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Thursday, January 22, 2015

10 Makeup Pet Peeves

Okay loves, this post is all in fun and I tried my hardest to find "memes" so that no one gets offended because this isn't meant to hurt anyone's feelings. Makeup is something that everyone learns as time goes on by trial and error. Trust me, no one is perfect, not even me, so I'm probably guilty of some of these things at one point before I became aware of techniques to avoid these things. It takes time so if you're still learning, please don't be offended! I tried to make it fun by finding these funny memes that you all can laugh at :) So laugh with me! I'll also give some tips on how to avoid these things along the way!

Also, if you have any makeup pet peeves, please comment them below! I'd love to hear them.

10 Makeup Pet Peeves

1. When foundation doesn't match correctly. I know this is tough for many people because every brand of foundation is different. Some may have too many pink undertones, some may have too many yellow undertones. I'm pretty good at picking my foundation just by looking at them through the packaging. Just remember that if an employee color matches you and you don't feel like they're right, don't feel like you're offending them by choosing a different shade because you know yourself better than they do.


2. When eyeliner is too thick. Eyeliner is a difficult one to get down pact. We always say we'll start out with a thin wing and end up looking like Amy Winehouse or a panda! I always start out suuuuppper thin so this doesn't happen. Even when I do make it a little thicker to even them out, it's still pretty thin and doesn't take up my whole eye. This is a tricky one.

3. One color eyeshadow over the entire eye. Ariana Grandes face though *cries* lol! I know the image on the right (Mimi from Drew Carey) has a little bit of white mixed in with the blue so it's technically not all one color, but this is pretty much what I mean. Don't take your eyeshadow all the way to your brows. Your brows are meant to be accentuated so instead of putting the same color shadow all the way to your brows, highlight your brows with a white shadow.

4. Unblended anything. Blend, blend, blend! I can't say that enough. This is one thing I was guilty of when I was younger and lacked knowledge. Blending is so important, though! It can make you go from 0 to 100 real quick (yes, that was a Drake reference lol). But seriously, so important!

5. Poorly applied lipstick. Using lip liner really helps in this area so that you aren't just drawing all over your face. Line your lips so you know where to fill in with lipstick. Taking it back to kindergarten when you had to learn how to draw inside the lines. I never used lip liner until recently and it seriously saved my lipstick game. Also, when you're finished take concealer and clean up the edges of your lips. It will really make your lips pop ;)

6. Lip liner that is 3+ shades darker than the lipstick. Ombre lips have become huge in the makeup world and I can see why. It's so pretty when done right. I personally have never tried (yet - maybe I'll do a tutorial soon!) but the left is definitely done right! The liner isn't too dark that makes it look like it's just outlined, it's a soft and subtle ombre. The right image however is just way too much. If the black liner was blended more and they put the red lipstick on top of the liner as well, it would've been a great dark reddish burgundy to cherry red ombre.

                       DO                                                    DON'T

7. Eyebrows that are heavily drawn on and look like they're drawn on with a sharpie. But how freakin cute is that baby? Lol! Too funny. But seriously, this meme says it all. When filling in your brows, use a light hand. There are many YouTube tutorials on how to avoid this. I usually just fill mine in with powder or lightly with a pencil because it looks more natural, but I am also growing my brows out to get them to the shape I want, so I'm waiting on that to actually start doing them how I want them.

8. Eyebrows that are too close together or too far apart. I couldn't find a good meme for this one that wouldn't offend anyone, so I figured I'd go with Kat Williams haha. But seriously if your brows are too close together they start to look like they're about to form a uni-brow and if they're too far apart they just throw off the whole balance of your face. Nicely proportioned eyebrows and shaped eyebrows can change your face.

9. Spidery Mascara. When I was in middle school and high school this was "in". Every girl was doing it and I was so jealous because my eyelashes wouldn't do it. Looking back, I'm glad my eyelashes rebelled and did their own natural thing because I've learned that look is just not cute. To avoid this, I've steered clear from silicone mascara brushes. For some reason I feel like those make my eyelashes the most clumpy.

10. When the wing of eyeliner doesn't have a sharp point. This one is a B**** for me! I won't leave the house if my wing is not pointed. It's just a huge pet peeve of mine. I will sit there for an hour if I have to re-doing my liner until my wing is perfect. Some days it only takes me one try and other days there is one eye that wants to get on my nerves. Honestly, this is all about the eye liner you use. For me, it's easiest to achieve a winged liner with a liquid liner. For other people they find it easier with gel. It really depends on your preference

I hope you enjoyed this funny post. What are some of your makeup pet peeves?

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