know you all can get me there because you got me to 5,500 views last month which was insane to me! I am so grateful for all of you! Thank you, thank you, thank you all so much!
3. Get to 1,000 followers on all of my social media accounts! You can click on the buttons at the top of the page to get to my accounts :)
4. Get some starter filming equipment so I can get my YouTube channel up and running.
5. Lose 10 pounds/get fit. I'm only 115 at the moment, but I want to lose that extra 10 pounds. Of course I'm going to continue eating everything I always do, I'll just be eating smaller portions. To find out tips on how to lose weight, see my old post How I Lost 30 Pounds In Less Than 6 Months.
Bonus: Okay, maybe make that 6 goals for February lol. Get my own domain name. Watch out! You might be seeing a new name in the near future ;)
What are some of your monthly/annual goals?

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