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Monday, December 29, 2014

Tom Ford: Lips and Boys Review

Tom Ford announced about a month ago they would be launching a new collection of 50 mini lipsticks in a collection they called "Lips and Boys". Each lipstick was given a boys name.

Because they are mini, they knocked down their $50 price to $32 per lipstick. Although that still seems like a lot of money for a "mini" sized product, the lipsticks are only 0.03 oz less than the original size. A full sized Tom Ford lipstick is 0.1 oz whereas the minis are 0.07 oz. I can't see myself paying $50 for one lipstick, so the $32 made it a little easier to justify. Plus NARS Audacious lipsticks are $32 a pop right now and those are WELL worth it.

I loved the entire collection and if I had $1600 just lying around, I probably would've purchased all of them lol. But I was able to get my hands on 9 of my favorites.


L to R: Holden, Beau, Ian, Flynn, Olivier, Alexander, Alejandro, Leonardo, Wes


L to R: Holden, Beau, Ian, Flynn, Olivier, Alexander, Alejandro, Leonardo, Wes

- Holden - Sheer, shimmery nude
- Beau - Medium coverage nude
- Ian - Sheer, simmery pinkish nude
- Flynn - Medium coverage light pink/nude
- Olivier - Medium coverage pink
- Alexander - Full coverage bright pink
- Alejandro - Full coverage cool red
- Leonardo - Full coverage deep red
- Wes - Full coverage burgundy
It was a struggle picking out which colors I wanted because before it launched, there were no swatches to base my decision on. I had to pretty much go with my initial reaction to the color on their website and hope for the best. Unfortunately I was disappointed with two of these lipsticks: Holden and Ian. I wasn't expecting shimmer in them and I'm pretty disappointed there is because the colors on the website looked beautiful.
On the other hand, the texture is very creamy for all of these! The packaging is the same as the full size lipsticks with the gorgeous gold outlining. I'd say Tom Ford did a great job on this collection.
I don't know that I have a favorite from these nine lipsticks because they're all gorgeous, but if I had to choose I think I would say Flynn. It's such a beautiful color on the lips and it's the perfect pinky nude. I just wish it was full coverage. And Wes is the perfect vampy color for fall - dear lawwwdd!
Overall, I love this collection and think it was a cute idea to pair boy names with the lipsticks. I personally got Alexander because it's my boyfriend's name (and it's a cute color) so I thought that was neat!
Score Card
Packaging - A
Coverage - B
Pigmentation: B
Texture - A
Application: A-
Colors - A
Price: B
Overall - B+
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