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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sephora's Birthday Perks

For those of you that are Beauty Insiders, VIB, or Rouge at Sephora - you're all aware that you receive a FREE birthday gift the month of your birthday. Those of you that didn't know - go sign up NOW to be a Beauty Insider and work your way up to VIB or Rouge (trust me it's not hard to drop tons of money at this place).

Recently the birthday gift was a Makeup Forever mini lipstick, mini mascara, VIB and Rouge also received an eyeliner. It was a cute set, but nothing that sparked my interest. But free is free, right? No complaints here, I'm thankful for anything! I personally did not shop at Sephora during my birthday month. I didn't start shopping at Sephora until this past summer and my birthday is in January - so I'm just in time for the change ;)

From what I've heard, they ran out of the Makeup Forever mini set and they are now giving out a new birthday gift.

I'm not sure if any of you know but as of recently I have discovered a brand that I absolutely fell in love with and I can't get enough of it. The packaging is always so sleek and products thus far have been phenomenal! And I'm happy to say this brand will be the one Sephora is distributing for birthdays now! It is....*drum roll*....NARS! It is two lip products: Velvet matte in Cruela and a lip stain in Rikugein. I'm sure they're mini but still, NARS anything is amaze! Ugh. I need it now. Thank goodness my birthday is only 19 days away. EEEEEK!

And for those of you that aren't that interested in it, it makes a perfect Christmas gift!

Enjoy birthday beauties!

*Note: I do not own this photo*

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